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The Best Bags, Backpacks and Pouches for Survival

The Best Survival Bags featured

Before we delve into a lot of facts, figures, and particulars about the backpacks you will find listed below, there is one very important thing I must share with you: there’s no such thing as a perfect bugout bag. Bugout bags are not one size fits all, nor is any …

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Could a Gun Ban Happen in the U.S.?

gun ban featured image

We are less than 3 months into 2018, and due in large part to a recent string of highly publicized, tragic shootings perpetrated by the murderously deranged, our 2nd Amendment rights are once again under assault. Reactionary opposition groups, political partisans and politicians themselves have wasted no time in seizing …

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Top 20 Places to Hide Your Survival Water Stockpile

places to hide water stockpile featured

All preppers should strive to be more like squirrels. Hiding your preps away from view, especially your most vital prep of all…water, is a necessity. Even if you have a big pond and/or a creek that runs through your property, never take the seemingly ample supply of water for granted. …

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Survival Notes March 9th 2018

survival notes march 9 2018

For non-preppers, it’s spring cleaning time of year. But for our self-reliant tribe, growing our own groceries preparations are getting in full swing. Many of us have been afflicted with that dreaded disease…cabin fever. This incredibly harsh winter after several years of mild ones, seems like it will never come …

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How To Grow Your Own SHTF Pharmacy

shtf pharmacy featured image

Growing your own SHTF pharmacy, or perhaps more accurately, apothecary, should be near the top of your medical preps. You will not be able to call 911 or rush out to the emergency room during a doomsday disaster, you will be your own first responder. Having a natural apothecary growing …

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10 Survival Things You Keep Postponing and Shouldn’t

postponing survival things featured

Procrastination. It is such a bad word it really should have only four letters. Preppers are not procrastinators by nature, but it has been known to happen, especially when there are so many big items on the preparedness “to do” list. Neglecting to prepare thoroughly and expeditiously can, and likely …

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25 Things To Improve Your Home Security

home security improvement featured

With the state of the world today, it’s likely that you’ve begun to see some changes in your neighborhood. If you’ve witnessed increased activity in your area at night or an increase in “strangers” that seem to be visiting your neighborhood at various times of the day and night, it …

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How to Weave Primitive Baskets

primitive baskets featured image

Containers are a vital survival commodity that will nowrt necessarily be easy to produce or procure if or when SHTF. They are vitally important for gathering, carrying and storing things, yet older more traditional containers such as wicker baskets are often thought of now a novelties or purely decorative items. …

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Top 5 Survival Expos of Spring-Summer 2018

survival expos featured image

It is that time of year again fellow preppers. Sure, spring is just around the corner (finally) but that is not what I’m talking about. Preparedness expo season is beginning anew. All around the country survival, homesteading, and off grid experts will converge both indoors and out, to teach their …

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Survival Notes Feb 25th 2018

survival notes feb 25 2018

When you approach prepping as a lifestyle choice, as “Life Assurance,” you often get to test your self-reliance skills and stockpile. One of the greatest preparedness assets should be what is beneath your feet…your home. It took us close to three years to find the perfect land for our survival …

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How To Raise Pigs as Part of Your Survival Plan

Pigs are on of the best types of survival livestock a prepper can keep on his or her compound or bugout retreat. They are both easy and quiet keepers, require little space to house, can survive on low quality land, do not make much noise, and provide copious amounts of …

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9 Ways to Heat Yourself Post-SHTF

ways to heat yourself featured

When SHTF, the first things most people will focus on is trying to find food and water. But if you’re a prepper you know that while water is critically important to your long-term survival, the ability to stay warm and to heat yourself post-SHTF can mean the difference between life …

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7 Crucial Things to Your Pet’s Survival

pet survival featured image

A majority of Americans own at least one pet. Our pets are valuable and loved members of our families. However, we often forget about them while we are making our SHTF scenarios. Pets still need to eat, drink and take their regular medications. If you are a pet owner, taking …

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Survival Notes Feb 18th 2018

survival notes feb 18 2018

My prepping this week was done almost entirely indoors. We are still living in a massive mud bog – snow pit combo environment. My hubby has been fighting a futile battle trying to keep our road looking like something that more or else actually resembles as road and is passable …

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Humanure – The Perfect SHTF Sanitation System

humanure featured image

If you are not yet composting human waste on your homesteading survival retreat or bugout location, you should be. For far too long folks thought there was no way to turn safely compost human waste and deemed it forever to be useless “black water.” Now, creating “humanure” is a lauded …

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Quick and Easy Survival Candy Recipes

There are a lot of food staples to consider when preparing survival kits, bug out bags or long term bunker food supplies, and your sweet tooth shouldn’t be neglected. It might seem like a luxury, but candy and cookies are on the list of staples that should be included. Why? …

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Survival Notes – February 12th 2018

survival notes featured image

How did you prep this week? On our homesteading survival retreat we worked on adding an essential off grid component to our prepper haven. I shocked my hubby when I told him what I wanted for Valentine’s Day this year….an outhouse! Most ladies would request jewelry and not ask for …

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Free Range Children: Could Your Kids Survive SHTF On Their Own?

free range children featured

Why are you prepping? I don’t mean what type of SHTF specific SHTF scenario are you prepping for, but what is the motivation behind your survival and homesteading efforts. Self-preservation is of course, a primary factor in why we spend countless hours and dollars preparing for a doomsday disaster, but …

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Do You Need More Than One Bug Out Bag?

multiple bobs featured image

This question has plagued avid preppers since bug out bags began their popularity, and for a good reason. Should you pack more weight into one BOB, should you have multiple BOBs for different scenarios, should you skimp on some important items in order to lower your weight for one bug …

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