Articles on how to prepare yourself, your family, your house and your livestock for disasters and emergencies of all sizes. This isn’t the same as actually surviving them; this is about getting ready for them and, in many cases, avoiding them altogether!

How to Make a Fire Escape Plan for Your Home

Every single year in the United States, the United States Fire Administration tallies anywhere from 350,000 to 450,000 thousand residential house fires. The results of these fires are billions of dollars in property damage, tens of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths. A house fire is one of the …

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The Prepper’s Guide to Job Loss

unemployed man

You probably read the title of this article and paused for a beat. At first blush, one is not likely to associate prepping with job loss. That seems to me something that would be better covered on a financial wellness website, or perhaps somewhere else. But when you think about …

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11 Easy Mindset Exercises for Survival

woman alone mountains

We all travel through life with a certain swagger. For some this is limited to a narrow set of circumstances. While for others it is all encompassing to the point where the mind exceeds the body’s ability to back it up. Webster defines mindset as “A fixed mental attitude or …

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How Many Doomsday Preppers are There?

As a prepper, I have often wondered to myself and aloud to my associates and friends just how many of “us” are out there. How many citizens are taking the task of preparing for the inevitable Big Boom and resulting hard times, or the slow slide into the post-empire phase …

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Is Prepping Illegal?

man under a tarp shelter

By any sane and logical standard, personal responsibility and preparation, especially as a hedge against disaster, should be considered morally upright and desirable anywhere. But, the standards of today and the laws that constrain us, implemented by those that govern us, are neither sane nor logical, and right now, in …

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Prepping With Toddlers and Young Children

toddlers on the survival homestead

Prepping with toddlers and young children must involve the melding of two concepts: what you can do on the daily to raise self-reliant children, and what vital items should be stockpiled to suit their needs. Not only do toddlers and small children have different needs than older children and adults, …

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How to Prep if You’re Renting

houses in the city

Serious prepping seems on its surface to be the province of the well-heeled land owners upon first inspection. The “ideal” is a remote hideaway, deep in the forest, on a mountainside or deep in the desert or tundra stocked to the rafters and beyond with every imaginable provision, piece of …

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How to Start a Neighborhood Watch

neighborhood watch sign

Is starting a neighborhood watch a huge breach of OPSEC for preppers? Not necessarily. Many preppers have yet to take advantage of all being a part of such a community watch program can do to benefit their own families. We are all in this together, even if non-preppers fail to …

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