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  1. Dan,

    I am a safety officer and emergency preparedness coordinator for a skilled nursing facility in Arkansas. The problem with emergency plans everywhere is they are written by people who want to show off how many words they know.

    An emergency plan will only work if people actually read it.

    When I started my job my boss handed me a 300 page plan, written by someone somewhere who was not familiar with our facility, and said “Here. Read this”. I was dismayed. I asked her “Who else has read this?” The answer was, believe it or not, “Well, no one. That is your job.” So I read it. It took HOURS to sift through the legalese and crap. There is no average person who would want to wade through this swamp.

    So I wrote my own. With permission and a bonus. 300 pages into roughly 60. In very simple words that the average person who does not have a doctorate can understand. It is now in our county OEM database. Our employees read it during orientation. They remember and ask questions. Our facility is now more prepared than ever and I am proud of them!

      1. I just want to correct one bit of bad advice.
        Disposable lighters are not a survival item to stock.
        They leak and after a year they will not work. I see this one every survival site and its an unworkable plan. Zippos, fuel and flints last indefinitely.
        Bics won’t make it a full year, even sealed in a baggie or jar.
        Apart from that, nice site.

  2. will Jack Woods be publishing anymore chapters to the survival article and he has already wrote 10 chapters of.?

  3. How can we find preppers in our local areas? Are there preppers in groups or those who meet to discuss things? I am pretty new to all of this and I know this, I am NOT prepared for any of this..
    I have never used a gun, in fact, I am terrified of them. I also live alone, in the country and I have nothing
    to back me up in the event of an economic crash or other catastrophe. I really need to fin dpeople I can talk to, and those who totally know what I need, and etc…and can kind of guide me as I get going here.
    I hope you don’t mind me keeping my name confidential. I am a little intimidated by all this, but I know this needs to be done.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Good to have you on board. I know it’s a little overwhelming but if you take it one step at a time, you will make it.

      I wouldn’t worry about finding other preppers when SHTF, everyone will b busy surviving on their own.

      As a starting point, I recommend these two articles:


    1. Hey Karen,

      The time to find/connect with like-minded people is BEFORE you need them or they need you.

      I’ve tried several resources to find like-minded people in my area (NJ).
      It isn’t easy, for a number of reasons. But I have found a few folks, and have a backup location farther away if I needed to bug-out (which I hope to never need to do).

      You say you’re in the country. Depending on how remote, that’s either good or bad.
      I imagine you have neighbors, regardless of their distance away.

      My neighbors are my immediate group. After many conversations, dinners and drinks, we discovered we would be a good mutual support system.
      I recommend start by being neighbors (friendly) with your neighbors. Country folk are a lot friendly (and generally more prepared for adversity) than city folk.

      Make friends BEFORE the internet goes down 🙂

      Hope That Helps.

  4. Danny & Mary Smith

    I accidentally ran across this treasure of a site and have bookmarked it and plan to begin studying it with my wife. We have been preppers for about 10-12 years and currently live in the country in north Florida, her home.

    I have some health issues so “bugging out is not an option for us in a SHTF scenario, which we wouldn’t do if we could! We are both former Peace Officers and I was a soldier for 21 years so we have somewhat of a handle on the defense aspect of this! Our weapons part of the issue can be found in our comments in your article about the SKS, we have three of them and believe them to be the absolute greatest for our use. Of course we have other arms…pistols, revolvers, a shotgun and rifles.

    Thanks for your writings, we look forward to reading more!

  5. I like the idea of your site. I even have one of your books, a very good book. Your WEB site has about 5 million freaken adds. I get if you are making money hand over fist but this is ridiculous.

    1. Scott,

      Check out any DIY, recipe, and homesteading sites among other things. They all have the same types of ads that are not managed by us. There is a company that manages our inventory. I pay around $2,000 a month for articles published on Survival Sullivan, perhaps you’d like to sponsor part of this amount and I’ll remove the ads for you? 🙂

    2. Brave browser will block those ads, or pay you to view them ( a small amount, depending on volume). It will also keep your activity private. Free on Google Play.

