Tools and Gear

We talk about which tools and gear are best for survival situations, we give you our top picks, and even teach you how to use some of these.


But remember, skills and knowledge always trump tools and gear.

Can Sleeping Bags Be Zipped Together?

If you are going on a trip and can’t bear to be parted from your significant other by your sleeping bag, you can’t just toss the bags in the vehicle or backpack and say, “We’ll just zip them together when we arrive,” – it’s not quite that easy. Zipping sleeping …

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How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?

ferro rod

Ferro rods are nearly ubiquitous among preppers and outdoorsmen, and feature prominently in all kinds of DIY and off-the-shelf survival kits. These compact metallic rods along with their equally small strikers are capable of producing a shower of sparks in any weather conditions, perfect for fire starting in austere environments. …

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205 Preps to Get From the Dollar Store

items on store shelves

Dollar store preps have become almost an obsession during my weekly errand running off of our survival homestead. I do not think that I can walk out of the Dollar Tree store in our region without spending a minimum of $35 – and have a whole shopping cart full of …

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Rocket Stoves: How Do They Work?

functioning rocket stove

Rocket stoves are old technology now becoming newly appreciated on the prepping scene. Homesteading, camping, hiking or SHTF survival situation, rocket stoves can handle it all. While surprisingly simple, these marvelous little stoves are efficient and burn hot, hot, hot! Chances are if you care anything at all about prepping …

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Top 12 Solar Battery Chargers

solar charger featured

Finding yourself at an important event like a wedding, graduation, sporting event, or child’s school play with a phone or camera that has gone dead is inconvenient. It’s disappointing to not capture those photos. But finding yourself stranded on the side of the road, in a city-wide blackout, or in …

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Are Sleeping Bags Waterproof?

sleeping bag

The idea of a waterproof sleeping bag may seem appealing. it may seem like a good feature to have. After all, when you’re out camping, you want to be protected from the elements, right? Of course you do, but the purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm …

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Exactly How Strong is Paracord?

Unite States Army Standard Parachute Cord

Paracord is one item that all preppers love, being rightly renowned for its great flexibility, resistance to rot, versatility and of course its great strength-to-diameter ratio. You can use paracord for all kinds of rigging, construction and repairs, and used very carefully in a pinch you can even use it …

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