Bugging Out

Bugging out refers to your evacuation in the event of an emergency or a disaster. In some cases, you might not have a choice but to leave your home and head for greener pastures.


The bug out journey will be riddled with dangers: thugs, hungry people, downed trees, collapses bridges, wild animals, blocked roads, dead and and many, many more.


Read the articles below and start making your bug out plan today.

Securing Your Bug-Out Vehicle Pre and Post SHTF

muddy tactical vehicle

For all kinds of preppers planning to bug out, your trusty bug-out vehicle is likely an essential component of your survival plans. Compared to walking out on foot hauling your heavy bug out bag, a bug-out vehicle will help you get farther, faster with drastically less effort all while hauling …

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NY City Bugout – A Real World Example

9/11 new york firefighter

Every prepper should be aware of their local situation and have a bugout plan. To properly bug out you need to be acutely aware of your surroundings, have a movement plan, and have a final location. This article will look at the challenges of an urban bug out through the …

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5 Places to Keep Your Bug Out Bag

weighing a bug out bag

A BOB is a prepper’s best friend, and no matter what, you should have a plan to make use of it in order to reach a safe BOL or rendezvous point. While you might have spent countless dozens of hours fine tuning your BOB loadout and pouring over maps and …

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Preparing and Executing a Bug Out on Foot

woman hiking

Bugging out is a central tenet to prepping. You cannot count on staying where you are! The best laid plans, the most fortified location, all of it could be rendered moot, even dangerous in the wrong situation. That could be from bad luck, a bad plan or just something you …

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How Long Can You Survive When Bugging Out?

man hiking

One of the tenets of prepping is the mandate to be ready to bug out: we plan our bug-out routes, choose bug-out locations and load our bug-out bags with all the things we think we will need to survive while we are out and about and hopefully very far away …

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How to Keep an RV Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer


More and more people are hitting the open road in an RV, whether part-time for a short ski trip or Disney vacation or as a full time lifestyle change with the bonus of traveling wherever the mood strikes. Some are even considering bugging out in one. The increase in extended …

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Can You Bug Out in an RV?


When it comes to preparing to bug out, one of the most important considerations is your actual transportation. Unless you and all of your family members are in extremely good physical condition and are used to regularly hiking or walking long distances, your last resort should be bugging out on …

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Route Planning for Bugging Out


One potential response to a crisis you might choose to employ is bugging out. Evacuating, fleeing, getting the hell out of Dodge, whatever you want to call it, your success or failure will be predicated on knowing where you are going and just as importantly how’ll get there. Travelling during …

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Forget The Woods, Bug Out To These Places Instead


There’s a popular strategy among new preppers and among some experienced, yet stubborn, preppers who think that bugging out to a random patch of woods is their best option when SHTF. If you are in either of these camps, you may be setting yourself up for a harsh reality check …

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