Everything you need to know about how to survive disasters and emergencies big and small: economic collapse, EMP, wilderness survival, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, car crashes – we’ll teach you how to survive ANYTHING.

However, keep in mind that survival is only one side of the coin. The other is preparedness. The more you prepare in advance, the less likely it is you’ll even be in a position to face at least some of these emergencies.

Social and Physical Distancing Done Right

sitting alone at home

Social distancing (or, to be more accurate, physical distancing) is the phrase on the lips of every newscaster, every CDC bigwig and most of the citizens in America and around the world right now. This is in response to the Great Viral Pandemic of 2020. Social distancing is simply an …

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PTSD – How to Survive It

woman showing ptsd next to ambulance

PTSD is a common mental ailment that affects people from all walks of life who undergo life-changing, traumatic stress typically resulting from incidental or sustained negative experiences. You often hear PTSD brought up in a negative context when referring to someone, oftentimes a military veteran, has been changed or otherwise …

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How to Survive a City on Lockdown [+ PDF Checklist]

The event has occurred and anxiety has reached a fever pitch. Pretty soon the call goes out: Shelter in place, clear the streets, no exceptions! Your town or city is officially under lockdown, with citizens confined to their homes and all non-essential services and businesses, and even some essential ones, …

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How to Survive World War III

soldier fighting in war

A common theoretical survival scenario that is regrettably one of the most plausible is that of World War III. The Next Big One. Be it in the form of a society-shattering Civil War or a global conflict with several major superpowers fully involved along with dozens of smaller participants, anyone …

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How to Survive a Tornado


Tornadoes are terrifying and deadly. Spawning out of already violent thunderstorms, or seemingly out of nowhere in mere moments, tornadoes will carve a path of complete havoc through the landscape, and vanish just as quickly as they appear. In certain seasons in certain places in the United States, tornadoes are …

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How Will FEMA and the Government Handle SHTF?

police cars

Preppers spend a lot of time figuring out what they’re going to do when the SHTF, where they’re going to go, how they’re going to get there, what they’ll take with them and who, hopefully, will be there waiting for them. When disaster strikes, and I mean real disaster, you …

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76 Survival Lessons and Tips From 3rd World Countries

peopl living in 3rd world country

Most of these tips come from Africa. One has to applaud the ingenuity of people who can use natural resources and scavenged objects to make what they need despite a lack of reliable electrical power, water scarcity and general poverty. Some of the practices could be considered cruel, and depending …

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Coronavirus Survival: Everything You Need to Know

coronavirus featured

Experts in the field have warned for years that a major disease outbreak and subsequent pandemic is overdue. It seems they may be proven prophetic with the explosion of the new coronavirus in China. Having already spread to over 25 countries including the entirety of the West and infected anywhere …

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50 Survival Lessons from the Great Depression

Unemployed men queued outside

The Great Depression conjures images a severe lack and economic devastation. Trains of ramshackle vehicles hauling entire families of migrant workers desperately trying to eke out a living. Entire blocks worth of businesses shuttered. Skyrocketing prices and plummeting wages. Bank’s closing. Falling demand creating a domino effect of failing commercial …

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