Nick O'Law

Nick O'Law has been exposed to survival from a very young age. In his teenage years, he learned A LOT about bushcrafting, such as making snares and traps, and even how to make DIY knives. If you haven't ye read and tried his knot-making articles on Survival Sullivan, you should definitely check them out.

truckers hitch knot featured

How to Tie the Trucker’s Hitch Step by Step

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he trucker’s hitch (or power cinch, rope tackle, hay knot, harvester’s knot, dolly knot, there are many names) is the unchallenged king of tension knots. It is a compound knot (an arrangement of rope made of multiple different knots) which has the unusual feature of providing mechanical advantage, like a simple pulley system, for pulling …

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sewing for preppers featured

Sewing for Preppers

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n any long term SHTF or bug in/out situation, your clothes and other items will be damaged. You will need to be able to stitch clothes, backpacks and tents back together, and you will need to do it by hand in a survival situation or out on the trail. Inevitably over time, some things will …

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