EMP stands for ElectroMagnetic Pulse. It’s a type of disaster that could literally bring part of the world to the Dark Ages. The power grid would collapse and, in some cases, most if not all your electronics will cease to function.


There are two known ways to prepare for an EMP:

  1. Learn to live without electricity
  2. Protect some of your devices by means of a Faraday cage. They’re easy and cheap to make.


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AA batteries and charger

Do EMPs Affect Batteries?

One of the scariest and most likely society-toppling events that could happen is a large-scale EMP event. A large enough EMP could potentially knock out all power grids and electronic devices across an entire country, plunging us back to the pre-industrial age and into a state of anarchy and chaos. Most of us already know …

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power lines

Are EMPs for Real?

When discussing the most serious natural disasters and catastrophic man-made events, there is one that you’ll often hear mentioned as among the very worst. An EMP. To hear some people tell it, an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, has the potential to send much of civilization back to the Stone Age In the blink of an …

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EMP Survival: How to Prep for and Survive an Electromagnetic Pulse

Most preppers spend a considerable amount of time theorizing and occasionally worrying over what disasters might lie in store. Much of this speculation is grounded in reality, concerned with such natural disasters as tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes, along with man-made crises such as terrorist attacks and civil unrest. However, some peppers think “big picture”. Some …

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