Home Defense

Defending your home is not as hard as you might think, but you have to think of all the various scenarios that could happen during and after a disaster. Angry mobs, thugs, hungry neighbors… you could wake up in the middle of a home invasion.


You have to take the security of your home very seriously, and go beyond installing an alarm system and a few cameras, and always have alternate ways to protect your home, and to escape it if need be.

How to Decorate Your Bunker


Survival bunkers are not typically large structures, so you must use every single inch of space to your best advantage. There are two vital aspects to take into consideration when deciding how to fill your emergency bunker: storage space and morale. Living in a bunker will be a lot like …

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15 Diversion Safes to Welcome Burglars With

hidden book safe

Prepping isn’t all about being ready to grab your goods and run for the hills at a moment’s notice. Readiness and preparation also means protecting your valuables, supplies and gear from thieves both before and after SHTF events; your sweet preps do you no good if they get carted off …

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Home Security: Properly Securing Entryways

Defending your home against invasion is more than just having a gun or club set handily about and being willing to use it when something goes bump in the night. With home invasions occurring all the time all across the country, proper planning and preparation is key to thwarting these …

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How to Protect Your Survival Homestead

protecting survival homestead featured

Home and perimeter defense should be at the foundation of your survival plan , no matter how large or small your prepper retreat or bugout location. The first step in developing a perimeter defense plan is not doing a little math to figure out how much fencing must be purchased. …

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25 Things To Improve Your Home Security

home security improvement featured

With the state of the world today, it’s likely that you’ve begun to see some changes in your neighborhood. If you’ve witnessed increased activity in your area at night or an increase in “strangers” that seem to be visiting your neighborhood at various times of the day and night, it …

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Do Burglars Avoid Houses With Dogs?

burglars avoiding dogs featured image

Research has shown that burglars avoid houses with dogs for a lot of reasons. Intruders are often put off by dogs of any kind, however larger dogs or breeds traditionally used as guard dogs (such as German Shepherds or Rottweilers) are especially seen as a threat by burglars for a …

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Early Warning Systems for Survival

early warning systems survival

When in a survival situation, intruders are always a major concern.  This could be looters, military, or just kids looking to vandalize a house.  Having a home defense system is important, but early detection is the key to protecting your home.  Unfortunately, this applies to everyday life as well. Home …

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