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Wyoming Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

wyoming knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly Any kind of knife Legal to Carry Concealed Potentially any knife, restrictions apply see below. Legal to Carry Concealed with Permit Any kind of knife Wyoming Knife Law Overview Wyoming is a sparsely populate state that still espouses and admires rugged individualism, so it …

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How to Survive SHTF Indefinitely in your Car

driving a car

Vehicles are central to the plans of all kinds of preppers, typically as a conveyance to get to you BOL, or to get home from elsewhere in an emergency. Some preppers might even plan on living in a mobile dwelling like a camper or proper RV despite the issues attendant …

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Ohio Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Ohio knife laws featured

WARNING: This article is not to be treated as legal advice. The author is not an attorney. Neither this website, its principals, owners, operators, contractors or employees, or the author of this article, claim any criminal or civil liability resulting from injury, death or legal action resulting from the use …

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How Much Ammo Do You Really Need for Survival

Silica Gel Ammo

One of the most perennial topics in all of prepperdom: how much ammo is enough? And enough for what?! A regional disaster, a short duration outbreak of societal unrest, the end of the U.S. or Armageddon? There is no one-size fits all answer that encompasses all of the above except …

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How to Make a Stealth Trash Can Survival Kit

garbage cans

There are all kinds of ways to go about making a survival kit for you and your family or group. You can have kits in bags, kits on shelves, kits in tubs and kits in crates. One kit I’ll bet you have never considered is a survival kit in a …

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How to Make Cowboy Stew with Ground Beef

Cowboy stew with ground beef

Cowboy stew was made on the trail during cattle droves that provides a fairly quick and easy meal after a long day in the saddle. Cowboys working along or in pairs or threes would make it themselves, or if it was a big round up then the cook at the …

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Gear Essentials for a One Day Hike

family on a hike

Anytime you head into the woods you need to take some gear with you. Not only from a safety and survival standpoint, but also for enjoyment. But what should you take if you’re just going on a day hike? We are going to look at some recommendations and talk about …

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Arizona Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Arizona knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly Any kind of knife Legal to Carry Concealed Any pocket knife, see discussion below Arizona Knife Law Overview Arizona appears to be one of the least restrictive states in the Union when it comes to the carry of knives, the only question mark being …

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7 Ways to Store Your Potatoes for the Long Term

potatoes in baskets

Preserving your potato harvest, or store-bought potatoes on a year round basis to ensure you have amassed the stockpile you need for SHTF requires a decent amount of space, but is an otherwise simple survival endeavor. Folks working within some rather intense space constraints, such as apartments, can still put …

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Montana Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

montana knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Concealed or Openly Any kind of knife; last of prohibitions removed from legislation as of April 2019. Montana Knife Law Overview Montana is one of the friendliest states for knife carry since ongoing revisions of their knife law began in 2017. As of April 2019, …

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29 Ingenious Uses for Sand Bags

sand bags

Sandbags should part of your survival stockpile, even if you live nowhere near a flood zone. These durable items have a multitude of uses, perhaps not as many as duct tape, but it would at least be a decent contest. You can use sandbags not just to hold back water, …

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The Top 4 Best Shoulder Holsters

shoulder holster featured image

A shoulder holster is one of the hands-down coolest, most debonair ways to carry a pistol. From James Bond and Dirty Harry Callahan to John Smith and Thomas “Neo” Anderson, plenty of our favorite big screen action heroes have used shoulder holsters to good effect for getting their guns into …

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How to Decorate Your Bunker


Survival bunkers are not typically large structures, so you must use every single inch of space to your best advantage. There are two vital aspects to take into consideration when deciding how to fill your emergency bunker: storage space and morale. Living in a bunker will be a lot like …

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Prepper’s Guide to Building and Repairing

hitting a nail

It is right to prepare for rough times by developing the skills needed to survive the onset, laying in the goods and equipment necessary to sustain yourself in the aftermath and having a plan to endure the time of lack and austerity until things get to back to normal. There …

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Utah Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

The Essentials Legal to Open Carry Any knife Legal to Carry Concealed Any knife except a “dangerous weapon.” See below for details. Utah Knife Law Overview Utah’s knife laws are a complete mess, a quagmire of unclear restrictions of any given knife depending not on any specific design, characteristic, action …

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Kentucky Knife Laws: Here’s What You Need to Know

Kentucky knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Concealed with no Permit “ Ordinary pocket knife ” “ Hunting knife” Legal to Carry Openly Any knife Legal to Carry Concealed with Permit Any knife that is not a “ordinary pocket knife” or “hunting knife” with a concealed carry deadly weapons permit.*** (see below) …

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Is Prepping Illegal?

man under a tarp shelter

By any sane and logical standard, personal responsibility and preparation, especially as a hedge against disaster, should be considered morally upright and desirable anywhere. But, the standards of today and the laws that constrain us, implemented by those that govern us, are neither sane nor logical, and right now, in …

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15 Diversion Safes to Welcome Burglars With

hidden book safe

Prepping isn’t all about being ready to grab your goods and run for the hills at a moment’s notice. Readiness and preparation also means protecting your valuables, supplies and gear from thieves both before and after SHTF events; your sweet preps do you no good if they get carted off …

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27 Pioneer Recipes to Survive Any Food Crisis

corn dodgers

It makes sense to perfect pioneer recipes before you really need them. The pioneers learned how to make a little go a long way, what type of food lasted well, and how to combine their precious supplies with fresh produce they could get on the way, or had grown once …

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The Top .30-30 Lever Action Rifles


There is hardly a rifle that is more enshrined in American culture than the lever-action. These are the rifles that helped tame the Wild West. These are the rifles that have been in the hands of guides and trappers and frontiersmen. These rifles for a time were the most common …

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