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How to Easily Mount a Scope

optics on rifle

Shooter’s today enjoy a wealth of choices in optics. Everything from telescopes to red dot sights and holographics to night vision and thermal scopes. More than any other time in history there is a scope for every need and almost any budget. From the simple crosshair 10x scope to the …

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Florida Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

fl knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly with No Permit: All knives, except ballistic knives. Legal to Carry Concealed with Permit: All knives, except ballistic knives. Legal to Carry Concealed with No Permit: Common folding pocketknife (recommend 4” blade or less) Florida Knife Law Overview Overall, Florida is a solidly pro-citizen …

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Versatackle Knot – Step by Step How to Tie It

versatackle knot final

The Versatackle is a self-locking mechanical advantage system with line. It can be used wherever a very tight line, or system with variable tension might be useful: tying out tarps, setting up hammocks, building rope bridges, lashing down equipment etc. That it is self-locking is enough to recommend it, but …

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5 Places to Keep Your Bug Out Bag

weighing a bug out bag

A BOB is a prepper’s best friend, and no matter what, you should have a plan to make use of it in order to reach a safe BOL or rendezvous point. While you might have spent countless dozens of hours fine tuning your BOB loadout and pouring over maps and …

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Georgia (GA) Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

ga knife laws featured

In a Nutshell: Legal to Carry Concealed or Openly without Permit: Knife with Blade Length of 12” or less Legal to Carry Concealed or Openly With Permit: Knife with blade longer than 12” GA Knife Laws Overview Georgia has always been a more or less friendly state to the carry …

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Tactical Vehicle: 11 Ways to Make Your Bug Out Vehicle Tactical

muddy tactical vehicle

You’ve planned the routes, have triple redundant bug-out locations, and primary, alternate, contingency and emergency travel itineraries for every conceivable set of circumstances. Your BOBs are packed, your family is drilled on the fastest possible way to grab their stuff and pile in the SUV. You, my prepper friend, are …

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Prepping With Toddlers and Young Children

toddlers on the survival homestead

Prepping with toddlers and young children must involve the melding of two concepts: what you can do on the daily to raise self-reliant children, and what vital items should be stockpiled to suit their needs. Not only do toddlers and small children have different needs than older children and adults, …

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What Exactly is a Bug-Out Bag?

tom's bug out bag

If you are new to prepping, you have doubtlessly seen bugging-out and the corresponding piece of luggage that all preppers love, the bug-out bag, mentioned all over the place in self-sufficiency and prepper circles. I know for a fact you have seen it all over this very site; I have …

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How to Make Milk Thistle Extract

milk thistle extract

Milk thistle extract or tincture can easily be made on your own kitchen counter instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money from a specialty store. When made and stored properly the extract should be shelf stable for at least two years. In my experience, it remains potent for a …

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Are Sleeping Bags Safe for Toddlers?

Sleeping bags are designed with a specific occupant in mind and lots will change depending on whether the occupant is a 200lb adult or a 35lb toddler. A child can sleep in an adult sleeping bag, but will the child be comfortable and safe? The short answer is no, sleeping …

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Top 5 Rooftop Tents for Camping and Survival

rooftop tent mounted on SUV

It’s easy to get tent envy when we pull into a campsite and there is that couple who pop up their rooftop tent within minutes and settle down to watch the sun slip below the horizon while sipping a glass of champagne, and popping strawberries into each other’s mouths. Meanwhile, …

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The Best 9mm Ammo Money Can Buy

9 mm ammo

Shooters who are real serious about defensive shooting care an awful lot about “bests.” The best pistol. The best holster, best sights, best upgrades, best customizer. Best, best, best. This will of course include the endless, Sisyphean task to find the best ammo. And they well should. Self-defense is a …

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Preparing and Executing a Bug Out on Foot

woman hiking

Bugging out is a central tenet to prepping. You cannot count on staying where you are! The best laid plans, the most fortified location, all of it could be rendered moot, even dangerous in the wrong situation. That could be from bad luck, a bad plan or just something you …

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Are Sleeping Bags Fire Retardant?

If you are concerned about how flame-retardant your sleeping bag actually is, and what that little label really means in terms of protection should a fire break out in the campsite, then this article should clear up those questions. A common fear is how much time there will be to …

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How to Survive an Armed Robbery


Robbery. Mugging. A classic hold-up. The threat of violence- injury, or death- if you do not part with what you have. This is the bread and butter, literally, of plenty of scumbags. The quickest way to a man’s wallet is just to stick a gun or knife in his face …

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Does Bear Spray Actually Work?

bear in the wild

If you are venturing into the deep woods of the western U.S. and much of Canada, or even into the Smokies of the eastern U.S. there is a decent chance you’ll encounter bears. Bear attacks on people are rare, but bears are not, and anytime you find yourself in their …

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Can You Predict How It Is All Going to Go Down?

featured pic

Preppers perhaps more than anyone spend a disproportionate amount of time analyzing, wondering and even, perhaps, darkly fantasizing about the Big One, the event that will set society and perhaps the entire country, even the world, up on its end. It is in our nature to try and discern what …

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The Ultimate Urban Bug Out Bag

ultimate bug out bag

For preppers, one of the most central tenets of preparedness is the concept of the BOB, or bug-out bag, that one, vital piece of luggage that contains everything you need to drop what you are doing and escape to someplace safe ahead of or right behind a disaster. The BOB …

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How to Make Milk Thistle Tea – And Why You Should

a cup of milk thistle tea

Milk thistle tea is quick and easy to make, and the primary way folks use this wild edible plant for its proclaimed natural medicinal properties. Studies about the prowess of milk thistle to heal or prevent disease are sparse and remain ongoing, but in a survival situation when you have …

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Clove Hitch Knot – Step by Step How to Tie It

clove hitch final

The Clove Hitch is a simple hitch for securing a line to a post or pole or other round object, somewhat larger than the diameter of the line. In most situations the round turn and two half hitches will do just as well, and the clove hitch is known to …

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