Survival Gardening

Gardening is critical for preppers because it’s a way to have healthy, organic food post-collapse. What’s best is that this food source is regenerative, so you won’t depend on grocery stores (which may be closed after a disaster, anyway).

Survival gardening is similar to traditional gardening, but with a few tweaks.

To get started planning your survival garden, read this 101 guide we put together.

Seed Starting for Preppers

assorted seeds

Starting the seeds for you survival garden indoors not only gives you a jump on the growing season, but saves money that can be used for other vital preps, as well. Relying on a garden center or nursery to provide already started plants for your prepper garden could be a …

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Top 15 Containers That Can Hold Your Survival Garden

plants in pots

Starting a portable survival garden should not require spending a few hundred dollars on containers to grow your own groceries. There is most likely a plethora of suitable survival garden containers already lying around your property, “junk” just waiting to be repurposed into something useful once again. What is a …

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29 Containers That Can Hold Your Seeds

herbs seeds

If you’ve been storing and planting seeds for a garden for a few years, you’ve probably at least once, probably early on, learned the lesson of planting or storing seeds incorrectly. The biggest disappointment about storing or planting seeds improperly is that you don’t find out you’ve done it until …

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How to Set up an Apothecary Patch

survival apothecary patch featured

This week on our homesteading survival retreat was spent with my husband and son-in-law running heavy equipment to improve our ½-mile uphill into the middle of the woods driveway after a winter and spring of historic rains. During this time, I worked on our apothecary patch. Growing your own medicine …

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How To Grow Your Own SHTF Pharmacy

shtf pharmacy featured image

Growing your own SHTF pharmacy, or perhaps more accurately, apothecary, should be near the top of your medical preps. You will not be able to call 911 or rush out to the emergency room during a doomsday disaster, you will be your own first-responder. Having a natural apothecary growing on …

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Humanure – The Perfect SHTF Sanitation System

humanure featured image

If you are not yet composting human waste on your homesteading survival retreat or bugout location, you should be. For far too long folks thought there was no way to turn safely compost human waste and deemed it forever to be useless “black water.” Now, creating “humanure” is a lauded …

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