In a survival situation, you need intel. You need to know what’s happening, so you can make better decisions of how you’re going to survive short, medium and long-term.


There are many ways to communicate and to receive information (walkie-talkies, radios, signals, Morse Code etc.), and we cover all of them in the articles below.

DXing and Why It Is Important

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If you have been in the prepping and survival community for a while, you may have heard of a hobby called DXing. This is the practice of receiving or sending long distance radio transmissions and confirming that they were received. These transmissions can be made using AM radio, shortwave radio, …

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14 Ways to Communicate With Loved Ones When SHTF

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So the grid goes down and your family is scattered to the wind.  Now what?  How do you reach your brother that lives two hours away?  How do you reach your survival network? How do you get information from the National Weather Service or local authorities?  You will find that …

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The Need for Emergency Communications

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Scenario 1: You are having an average commute on the way into work when….BAM…you get a flat tire…and wouldn’t you know it?   Your spare is flat too! Scenario 2: You are alerted that a severe storm watch has been issued for your area, and you can see in the distance …

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