Are Tasers Legal in Oregon? What You Should Know

Tasers have become more or less you because in police usage, as they are a generally reliable tool the police officers can use to subdue uncooperative people without a great risk of inflicting permanent injury.

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They’re also becoming more popular year after year in civilian hands as an alternative self-defense implement.

However, pretty much every state has its own unique set of laws concerning tasers and other electroshock weapons. Tasers aren’t even legal in a few off them! What about in Oregon? Are tasers legal in Oregon?

Yes, tasers and stun guns are completely legal in Oregon for civilian self-defense. They’re legal to buy, own, and carry with no permit needed. Be aware that municipal laws may be significantly more restrictive compared to the state laws in Oregon.

Tasers can be a good choice for self-defense in Oregon if you need something with better stopping capability than pepper spray, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle and the ethical or legal considerations of arming yourself with a firearm.

But as always, there are still plenty of laws that will dictate what you can do with it along with where you can and cannot take it. Keep reading to learn more…

How are Tasers Classified in Oregon?

Although tasers are referred to by category in various Oregon State statutes, namely 163.212 and 163.213, they don’t have a specific definition. Accordingly, it is presumed that all less-lethal electroshock defensive weapons are permissible for civilian self-defense.

However, you must never misuse or recklessly use your taser in the state because that will easily be considered the unlawful use of significant force against another person, with charges to match. We’ll talk more about that at the end…

Are Stun Guns Legal in Oregon?

Yes, they are. I know it sounds redundant since we’re talking about tasers, but it’s important to clear this up: stun guns and tasers are distinct devices, although they’re close cousins of a kind. Stun guns work by contacting an attacker directly when switched on, shocking them with the electrodes that are built into the front of the device.

Tasers, on the other hand, launch a set of probes or darts that are connected to the launcher by wires. Electricity will flow through these wires and shock the target from a distance assuming the probes connect and stick.

This is important to keep in mind when talking about electroshock weapons generally, because some states have differing definitions for both, whereas other states, like Oregon, more or less lump them under the same category. Just something to think about!

Can You Carry a Taser Openly in Oregon?

Yes, it is illegal to carry a taser openly in Oregon. You may also carry a stun gun. You don’t have to have a concealed weapons permit to legally open carry either, as long as the device is legal and you’re carrying it for a lawful purpose.

Can You Carry a Taser Concealed in Oregon?

Yes, you sure can. Concealed carry of a taser or stun gun is also legal in Oregon with no permit required. But, as before, you can only carry one for legal, lawful purposes and that means self-defense.

Age Restrictions on Taser Ownership or Possession

Yes. You have to be at least 18 years old or older to purchase, possess and carry a taser or stun gun in Oregon.

What Do You Need to Do to Purchase a Taser in Oregon?

If you want to purchase a taser in Oregon the first step is finding a dealer that has them for sale. Check Gun shops, security supply stores, and well-equipped sporting goods stores that carry firearms.

Once that’s done, if you’re buying an actual taser the dealer will need to record your information and your ID to transmit to the manufacturer for databasing. A background check may also be required.

Keep in mind that in Oregon if you’ve been convicted of any felony or any other crime, misdemeanor or otherwise, involving violence you may not legally own a taser or stun gun.

But assuming that is all good to go and you complete the purchase process, you can walk out with your taser and begin carrying it in the same day in the state.

Is Training Mandatory for Taser Ownership in Oregon?

No. The state of Oregon doesn’t mandate any special training or certification process just to purchase or possess a taser.

However, I always urge readers to get any relevant training for whatever defensive tool they choose, and that certainly applies to tasers and stun guns.

Not only do you need to know what it can do and what you can expect from it, but you’ll need to know more about the ethical employment of a force in self-defense.

Where Can You Carry a Taser in Oregon?

Tasers and stun guns can go many places in Oregon, but you can’t take them with you everywhere and most notably you cannot carry them in any public building: it is a felony to do so.

Also, you cannot carry your taser into any courtroom or courthouse, into any government office or other installation, into a police station or correctional facility, into a treatment facility, or into the secured area of any airport or seaport. That’s the area that is beyond the security checkpoint or scanners.

But, it looks like you can carry your taser or stun gun onto the grounds of a university campus and university buildings. Here is a statement from the University of Oregon stating that both are allowed as long as they are only carried and used for lawful self-defense.

To be perfectly clear, this doesn’t mean you can carry your taser into any other school, or on school property, elementary, middle or high school.

When Can You Use a Taser to Defend Yourself in Oregon?

The only time you can deploy your Taser against someone else legally is in case of a legitimate need of self-defense. Specifically, this is self-defense against someone who is threatening you with great bodily injury or death.

Tasers are no joke, and you should never use them on someone as a prank or gag, or for anything less than genuine protection of yourself or someone else.

If you do, you’ll be charged with a crime, or if you use it in self-defense against a far lesser level of unlawful force you can be charged with using excessive force and that may mean aggravated battery, manslaughter or potentially murder.

Read sections 163.212 and 163.213 below for more.

Section 163.212 – Unlawful use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace in the second degree.

(1) A person commits the crime of unlawful use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace in the second degree if the person recklessly discharges an electrical stun gun, tear gas weapon, mace, tear gas, pepper mace or any similar deleterious agent against another person.

(2) Unlawful use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

Section 163.213 – Unlawful use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace in the first degree.

(1) A person commits the crime of unlawful use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace in the first degree if the person knowingly discharges or causes to be discharged any electrical stun gun, tear gas weapon, mace, tear gas, pepper mace or any similar deleterious agent against another person, knowing the other person to be a peace officer, corrections officer, parole and probation officer, firefighter or emergency medical services provider and while the other person is acting in the course of official duty.

(2) Unlawful use of an electrical stun gun, tear gas or mace in the first degree is a Class C felony.

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