In a survival situation, you need intel. You need to know what’s happening, so you can make better decisions of how you’re going to survive short, medium and long-term.


There are many ways to communicate and to receive information (walkie-talkies, radios, signals, Morse Code etc.), and we cover all of them in the articles below.

What Is DXing and Why It’s Important

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If you have been in the prepping and survival community for a while, you may have heard of a hobby called DXing. This is the practice of receiving or sending long distance radio transmissions and confirming that they were received. These transmissions can be made using AM radio, shortwave radio, …

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Shhhh! OPSEC and COMSEC are Critical for Survival

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OPSEC is critical for survival, and not just in a post-SHTF scenario, it’s critical even now. Operational Security or OPSEC is a term that actually originated with the military and it refers to procedures for safeguarding important information and activities that are necessary for successful execution of military missions. So …

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Copy That! Here’s How to Use CB Radio

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The Citizens Band Radio Service, commonly referred to as CB, is a form of radio communication that can be used for both business and consumer purposes. It has become a popular option for civilians in particular because it is incredibly easy to use and no license is required to operate …

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Emergency Communications 101

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One of the most often overlooked components of an emergency plan or SHTF plan is the need for emergency communications. In today’s world, so many people have become overly dependent on cell phones for communication. In fact, there’s an entire generation of people, those born after 1995, known as Gen …

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