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NY City Bugout – A Real World Example

9/11 new york firefighter

Every prepper should be aware of their local situation and have a bugout plan. To properly bug out you need to be acutely aware of your surroundings, have a movement plan, and have a final location. This article will look at the challenges of an urban bug out through the …

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Do Sleeping Bags Lose Their Warmth?

Discussions about what sleeping bag to choose often center around how warm they are going to keep you. But you need to know how long are they expected to keep you warm and what factors will affect the quality of your sleep. Sleeping bags do lose their warmth, and much …

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These 8 Emergencies Will Get You to Use Your Safe Room


Proper safe rooms are seen as something of a bucket list item for most preppers: A fortified sanctuary within your own home, a citadel where you and your family can retreat in case of trouble to remain safe, no matter what is happening. It is an appealing concept, but more …

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How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?

ferro rod

Ferro rods are nearly ubiquitous among preppers and outdoorsmen, and feature prominently in all kinds of DIY and off-the-shelf survival kits. These compact metallic rods along with their equally small strikers are capable of producing a shower of sparks in any weather conditions, perfect for fire starting in austere environments. …

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Nevada Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Nevada flag

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly or Concealed Any knife of any kind except a machete, see below for details Nevada Knife Law Overview Nevada is a state with extremely knife friendly laws; you can carry almost any kind of knife you want, any length, any style, any action, concealed …

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How to Make a Fire Escape Plan for Your Home

Every single year in the United States, the United States Fire Administration tallies anywhere from 350,000 to 450,000 thousand residential house fires. The results of these fires are billions of dollars in property damage, tens of thousands of injuries and thousands of deaths. A house fire is one of the …

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Tactical vs. Survival Knife: What’s the Difference?

survival knives

Often in prepping circles the debate over what choice of knife one should carry as part of their bug-out equipment pops up. Should you carry a tactical knife or a survival knife? Both? And what’s the difference, anyway? Isn’t one big knife as good as any other for prepping? Not …

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Should You Drink Post-SHTF Tap Water?

tap water faucet

Water is a vital provision for preppers and is always high up on lists of items you must have in order to be prepared for disasters large and small. This is for a very good reason as you can only survive a few days without water before you dehydrate and …

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Zeppelin Bend Knot: Step by Step How to Tie It

Zeppelin Bend Knot

The Zeppelin Bend is the best, strongest bend one can possibly use for joining two lines of similar diameter. It is very unlikely to slip open or jam shut, and can be untied fairly easily having been loaded (though like most bends, not while loaded). Additional Information In spite of …

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Massachusetts Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Massachusetts flag

The Essentials Illegal to Possess on Person or in Vehicle: DaggerDirkStilettoDouble-edged knifeBallistic knifeAny automatic knife with blade over 1 ½”Any device which allows folding knife to be drawn with blade locked in place Massachusetts Knife Law Overview Massachusetts lives up to its “paragon of nanny states” reputation when it comes …

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76 Survival Lessons and Tips From 3rd World Countries

peopl living in 3rd world country

Most of these tips come from Africa. One has to applaud the ingenuity of people who can use natural resources and scavenged objects to make what they need despite a lack of reliable electrical power, water scarcity and general poverty. Some of the practices could be considered cruel, and depending …

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Arkansas Trespassing Laws: What You Need to Know

Arkansas flag

Fast Facts on Trespassing Trespass Law Covers: Structures, dwellings, vehicles, undeveloped land.Crime Class: Misdemeanor; felony if offender has multiple prior trespassing convictions.Fencing Required? Depends on property.Signage Required? No, if verbal or mailed notice given.Verbal Notice Required? No, if signage posted. Arkansas Trespassing Law Overview Arkansas’ statutes on trespassing are noticeable …

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Coronavirus Survival: Everything You Need to Know

coronavirus featured

Experts in the field have warned for years that a major disease outbreak and subsequent pandemic is overdue. It seems they may be proven prophetic with the explosion of the new coronavirus in China. Having already spread to over 25 countries including the entirety of the West and infected anywhere …

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Colorado Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

colorado flag

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly Any knife except a ballistic knife Legal to Carry Concealed Any knife except a ballistic knife that has a blade of 3 ½” or shorter Illegal to Own Ballistic knifeThrowing Stars (possessed in public place) Colorado Knife Law Overview Colorado is another fairly restrictive …

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50 Survival Lessons from the Great Depression

Unemployed men queued outside

The Great Depression conjures images a severe lack and economic devastation. Trains of ramshackle vehicles hauling entire families of migrant workers desperately trying to eke out a living. Entire blocks worth of businesses shuttered. Skyrocketing prices and plummeting wages. Bank’s closing. Falling demand creating a domino effect of failing commercial …

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Alaska Trespassing Laws: What You Need to Know

Alaska flag

Alaska: Fast Facts on Trespassing Trespass Law Covers: Buildings, dwellings, vehicles, undeveloped land Crime Class: Misdemeanor Fencing Required? No.Signage Required? No, if verbal declaration made.Verbal Notice Required? No, if “reasonably conspicuous sign posted.” Alaska Trespassing Law Overview Alaska is another fairly usual state when it comes to trespass law with …

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205 Preps to Get From the Dollar Store

items on store shelves

Dollar store preps have become almost an obsession during my weekly errand running off of our survival homestead. I do not think that I can walk out of the Dollar Tree store in our region without spending a minimum of $35 – and have a whole shopping cart full of …

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Rocket Stoves: How Do They Work?

functioning rocket stove

Rocket stoves are old technology now becoming newly appreciated on the prepping scene. Homesteading, camping, hiking or SHTF survival situation, rocket stoves can handle it all. While surprisingly simple, these marvelous little stoves are efficient and burn hot, hot, hot! Chances are if you care anything at all about prepping …

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Amaranth – A Superfood Everyone Should Start Stockpiling


Amaranth is not a single plant or even technically a spice or grain, like so many folks think, but something every prepper should be growing in their survival garden. Amaranth is a group of 60 distinct varieties of grains that have been used both as food and for their proposed …

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Flip Flop Winch Knot – Step by Step How to Tie It

flip flop winch final

Invented by bushcraft master Mors Kochanski, the Flip Flop Winch is an improvised winch for pulling large loads. It’s a wonderful piece of bush ingenuity, and easily powerful enough to pull a car out of a ditch. Well worth learning. The Flip Flop Winch uses only a length of strong …

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