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16 Fruits and Veggies You Can Store in a Root Cellar

foods in root cellar featured

At one time, root cellars were a common part of life. It was an essential part of nearly every home before you can purchase fresh produce all year-round. If you purchase an older home, you might even have a root cellar now. Believe it or not, there are several foods …

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Is Ammunition Waterproof?

waterproof ammunition featured image

***DISCLAIMER: Neither, its principals, owners, operators,  contractors or employees, or the author of this article, claim any liability resulting from injury or death resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in this article. Any ammunition, once exposed to moisture, can function in a dangerous or erratic …

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20 Emergencies Your Homestead Will Protect You From

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The world we live in continues to get scarier and uglier with each passing day. We face so many different risks of experiencing disasters that can result to TEOTWAWKI. During any disaster, you want to be as secluded as possible from any looters and punks. Living on a suburban homestead …

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The Garden Pests Megalist and What to Do about Them

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We toil away for hours and hours in our gardens and on over our container crops so WE can enjoy the fruit of our labors. Preventing garden pests from sneaking in and munching on our fruits and vegetables, destroying the plants in the process, is a vital part of the …

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The Ultimate Suburban Homesteading Guide

suburban homesteading guide featured

Homesteading in the suburbs is not yet commonplace, but the practice is now deemed more socially acceptable and less frowned upon by at least some homeowners associations. It’s possible to turn a suburban home and backyard into not only a homestead, but a true survival homestead, but keeping it a …

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Firearms Training for the Average Prepper – Part II

firearms training 2 featured image

you can read part I here When seeking to improve your skills with a firearm, you were probably told by a well-meaning person, or even told yourself, “Practice makes perfect.” Warning- revelation follows. Practice does not make perfect. Practice may not even make permanent. You will only get out of …

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17 Survival Uses for Safety Pins

safety pins featured image

Did you know that before the Winchester repeating rifle was invented, Walter Hunt patented the “combined piston breech and firing cock repeating gun”? Not only that, according to the Smithsonian, he also invented the fountain pen, the sewing machine, and that little thing most of us call the safety pin. …

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Preparing Your Homestead for Evacuation

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You can’t take it ALL with you, but if you want to survive, you better start planning right now to evacuate from your homestead with your food and water preps, intact. Grabbing what you can and going is not a plan, it is a recipe for failure…especially if you did …

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Preparing for Multiple Family Living During SHTF

multiple family living featured

Are you and your family or tribe (my favorite term for mutual assistance group) truly prepared to bug in on your homesteading survival retreat? You have stockpiled all the essential preps, have crops growing, animals in the barnyard, and trained physically while enhancing your survival skillset – but may not …

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Flint Knapping Step by Step

flint knapping featured image

Flint knapping rocks is the oldest, most primal way of making tools. The first people to rough out a hand axe are truly giants on whose shoulders we stand. There is something very satisfying in the knowledge that you could walk into the wilderness with nothing at all, pick up …

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10 Places to Find Water in the City Post-SHTF

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When it comes to a post-SHTF situation, one of the most critical resources you will need is fresh water that can be filtered for drinking. If you live in a more rural area or own a home with a little bit of land, you may have a well, spring, or …

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Firearms Training for the Average Prepper – Part I

firearms training part 1 featured

you can read part 2 here You have made the decision to be well prepared for most of life’s eventualities. Well done. You have stocked food, and medicine.  Stored tools, batteries and equipment. You have a bug-out bag packed, and another, redundant BOB in your car. Every important document is …

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Creating a Self-Reliance Homeschooling Curriculum

self-reliance curriculum featured

Creating a homeschool curriculum that suits both the academic and self-reliance goals of a prepping family is an exciting endeavor. If you thought setting up the homeschool classroom was fun, the thrill of designing the curriculum is going to knock your socks off! Finally, you have control over not just …

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The Best Bags, Backpacks and Pouches for Survival

The Best Survival Bags featured

Before we delve into a lot of facts, figures, and particulars about the backpacks you will find listed below, there is one very important thing I must share with you: there’s no such thing as a perfect bugout bag. Bugout bags are not one size fits all, nor is any …

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Could a Gun Ban Happen in the U.S.?

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We are less than 3 months into 2018, and due in large part to a recent string of highly publicized, tragic shootings perpetrated by the murderously deranged, our 2nd Amendment rights are once again under assault. Reactionary opposition groups, political partisans and politicians themselves have wasted no time in seizing …

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Top 20 Places to Hide Your Survival Water Stockpile

places to hide water stockpile featured

All preppers should strive to be more like squirrels. Hiding your preps away from view, especially your most vital prep of all…water, is a necessity. Even if you have a big pond and/or a creek that runs through your property, never take the seemingly ample supply of water for granted. …

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Survival Notes March 9th 2018

survival notes march 9 2018

For non-preppers, it’s spring cleaning time of year. But for our self-reliant tribe, growing our own groceries preparations are getting in full swing. Many of us have been afflicted with that dreaded disease…cabin fever. This incredibly harsh winter after several years of mild ones, seems like it will never come …

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How To Grow Your Own SHTF Pharmacy

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Growing your own SHTF pharmacy, or perhaps more accurately, apothecary, should be near the top of your medical preps. You will not be able to call 911 or rush out to the emergency room during a doomsday disaster, you will be your own first responder. Having a natural apothecary growing …

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