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Rocket Stoves: How Do They Work?

functioning rocket stove

Rocket stoves are old technology now becoming newly appreciated on the prepping scene. Homesteading, camping, hiking or SHTF survival situation, rocket stoves can handle it all. While surprisingly simple, these marvelous little stoves are efficient and burn hot, hot, hot! Chances are if you care anything at all about prepping …

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Amaranth – A Superfood Everyone Should Start Stockpiling


Amaranth is not a single plant or even technically a spice or grain, like so many folks think, but something every prepper should be growing in their survival garden. Amaranth is a group of 60 distinct varieties of grains that have been used both as food and for their proposed …

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Flip Flop Winch Knot – Step by Step How to Tie It

flip flop winch final

Invented by bushcraft master Mors Kochanski, the Flip Flop Winch is an improvised winch for pulling large loads. It’s a wonderful piece of bush ingenuity, and easily powerful enough to pull a car out of a ditch. Well worth learning. The Flip Flop Winch uses only a length of strong …

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How to Tell the Good Guys from The Bad Guys when SHTF

crowded public place

You don’t need to tell most seasoned preppers how troublesome their fellow humans can be. Even in kinder times, you’ll always have to deal with the criminals, the psychos, the sadists and the malcontents. Many of them want to rob you or kill you to take what you have because …

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Maryland Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly: Any knife that is not a “dangerous weapon”; a dirk, bowie, switchblade, star knife or razor Legal to Carry Concealed: Any penknife that is not a switchblade; see below for definition and discussion Legal to Carry Concealed With Permit: Any knife Maryland Knife Law …

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30 Best Camping Games to Try On Your Next Trip

kids socializing around a campfire

With fun in the sun, in and on the water activities, hikes and adventures it’s a common myth that a person won’t really have time for games around camp. Just wait until it rains and you have people looking for something to do. That’s when the well-prepared campers haul out …

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Alabama Trespassing Laws: What You Need to Know

Alabama trespassing laws featured

Understanding trespassing laws is essential for preppers. If you have a big or a small parcel somewhere you are using as a bug-out location, are living in the middle of a large expanse to keep away from people or planning on travelling cross-country “just in case” you need to know …

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Seed Starting for Preppers

assorted seeds

Starting the seeds for you survival garden indoors not only gives you a jump on the growing season, but saves money that can be used for other vital preps, as well. Relying on a garden center or nursery to provide already started plants for your prepper garden could be a …

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Top 12 Solar Battery Chargers

solar charger featured

Finding yourself at an important event like a wedding, graduation, sporting event, or child’s school play with a phone or camera that has gone dead is inconvenient. It’s disappointing to not capture those photos. But finding yourself stranded on the side of the road, in a city-wide blackout, or in …

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Are Sleeping Bags Waterproof?

sleeping bag

The idea of a waterproof sleeping bag may seem appealing. it may seem like a good feature to have. After all, when you’re out camping, you want to be protected from the elements, right? Of course you do, but the purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm …

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Camping Knife vs. Survival Knife: What’s the Difference?

survival knife

Discussions about gear make up an inordinate amount of conversations revolving around prepping. yes, yes, we all need to be buffing are skills, but the idea of taking off into the wild blue yonder when we need to bug out with inadequate or inferior equipment seems to keep people awake …

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5 Rights You’ll Lose Under Martial Law, and 1 You’ll Still Have

Martial law is a concept usually discussed with derision and fear among preppers, and with good reason. Any declaration of martial law in the United States is an obvious symptom that something bad has happened, perhaps something society-alteringly bad. Visions of people being dragged out of their homes, held without …

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Does Bottled Water Ever Expire?

water bottles

Bottled water is just about as simple a prep as can be had. Water is essential to life and hygiene, and most folks properly begin their journey to emergency preparedness with the first baby step of stashing an extra case of bottled water. Over time, one case becomes two, then …

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The Prepper’s Guide to Job Loss

unemployed man

You probably read the title of this article and paused for a beat. At first blush, one is not likely to associate prepping with job loss. That seems to me something that would be better covered on a financial wellness website, or perhaps somewhere else. But when you think about …

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Exactly How Strong is Paracord?

Unite States Army Standard Parachute Cord

Paracord is one item that all preppers love, being rightly renowned for its great flexibility, resistance to rot, versatility and of course its great strength-to-diameter ratio. You can use paracord for all kinds of rigging, construction and repairs, and used very carefully in a pinch you can even use it …

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Michigan Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Michigan flag

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly Any Knife Illegal to Carry Concealed, including in vehicle Fixed blade knivesDaggersDirksStilettosOut-the-Front (OTF) double-edged automatics/switchblades Michigan Knife Law Overview Michigan is a fairly permissible state for knife owners, hampered only by a few odd discretionary laws restricting the concealed carry of the entire category …

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The Best Ear Protection for Shooting

shooting muffs

If you are a shooter, even one who practices infrequently, you must have ear protection. It’s that simple! You may think you are some kind of hardcore type who can deal with the noise, or that your ears will “harden up” but that just isn’t the case; what is the …

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Figure of Eight Knot on a Bight – Rethreaded

figure of eight on a blight

The Figure of Eight on a bight is a very strong mid loop, where the two ends come out of the knot parallel, so it is best used when the direction of the load from the knot towards the ends is similar for both ends, and the knot is loaded …

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11 Easy Mindset Exercises for Survival

woman alone mountains

We all travel through life with a certain swagger. For some this is limited to a narrow set of circumstances. While for others it is all encompassing to the point where the mind exceeds the body’s ability to back it up. Webster defines mindset as “A fixed mental attitude or …

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