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PTSD – How to Survive It

PTSD is a common mental ailment that affects people from all walks of life who undergo life-changing, traumatic stress typically resulting from incidental or sustained negative experiences. You often hear PTSD brought up in a negative context when referring to someone, oftentimes a military veteran, has been changed or otherwise negatively affected by the things …

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Florida Trespassing Laws: What You Need to Know

Florida: Fast Facts on Trespassing Trespass Law Covers: Buildings, dwellings, land, vehicles. Crime Class: Misdemeanor/Felony (if armed while trespassing) Fencing Required? No, but trespassing across fencing may elevate penalty. Signage Required? Yes, for certain classes of land to gain protection of law. Verbal Notice Required? No. Florida Trespassing Law Overview Florida has fairly comprehensive trespassing …

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