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How to make Traditional Corn Dodgers

Corn dodgers

Well, there really is no one-and-only traditional recipe to share. The pioneers were out on the trail so they made do with what they had, and families developed their own methods. Corn dodgers basically included the staples that were carted along in the wagon – cornmeal, salt and some bacon …

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How to Throw Basic Punches

old man throwing a punch

Real self-defense is often a crapshoot. Even with excellent awareness, refined skills and sharpened reflexes, the bad guy will always get to choose the time, location and duration of the attack. Just because you are armed, ready and willing does not mean you’ll always get to employ weapons and gadgets …

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The Best of the Best Knife Sharpeners

knife and sharpener

Knives are essential tools for preppers. As part of your EDC or packed away in a BOB, there is hardly a tool that offers more capability, ounce for ounce than a knife does. Knives can help you create shelter, prepare a fire, catch dinner, cook dinner, cut yourself free of …

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Top 4 Ways to Get Rid of Trash During a Disaster

burn barrel

Do you have a SHTF plan for dealing trash? If not, you should. On any given day, the average American can generate about four pounds of trash. Your trash, or more importantly the bacteria it grows and rodents it attracts, can kill you. Concerns about another coming of the plague …

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The Best Pistols You’ve Never Tried

There is a reason that you see so many armed professionals and in-the-know civilian shooters choose their handguns from what seems to be two or three major makes. Call it herd mentality, group-think, or whatever you want, but pistols that just plain work while offering a high degree of worry-free …

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The Difference Between Preppers and Survivalists

bobby shooting a gun defending his location

Preppers and survivalists are not the same thing. Sure, folks involved in either type of self-reliant lifestyle have a whole lot in common, but one is based in stockpiling and the other a finely honed skill set. Now, do not get me wrong, I know a plethora of preppers who …

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The Best Portable Camping Toilets of 2019

One thing most people take for granted until they experience a temporary outage is indoor plumbing. We recently had a plumbing situation where every single drain in the house began backing up, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub, toilet, etc. We tried everything, plunging, liquid drano, baking soda and vinegar, boiling …

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How to Prep Every Day and Like It!

happy farmer

Prepping is not everyone’s cup of tea. Or instant coffee flavored with powdered milk, because half the world has ended, but you get my meaning! If you don’t take toward personal preparedness and immersing yourself into an, admittedly, pretty scary subject matter at times then living a prepping lifestyle can …

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The Importance of Equipment Checks

survival gear

Prepping is a commitment to a wholly new level of procedure, schedule and periodic activity. There are always things to do, skills to learn and topics to investigate. If you are a prepper, if never ends, and if it does, you aren’t really a prepper. To stay still, to remain …

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Keeping Guns Out of Reach of Children

child with water gun

If you are a gun owner, safely storing your guns is an ethical mandate and also good practice for protecting them. It does not matter if you are currently carrying and using one or not: your guns are always your responsibility no matter where they might be. If you have …

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Could Typhoid Fever, Small Pox, and Cholera Pop up Again?


Multiple 1800s era diseases once thought eradicated from modern society are showing up again in cities not only around the world, but in the United States, as well. Cases of typhoid fever, cholera, and monkeypox, which is similar to smallpox, have emerged. Filthy living conditions, urine, feces, and decaying food, …

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How to Make Pinole – Bug Out Bag Food

pinole porridge

When the pioneers crossed America they encountered local tribes, many of whom used pinole. The Mexicans also used pinole – and the tradition has been kept alive in these cultures, resulting in delicious yet healthy food for survivalists, and anyone in fact who would like to try pinole. photo by …

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How to Load Your Phone with Survival Info

phone ebooks

There is something of a simmering debate among those who move in survival-centric circles on the topic of smart phones and how they fit into one’s preps. You’ll hear plenty from both camps, from those who are pro-phone and those who are decidedly no-phone. Some folks, often the Old Guard, …

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37 More Foods to Hoard for SHTF

more foods to hoard featured

If you’re preparing for a SHTF event, chances are you’ve already started building your food stockpile. There’s absolutely no doubt that having an adequate food supply will be critical to survival when grocery stores and other commercial resources are unavailable or being rationed. We previously published a list of the …

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Long Range Rifle Shooting for Preppers: Viable Skill or Fantasy?

long range shooting

Rifles are the firearm you reach for when you really need to get some good shooting done. The range, power and precision of rifles trumps any other personal firearm in most circumstances, and their versatility and portability, especially when looking at the most modern semi-autos makes them an ideal do …

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10 Things Old Time Preppers Did That You Don’t

old man working the field

The argument between the older generations and the new is a never-ending one. The Old Guard constantly reprimands the new about how much better and easier they have it, and how much harder it was in their day. And it was the hard that made them better, dammit! Just ask …

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These 10 Plants Will Protect Your House from Intruders


Unfortunately, we currently live in a world populated with some people who believe they can take what doesn’t belong to them. When SHTF, it’s likely even more people will resort to theft. For this reason it’s important to consider ways to protect what’s yours from those who have less than …

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7 Ways to Minimize Dehydration

glass of water

You may have heard the expression “dying of thirst” and you may have even jokingly told someone you were “dying of thirst” on a particularly hot day or after a period of strenuous exercise. But did you know that it is actually possible to die of thirst? Feeling thirsty is …

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How to Choose a SHTF Firearms Instructor

man at shooting range

If you are preparing to defend your life and the lives of those you care about with a gun, being armed with one is only half of the battle. The other half is knowing how to use it. Practicing with your gun is important, but only training will confer the …

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9 Ways to Keep Rodents out of Your Stockpile

anti-rodent spray ingredients

Protecting your stockpile from rodents can seem like a never ending battle – especially when you appear to be losing the war. Not only is it essential that we keep our stockpiled preps out of the paws and mouths of rodents now, but especially after the actual SHTF event. If …

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