Tara Dodrill

Tara Dodrill
Tara Dodrill is a homesteading and survival journalist and author. She lives on a small ranch with her family in Appalachia. She has been both a host and frequent guest on preparedness radio shows. In addition to the publication of her first book, 'Power Grid Down: How to Prepare, Survive, and Thrive after the Lights go Out', Dodrill also travels to offer prepping tips and hands-on training and survival camps and expos.

29 Ingenious Uses for Sand Bags

sand bags

Sandbags should part of your survival stockpile, even if you live nowhere near a flood zone. These durable items have a multitude of uses, perhaps not as many as duct tape, but it would at least be a decent contest. You can use sandbags not just to hold back water, …

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How to Decorate Your Bunker


Survival bunkers are not typically large structures, so you must use every single inch of space to your best advantage. There are two vital aspects to take into consideration when deciding how to fill your emergency bunker: storage space and morale. Living in a bunker will be a lot like …

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Choosing Your Ideal Survival Retreat

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Choosing a survival retreat or prepper homestead is a major decision. It may mean relocating, making a loan commitment, and even altering your career choice. But taking this self-reliance leap can pay off with huge dividends… like saving your life. One of the first things a person ponders when becoming …

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The Emotional Aspect of Survival


You may have stockpiled all of the preps your family will need to last five years, have mastered a copious amount of survival skills, and live off the grid in a remote area – but are you prepped for the emotional part of survival retreat life? When prepping to survive …

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Red Winter Wheat: How to Grow It and Why


Preppers are prone to stockpiling wheat as part of the family’s food security plan. While doing so is an excellent idea, one day those 5-gallon buckets of wheat might run out. Buying long-term wheat buckets can not only get rather expensive, they take up a lot of storage space. Growing …

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Prepping With Toddlers and Young Children

toddlers on the survival homestead

Prepping with toddlers and young children must involve the melding of two concepts: what you can do on the daily to raise self-reliant children, and what vital items should be stockpiled to suit their needs. Not only do toddlers and small children have different needs than older children and adults, …

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