  6. I’m glad all of you are happy with Mr. Sullivan;
    I too purchased his book and five bonuses. However, I have
    not received any of them in my email AND I have sent three
    emails to Mr. Sullivan requesting the pdf’s or a refund. I have
    not received a reply, pdf’s or refund.

    Hal Thomas

    1. Dan F. Sullivan


      I’m sorry my emails are not getting through. Typically clickbank sends a download email right after the purchase. In my welcome email there I send the link a second time. I received your emails and replied to both of them. Could they be in the spam folder? I will try to send another one form a different account, let’s hope this time it works.


      1. Do NOT use Clickbank! In April, I ordered 10 items, @ $3.95 each. Clickbank took the $39.50, nothing received. Clickbank has not refunded the money, either. Not satisfied, I ordered 10 of another item, again through Clickbank, @ $3.95 each. Same results…Clickbank took the $39.50, nothing received. No merchandise, no offer of a refund, nothing! Is Clickbank a ripoff?


        1. Dan F. Sullivan

          You should have raised a refund ticket from the link you’ve gotten via email. I have several products on clickbank and refunds are straightforward.

    2. Dan F. Sullivan


      I just realized, it could be because you’re using a verizon email. I think they might be blocking some right wing and prepper content. Would you be able to comment here and put a new email address in the email field? I just sent the link two more times from two different addresses but both to verizon. A gmail or a yahoo or something else would probably work better.

  7. Hey Dan,

    Finally got around to reading your About page.
    It’s cool to discover you are in Romania.

    My wife was born and raised there (close to Sinaia).
    She also went through the Revolution as a child.

    We’ve toyed with the idea of “bugging out” to Romania if needed.
    For now, we’re stuck in Central NJ.

    Sper să ne întâlnim într-o zi,

  8. I live in rural Alabama which has 90 to 100 percent humidity year round. I have a concrete and block storm cellar but it stays wet constantly so I don’t believe would be good for a root cellar. What can I do with this kind of humidity and storing food? Also if I can food in glass jars can they be stored in my cellar without the risk of spoilage? It seems to be summer temps here almost year round. Also we plant a garden but because of no rain most of the time and no way to water it all what does a person do then? I can go to the market now but what about when SHTF. THANKS!

  9. I ordered “How to Bug In Forever,” but every time I try to access any link to it I get this message:

    We can’t connect to the server at

    There is nothing wrong with the internet on my end. How do I get the product I paid for?

    1. Dan F. Sullivan

      Hi Todd,

      I replied to your email with the download link but I didn’t get a reply. Did you get that email?

      I am looking at my stats for that website and I can see users are accessing it. I also use a 3rd party to check if the website is reachable and it works.

      A possible cause is that your Internet service provider won’t let you access my website. If this is the case, please reply to my email so we can establish a communication channel there, and I’ll attach the PDFs there.


  10. I have 2 generator one is 3300 and the other is an 8000, I would like to try to build a cage for both, can you help. thank you! dan

  11. Jacquelyn D Guerra

    I just purchased your ebook on Permaculture and the links to gardening layouts have zones 10 and 11 in Florida but I live in zone 9b…we get occasional frosts and freezes in the winter but hit and wet in the summer. So the link to zone 10 and 11 won’t work well for me or the California one that is Hot and Dry. Any suggestions as to a layout for my zone? Thanks! Jacquelyn

  12. Hi!

    I bought the stockpiling challenge and then decided I wasn’t going to look at it because of overwhelm so I requested a refund, which I received! But then I looked at it so I owe you $40 again!! Lol … can you please send me a link for the charge? (:

    My email is [email protected]
    Thank you so much for trying to prepare people for any and everything!

    Bless you!


    1. Hello,

      I checked my database and I don’t see any charge for that email since 2021. I don’t see any other charges for 2022. I also don’t understand what you mean when you say “I owe you $40”. The charges are made only when you purchase a course. Please provide screenshots, dates, and anything else that my help so I can investigate.

  13. My attempts to email contact-at-survivalsullivan-dot-com are unsuccessful. Please let me know if there is a reliable address.

    1. Dan F. Sullivan

      Hi Andy,

      yes, the email is valid. I don’t see anything my inbox from you, how may I help?


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