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Whether you’re interested in firearms or in alternative survival weapons, there’s a HUGE number of choices out there. We tell you which ones are worth picking, plus how to use them.

Never take security lightly, when survival is at stake, people could quickly turn into savages.

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The Top 4 Best Shoulder Holsters

shoulder holster featured image

A shoulder holster is one of the hands-down coolest, most debonair ways to carry a pistol. From James Bond and Dirty Harry Callahan to John Smith and Thomas “Neo” Anderson, plenty of our favorite big screen action heroes have used shoulder holsters to good effect for getting their guns into …

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The Top .30-30 Lever Action Rifles


There is hardly a rifle that is more enshrined in American culture than the lever-action. These are the rifles that helped tame the Wild West. These are the rifles that have been in the hands of guides and trappers and frontiersmen. These rifles for a time were the most common …

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Top 5 Budget Bolt Action Hunting Rifles

Back in the day, you would have to spend a lot of money to purchase a quality bolt action hunting rifle. Rifles such as the Remington Model 700 or the Winchester Model 70 were excellent firearms that served many hunters and shooting enthusiasts well, but were also not available to …

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Dry Fire: The Ultimate Guide

shooting a handgun

To say you’ll never become anyone resembling a good and capable, confident shooter without practice is no exaggeration and there are few who would dispute such a claim. After all, practice makes perfect. Yes, indeed it does, but a common stumbling block to said practice is the costs associated with …

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How to Easily Mount a Scope

optics on rifle

Shooter’s today enjoy a wealth of choices in optics. Everything from telescopes to red dot sights and holographics to night vision and thermal scopes. More than any other time in history there is a scope for every need and almost any budget. From the simple crosshair 10x scope to the …

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The Best 9mm Ammo Money Can Buy

9 mm ammo

Shooters who are real serious about defensive shooting care an awful lot about “bests.” The best pistol. The best holster, best sights, best upgrades, best customizer. Best, best, best. This will of course include the endless, Sisyphean task to find the best ammo. And they well should. Self-defense is a …

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Low Profile Carry of Long Guns: Good or Bad Idea?

Ruger 10-22 Tasco

The surging popularity of brace-equipped AR pistols and short, handy “firearms” like the Mossberg Shockwave and Remington Tac-14 and Tac-13 has seen more and more shooters getting interested in the idea of carrying a “long” gun around as part of their EDC, either on their person or in their vehicle. …

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How to Shoot a Pistol Accurately


Shooting is not rocket science, but is not as easy as falling off a bike, either. Among all the various firearms that one could endeavor to master, most will find that the humble pistol is the most difficult. This presents a problem since it is the pistol, not the rifle …

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So, Why Are Glocks So Popular?

glock 19 gen 4 loaded chamber indicator

To say the arrival of the Glock pistol coincided with a paradigm shift for American handguns is no understatement, not at all. And even though the Glock’s much vaunted features at the time- striker ignition system, lack of manual safety, polymer frame- had all been seen on production guns elsewhere …

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