Homesteading is thought to be one one of the best ways to prepare for any long-term disaster. Although bugging out is possible, having your own piece of land in a (semi) secluded place is ideal.

Read the articles below to learn how to homestead on a small piece of land because it takes time to become good at them. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be prepared.

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • raising livestock such as chickens, ducks and pigs
  • various long-term food preservation methods such as canning
  • and how to start a survival garden from scratch, plus tips on how to keep it concealed

7 Ways to Store Your Potatoes for the Long Term

potatoes in baskets

Preserving your potato harvest, or store-bought potatoes on a year round basis to ensure you have amassed the stockpile you need for SHTF requires a decent amount of space, but is an otherwise simple survival endeavor. Folks working within some rather intense space constraints, such as apartments, can still put …

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Choosing Your Ideal Survival Retreat

survival retreat logo

Choosing a survival retreat or prepper homestead is a major decision. It may mean relocating, making a loan commitment, and even altering your career choice. But taking this self-reliance leap can pay off with huge dividends… like saving your life. One of the first things a person ponders when becoming …

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Red Winter Wheat: How to Grow It and Why


Preppers are prone to stockpiling wheat as part of the family’s food security plan. While doing so is an excellent idea, one day those 5-gallon buckets of wheat might run out. Buying long-term wheat buckets can not only get rather expensive, they take up a lot of storage space. Growing …

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9 Ways to Keep Rodents out of Your Stockpile

anti-rodent spray ingredients

Protecting your stockpile from rodents can seem like a never ending battle – especially when you appear to be losing the war. Not only is it essential that we keep our stockpiled preps out of the paws and mouths of rodents now, but especially after the actual SHTF event. If …

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7 Long-Term Milk Options For Preppers


Long-term and sustainable milk options are far more than many preppers realize. Keeping livestock or spending a lot of money (and using a ton of space) to stockpile commercially manufactured powdered milk are only two of many ways to ensure there will be milk to drink, cook, and bake with …

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Manure Management 101


If you raise animals, no matter how large or small your farm or homestead, there’s one thing that you must deal with, manure. Different animals produce varying amounts of waste, anywhere from 50 lbs a day per horse to about 11 lbs per day for pigs and just under 5 …

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