Survival Skills

Skills before gear! You can have all the survival tools and gear in the world, but if you don’t know how to use them, you might not survive. There are dozens of survival skills you can learn, but some are more important than others.


Regardless of what skill you’re looking to master, you’re probably going to find it in one of the articles below.

8 Spy Skills Preppers Should Adopt


If we’re all being completely honest, it’s tough not to get taken by the allure of spy fiction. On film or in the pages of a book, fictional spies’ lives and jobs may look very different from the real thing, but this does nothing to dampen the fascination, and it …

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Boom Hitch Knot: Step by Step How to Tie It

boom hitch final

The Boom Hitch is essentially an extended, more complex relative of the Clove Hitch. It is something of a chore to learn, but worth it. It will hold fast and not slip under tension from any direction, even when tied in thick, slippery line. This makes it good for securing …

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Zeppelin Bend Knot: Step by Step How to Tie It

Zeppelin Bend Knot

The Zeppelin Bend is the best, strongest bend one can possibly use for joining two lines of similar diameter. It is very unlikely to slip open or jam shut, and can be untied fairly easily having been loaded (though like most bends, not while loaded). Additional Information In spite of …

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30 Best Camping Games to Try On Your Next Trip

kids socializing around a campfire

With fun in the sun, in and on the water activities, hikes and adventures it’s a common myth that a person won’t really have time for games around camp. Just wait until it rains and you have people looking for something to do. That’s when the well-prepared campers haul out …

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Vermont Knife Laws: What You Need to Know

Vermont knife laws featured

The Essentials Legal to Carry Openly or Concealed Any knife except a switchblade with a blade of 3” or long, or a knife with knuckleduster handle Vermont Knife Law Overview Vermont is a reasonably permissive state for knife owners, one that is more concerned with punishing those who carry knives …

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