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How Many Doomsday Preppers are There?

As a prepper, I have often wondered to myself and aloud to my associates and friends just how many of “us” are out there. How many citizens are taking the task of preparing for the inevitable Big Boom and resulting hard times, or the slow slide into the post-empire phase …

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Here’s Why Jerusalem Artichoke Is a Fantastic Survival Crop

Jerusalem Artichoke flower

Growing Jerusalem artichokes can keep both your and your survival livestock well fed during a long-term disaster – with barely any manual labor from you required in the process. A single Jerusalem artichoke plant is capable of producing 200 pounds of nutrient-rich tubers that is safe for both humans and …

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Vermont Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Vermont knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly or Concealed Any knife except a switchblade with a blade of 3” or long, or a knife with knuckleduster handle Vermont Knife Law Overview Vermont is a reasonably permissive state for knife owners, one that is more concerned with punishing those who carry knives …

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The Top 10 Neck Knives for Survival

The neck knife is an often neglected option for preppers who want to carry an extremely low profile and lightweight secondary or even tertiary blade, or who want a barely-there primary blade. While users today might think the often concealed nature of these small knives lends itself best to blades …

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Tinder vs Kindling – What Exactly Is the Difference?

Tinder and kindling are not the same thing, but you do need both to start a roaring fire – and sustain it. Being able to understand exactly what each element of fire-making is and does, you will be better equipped to get a campfire going no matter what weather elements …

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How To Cook A Squirrel: 25 Recipes

When it comes to eating game meat, one of the all-time favorites is squirrel. These little “tree-ninjas” can be cooked up in so many different ways and varieties there is sure to be one that you will fall in love with. Squirrel meat, is lean and resembles a mix between …

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Fighting Knife Vs. Survival Knife: What’s the Difference?

You’ll never see preppers fuss more than they will over gear and its definitions. Some folks are just pedantic slaves to nomenclature, like your author here. Why is that? ‘Cause words mean things. Case in point: knives for prepping. Is a fighting knife a knife you happen to have for …

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How Much Ammo Should You Have in Your Bug Out Bag?

Silica Gel Ammo

What should you keep in your BOB, and how much of it? More ink has been spilled, more conversations started and more arguments ignited over this topic than anything else in prepperdom. A close second is the topic of guns and ammunition so it is only natural that the two …

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7 Plants You Can Grow Into Your Own Toilet Paper

Stockpiling toilet paper as part of your long-term disaster survival plan can be a bit tricky. Toilet paper takes up a whole lot of room to store, and will absorb destructive moisture if there is even a tiny rip in the package. If you put paper to pencil and do …

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Is Living in Isolation for You?

man alone

What could be a more elegant and poetic ending to a world laid low by cataclysm than a lone survivor- rugged, experienced, skilled- surviving on their own against the odds in stark defiance of the apocalypse that has blasted the rest of civilized society into cinders and echoes? The idea …

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20 Uses for Crisco in and Around Your Home

crisco featured

Crisco should be stockpiled in anyone’s pantry alongside buckets of wheat and dehydrated protein. Sure, you can cook, bake, and fry with Crisco, but the plethora of other uses this old-fashioned kitchen standard boasts is what makes it a prepping and homesteading all-star. In 1911, crystallized cottonseed oil, or as …

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Wyoming Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

wyoming knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly Any kind of knife Legal to Carry Concealed Potentially any knife, restrictions apply see below. Legal to Carry Concealed with Permit Any kind of knife Wyoming Knife Law Overview Wyoming is a sparsely populate state that still espouses and admires rugged individualism, so it …

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How to Survive SHTF Indefinitely in your Car

driving a car

Vehicles are central to the plans of all kinds of preppers, typically as a conveyance to get to you BOL, or to get home from elsewhere in an emergency. Some preppers might even plan on living in a mobile dwelling like a camper or proper RV despite the issues attendant …

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Ohio Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Ohio knife laws featured

WARNING: This article is not to be treated as legal advice. The author is not an attorney. Neither this website, its principals, owners, operators, contractors or employees, or the author of this article, claim any criminal or civil liability resulting from injury, death or legal action resulting from the use …

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How Much Ammo Do You Really Need for Survival

Silica Gel Ammo

One of the most perennial topics in all of prepperdom: how much ammo is enough? And enough for what?! A regional disaster, a short duration outbreak of societal unrest, the end of the U.S. or Armageddon? There is no one-size fits all answer that encompasses all of the above except …

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How to Make a Stealth Trash Can Survival Kit

garbage cans

There are all kinds of ways to go about making a survival kit for you and your family or group. You can have kits in bags, kits on shelves, kits in tubs and kits in crates. One kit I’ll bet you have never considered is a survival kit in a …

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How to Make Cowboy Stew with Ground Beef

Cowboy stew with ground beef

Cowboy stew was made on the trail during cattle droves that provides a fairly quick and easy meal after a long day in the saddle. Cowboys working along or in pairs or threes would make it themselves, or if it was a big round up then the cook at the …

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Gear Essentials for a One Day Hike

family on a hike

Anytime you head into the woods you need to take some gear with you. Not only from a safety and survival standpoint, but also for enjoyment. But what should you take if you’re just going on a day hike? We are going to look at some recommendations and talk about …

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Arizona Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Arizona knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly Any kind of knife Legal to Carry Concealed Any pocket knife, see discussion below Arizona Knife Law Overview Arizona appears to be one of the least restrictive states in the Union when it comes to the carry of knives, the only question mark being …

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