Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival, also known as bushcraft, is a way of surviving that entails leaving your home and bugging out to the great outdoors.


Whether you’ll be in the woods, the desert or on a mountain, surviving in the wilderness is not an easy task, not even for those who are trained for it. Nevertheless, if bugging out is your only option, and if you don’t have a place to go to, set up an INCH (I’m never Coming Home) bag and read the articles below.

camp fire cooking

Do You Know Dave Canterbury’s Ten C’s of Survival?

Dave Canterbury is a well-known survival instructor and owner of the Pathfinder School in Ohio. Perhaps best-known for his time on the Discovery Channel show Dual Survivor where he famously co-hosted alongside Cody Lundin, Dave is admired for his hard-charging and no-nonsense approach towards survival in austere environments. He has also authored several books on …

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Foraging for Survival: the Ultimate Guide

Being able to forage during a survival situation can mean the difference between life and painful starvation. Foraging or wildcrafting skills are just as vital to your food security survival plan as the long-term stockpiling of food, hunting, fishing, and trapping. While you cannot garner as much protein from foraged plants, herbs, berries, “weeds” or …

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