Financial Survival and Preparedness

Whether the next disaster will render money useless, whether we’ll go back to the gold standard or use bartering to exchange goods and services, you need to think about “money”.

Even if that won’t be the case, saving and making money is crucial for survival and prepping purposes, because you’ll be able to get out of debt, set some money aside for dark days, and have the extra cash to spend on preps.

Read the articles below to prepare yourself and your family financially.


So, If the Dollar Collapses What Happens to My House?

With skyrocketing housing prices, economic instability, and global unrest, the idea of a collapsing dollar isn’t too far off. Most preppers are already prepared for a serious financial crisis with material provisions like food, water supplies, and more, but many folks are lacking when it comes to financial IQ, specifically what happens to your assets. …

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economic collapse chart

8 Signs Economic Collapse is Near

Preppers are quite naturally concerned with all the many disasters, catastrophes and man-made apocalypses that might occur, and through a lifestyle of personal readiness they hedge their bets accordingly. However, some disasters are far more insidious, and more nebulous, but no less dangerous than any tornado, hurricane, nuclear strike, or terrorist attack. An economic collapse …

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Should Preppers Join the Bitcoin Bandwagon?

Yes, I’m aware that an EMP would render crypto useless, but the article is about medium-term thinking. Bitcoin and other crypto aren’t necessarily long-term investments. Picture this: You’ve been prepping for major disaster or economic collapse for years; you have survival kits full of everything you need to get by for weeks or even longer. …

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