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    I am a safety officer and emergency preparedness coordinator for a skilled nursing facility in Arkansas. The problem with emergency plans everywhere is they are written by people who want to show off how many words they know.

    An emergency plan will only work if people actually read it.

    When I started my job my boss handed me a 300 page plan, written by someone somewhere who was not familiar with our facility, and said “Here. Read this”. I was dismayed. I asked her “Who else has read this?” The answer was, believe it or not, “Well, no one. That is your job.” So I read it. It took HOURS to sift through the legalese and crap. There is no average person who would want to wade through this swamp.

    So I wrote my own. With permission and a bonus. 300 pages into roughly 60. In very simple words that the average person who does not have a doctorate can understand. It is now in our county OEM database. Our employees read it during orientation. They remember and ask questions. Our facility is now more prepared than ever and I am proud of them!

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    will Jack Woods be publishing anymore chapters to the survival article and he has already wrote 10 chapters of.?

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    How can we find preppers in our local areas? Are there preppers in groups or those who meet to discuss things? I am pretty new to all of this and I know this, I am NOT prepared for any of this..
    I have never used a gun, in fact, I am terrified of them. I also live alone, in the country and I have nothing
    to back me up in the event of an economic crash or other catastrophe. I really need to fin dpeople I can talk to, and those who totally know what I need, and etc…and can kind of guide me as I get going here.
    I hope you don’t mind me keeping my name confidential. I am a little intimidated by all this, but I know this needs to be done.

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    And, what happens when the internet goes down? How do people find each other?

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