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National Preparedness Month – Time To Get Organized

knife handgun and pepper spray on top of bug out bag

September is National Preparedness Month in America. As preppers, we work towards increasing our survival odds on a daily – or at least a weekly basis. But most of our fellow citizens have not yet begun to grasp how important it is to be ready to fully deal with even …

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Top 16 Herbs to Grow for an Endless Survival Supply


Preppers consider growing their own groceries and stockpiling long-term storage food one of the cornerstones of a living a self-reliant lifestyle. And… they are right. But these survival tactics alone will not be enough to sustain the family during a long-term survival situation. Growing and preserving edible and medicinal herbs …

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10 Best Spots to Find Fish in Rivers and Streams

river fishing

Whether you are in waders, fishing from the bank, on a boat or kayak, there are certain secret places to look for the fish to ensure a good catch. And it is the person who has watercraft skills, as opposed to bushcraft skills, who will always (or nearly always) come …

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An Overview of the Smith & Wesson Model 63

smith & wesson 63

Smith & Wesson revolvers are revered as some of the very finest in the world, and no other manufacturer’s wheelgun offerings come close to the sheer number of theirs that have served military and police units around the world, and defended the lives of citizens against attack. Smith & Wesson’s …

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Yarrow Identification and Survival Uses

yarrow plant

If you have dismissed wild yarrow as simply an annoying weed, you are missing out on a free source of healing power that should be a vital part of your survival medicine plan. Yarrow is on of the most powerful natural astringents on the planet. For centuries it has been …

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Kalmyk Loop Knot (Standard Method)

kalmyk loop final

Named for a nomadic ethnic group living in the Russian steppes, this knot is similar to the bowline, but is ‘quick release’, meaning a bight (instead of the working end) is put through the final step, and the working end can be pulled to immediately open the knot. This knot …

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How to Make Ironweed Tea

ironweed tea

Ironweed leaves and the root of the plant have both been used to make medicinal teas for centuries. While many homesteaders, farmers, and ranchers have long viewed ironweed as a pesky plant that pops up in pastures, its natural healing benefits could far outweigh the negative aspects long associated with …

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How to Make Cattail Stir Fry

cooking cattail

Cattails have often been called the “supermarket of the swamp” to pay homage to all the amazing dishes you can make from this wild plant. These water loving hardy plants are a rich source of potassium, manganese, starch, phosphorus, as well as vitamins A, B, and C. During different parts …

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How to Tie the Standard Bowline Knot

standard bowline knot final

“The Bowline is the king of knots, or if you like it, bends A Bowline on a bollard is the best of journey’s ends” –A. P. Herbert, Brithsi novelist The Bowline (pronounced ‘BO-lin’) is probably the most useful you could ever learn, hence the quoted poem. The Bowline is best …

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Top 10 Antiviral Herbs You Should Stockpile


Are you prepared to survive an epidemic, pandemic, or potentially virus during a SHTF scenario? When you can’t call 911, the medical preps and skills you have acquired will be all that stands between your family and horrific tragedy. Stockpiling antiviral herbs and learning how to use them can substantially …

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Timber Hitch Knot – Step by Step How to Tie It

timber hitch knot

The Timber Hitch is for hauling large logs (or anything that shape), often many times the diameter of the line used. It will not jam, will not slip and will always come apart easily once unloaded. The Timber Hitch is effectively a much improved, much stronger version of the same …

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The Top 5 Guns for Concealed Carry

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: get the best gun you can afford, and if you can’t afford a good one save your money. There is no saying I hate more upon hearing it casually rolled out than, “Yeah, but it is just as good as…” …

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How to Identify, Grow and Preserve Ironweed

ironweed flowers and plant

Ironweed has been the bane of existence for ranchers for years, but this misunderstood wildflower should be cherished and not whacked down with reckless abandon. There are more than 500 varieties of ironweed or Vernonia species of plant. It has been harvested for its medicinal properties for centuries, especially by …

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Top 10 Best Backpacking Chairs

backpacking chair

Amidst all the gear and survival supplies you might carry with you when camping or bugging out, you could be forgiven for forgetting all about a place to sit. Even in the midst of a long trek into the wilderness or real-life SHTF problem, you should not underestimate the value …

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Reef Knot – Step by Step How to Tie It

The Reef knot (also called the Square Knot or Double Knot) is easy to remember and probably the widest taught and widest used knot as a bend. It is also not a bend, and should never be used as such. Clifford Ashley (author of the Ashley Book of Knots) wrote: …

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Top 15 Containers That Can Hold Your Survival Garden

plants in pots

Starting a portable survival garden should not require spending a few hundred dollars on containers to grow your own groceries. There is most likely a plethora of suitable survival garden containers already lying around your property, “junk” just waiting to be repurposed into something useful once again. What is a …

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Throwing Knives for Survival and Self-Defense


You’ll rarely catch most preppers without a knife on them, or nearby at the least. From survival bushcrafting to self-defense, preppers love their blades. Especially on the defense, several inches of sharpened steel can make short work of an attacker, and the mere sight of gleaming silver can be enough …

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Kelly Kettle Full Review

kelly kettle kit

A Kelly kettle is not just another brand of electric or gas kettle, it’s a unique camping kettle that requires just a bit of grass and a few twigs to deliver boiling water in just six minutes. For anyone who has tried boiling water over a fire is a pretty …

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How To Make Infused Oil 5 Different Ways

mason jars-with herbal leaves in cast iron

Infused oils from medicinal plants, ‘weed’, and herbs are a shelf-stable way to preserve the medical preps growing in your apothecary patch. The infused oils can be used as a wound wash, to make poultices, and turned into salves, tinctures, and even healing teas. There are multiple ways to make …

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46 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

When SHTF, you will be dealing with multiple threats to your life and the lives of your loved ones. On top of the chaos, you may find yourself in a situation where traditional products and medicines are inaccessible, simply unavailable, or cost-prohibitive even if you could get to them safely. …

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