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Win a GIFT for Father’s Day & Make Summer Perfect with GearBest

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Hey everyone, I give you the latest giveaway from First, you need to check out the 10 items below: 1. DQG Fairy 10180 Cree XP G2 R5 4C 4500K Mini Brass Water Resistant LED Flashlight 2. 348 Nichia NVSW219BT – V1 240Lm Mini 10440 / AAA LED Torch 3. Manker U11 CREE XPL V5 1050LM Rechargeable LED Flashlight 4. Opus BT – C3100 V2.2 Li – ion Digital NiCd NiMH Battery Charger 5. Nitecore D4 Li-ion Ni-MH NiCd LiFePO4 Smart LCD Battery Charger 6. Sunwayman T25C Cree U3 880Lm Zooming LED Flashlight 7. Ganzo G729-BK Axis Lock Folding Knife Pocket Clip 8. KAUKKO FH03 Vintage Style 5L Male Sling Bag 9. Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW E27 Smart LED Bulb 10. Boruit LT – 069 5000Lm CREE T6 Bicycle LED Headlamp Pack There are 10 items listed. You can choose which item you think would make the best gift for the coming Father’s Day or …

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The Five Basic Needs for Your Survival

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Although many preppers have specific events in mind that they are preparing for, there really is no way to predict with any certainty what a post-SHTF world will turn into. But there are five basic needs for your survival that if met should help you stay alive longer than those …

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How to Make a Zeer Pot (“Fridge” Without Electricity)

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photo credits: AIDG Most preppers know that a natural disaster or severe storm typically means the power will go out at least for a short period of time and many have prepared ways to live without refrigeration for several days until power is restored. But what if following a SHTF …

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Making a DIY Outhouse

diy outhouse

An outhouse is a small building, usually separate from the main house, that is used for privacy to cover a dry toilet (uses no water) or pit latrine. An outhouse is typically used in locations where water is limited, expensive, or even unavailable. These are more common now in third …

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May’s Steals and Deals from GearBest

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Sponsored by Hi everyone, If you’re looking to buy some gear, here’s some great deals from the folks at 1. 348 Nichia NVSW219BT-V1 240Lm Mini 10440 AAA LED Torch     BudgetlightForum 348 LED Flashlight   –  FULL PACK   — Price: $6.99    Coupon: GB348DJ   –  SIMPLE PACK — Price: $7.99  Coupon: GB348DJ Review Link: 2. Manker U11 CREE XPL V5 1050LM Rechargeable LED Flashlight  — Price: $29.99    Coupon: U11FB Vedio link:   3. Manker Quinlan T01 900Lm Cree XPL HI 1A Mini AA LED Flashlight — Price: $42.99    Coupon: T01FB   4. Nitenumen NE01 Cree XM – L2 1000Lm LED Flashlight — Price: $22.69    Coupon: NE01GB Review link:×18650)   …

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Stockpiling for Preppers with Allergies

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Disclaimer: The author of this article is NOT a doctor. The content of this article does not substitute sound medical advice. Neither the author nor are responsible for any negative effects resulting from applying the information in this article. Stockpiling food is a big part of survival planning for most preppers. …

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SHTF Meaning, Examples and an In-Depth Explanation

shtf meaning logo

Perhaps you have seen the acronym S.H.T.F. and you are wondering what it means.  You might have heard preppers say that they are out of here as soon as the S.H.T.F. or that you won’t be able to do something once the S.H.T.F.  Maybe you know what the letters stand …

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How to Prepare for Hail and Prevent Hail Damage

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Part of being prepared includes being prepared for any kind of natural disaster or storm such as a hail storm. There are things you can do before and during a storm to prevent hail damage to your property and house. Hail is most frequently seen during severe thunderstorms and tornados …

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Preppers on the Run. Chapter 1: The Escape

preppers on the run chapter 1 logo

“Jump!” “What?” “Jump!” “I can’t! It’s too high. And not so loud, they’ll hear you…” “Yes you can.” Robby was at the window on the second floor, with his bug out bag in one hand, scared to death. Fortunately for him, it was pitch black outside and nobody could see him. No one …

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Shhhh! OPSEC and COMSEC are Critical for Survival

opsec comsec logo

OPSEC is critical for survival, and not just in a post-SHTF scenario, it’s critical even now. Operational Security or OPSEC is a term that actually originated with the military and it refers to procedures for safeguarding important information and activities that are necessary for successful execution of military missions. So …

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Shoo! How to Survive a Dog Attack

dog attack logo

The CDC documents just under 5 million dog bites annually in the United States. Over 800,000 of dog bite victims annually will require medical attention, nearly 400,000 of those victims are children. Up to as many as 34 people have died annually as a result of a dog bite. Even …

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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

zombie apocalypse logo

When preppers talk about how to survive the zombie apocalypse, they are not talking about the undead. They are talking about those people who didn’t prepare at all or didn’t prepare well enough for a SHTF event or economic collapse. These unprepared people will quickly run out of food and …

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Genetically Modified Food: Can it Derail My Survival Plan?

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If you’re like most preppers, your plan for long-term survival post-SHTF probably includes some type of garden as a food source. If you’ve already started gardening, you probably have heard about the debate between GMO and non-GMO foods. So how exactly could GMO impact your survival planning? Americans are just …

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