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Barrel Hitch Knot: Step by Step How to Tie It

barrel hitch knot

The Barrel Hitch is a knot for lifting a bucket, barrel or similar container straight up, as for moving equipment in. You are unlikely to need it often, but will be very glad of it when you do. This knot was often used by sailors for hoisting barrels or buckets …

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No Upgrades, No Problem: Making the Most of a Stock Gun

S&W M&P 9c

People have been upgrading and personalizing their weapons since, well, since weapons were. Better wrapping on the grip, a keener edge, stronger materials; anything that would help (or hopefully help) the wielder to win in whatever fight was worth pursuing. Today, stock guns seem to be little more than a …

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11 Ways to Avoid Prepper Burnout


Irregardless of why you start prepping, after several months or years, you may find your enthusiasm for prepping is waning. If you find yourself procrastinating about the things you know need to be done for you to be prepared, you may be starting to burn out. Just like with job …

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Using a Tactical Pen Effectively

tactical pens

Tactical pens are a niche but effective self-defense tool with one major advantage over all other weapons: they can go, quite literally, anywhere. This one attribute makes tactical pens a worthwhile addition to any prepper’s tactical options but using one requires its own skillset. Sure, you can grab hold of …

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The Best Concealed Carry Holsters

Desantis Softuck

Effective carry of a pistol is more than just stuffing it in your pocket or waistband, and requires more equipment. A good concealed carry rig is one where all components- belt, holster, ammunition pouches and clothing- all work together properly to allow you to carry your pistol and equipment comfortably, …

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24 Uses for Q-tips for Survival


Just about every doctor will tell you that Q-tips aka cotton swabs are NOT recommend for cleaning your ears but did you know they were invented for exactly that purpose? And, the idea was inspired by a mom. It’s true. In the early 1920’s, Leo Gerstenzang, an immigrant from Poland, …

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How To Make Plantain Salve

plantain salve

Plantain salve has a place of honor in all of our bugout bags and stockpiles. There is a growing shelf of this awesome natural healing salve in our survival medicine section of our prepping storage areas. You can buy organic plantain salve online and at funky little boutique stores – …

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Methods for EDC Ammo Carry

ammo carrier

If you carry a firearm for self-defense, chances are you carry extra ammo for it. While not always strictly necessary extra ammunition is good to have in case of malfunction or loss or if you just have an abundance of bad guys to deal with. Hopefully you don’t need it …

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The Ultimate Survival Mobile Chicken Coop

DIY survival chicken coop

Portable chicken coops are ideal for preppers who keep small livestock as part of their survival plan. With a mobile chicken coop you can save both space and money without sacrificing predator proofing materials – and use the meat and egg bird enclosure like a chicken tractor, as well. Preppers …

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How to Take a Punch to Minimize Damage

boxers throwing punches

I recently wrote an article about the best places on an assailant’s body to target with punches if you want to dish out pain and even serious damage. Knowing when and how to strike counts for much in self-defense; wild haymakers make for dramatic Hollywood fisticuffs, but they aren’t often …

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No Room for Error: The Importance of Accuracy Standards

shooting in the dark

In any kind of time-sensitive shooting, but especially when shooting to live in a lethal force encounter, accuracy and speed must both exist in measure enough to pass the bar. It is not good enough to be able to split hairs. It is not good enough to be blindingly fast …

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5 Areas to Hit with Your Tactical Pen

tactical pens

You might laugh at the idea of a pen being anything more than a weapon of utter desperation, but if you were on the receiving end of several inches of hardened metal being driven into your sternum you’d probably change your tune. Tactical pens have been popular products for years …

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Jewelweed Salve Recipe against Skin Conditions

jewelweed salve

Jewelweed salve is an all-natural home remedy you can make on your own, that you’ll be able to use to treat skin problems on your own, either after a long-term disaster, when doctors may not be available, or even pre-SHTF, to learn and practice treating various skin conditions. Please note …

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The Best of the Best Kydex Holsters

kydex holster and carrier

If one relies on a handgun for self-defense, a good holster is an essential element for safe and effective employment of it. A holster allows one to carry and stow the handgun when it is not immediately needed, and keep it help securely in a consistent position that will help …

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How to Make a Burn Barrel

burn barrel

Growing up country, burn barrels area part of our way of life. Not all preppers spent their childhoods running up and down dirt roads in their bare feet and playing in the woods. But when SHTF, literally all preppers will need to figure out ways to safely dispose of trash, …

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