Tom Marlowe

Tom Marlowe practically grew up with a gun in his hand, and has held all kinds of jobs in the gun industry: range safety, sales, instruction and consulting, Tom has the experience to help civilian shooters figure out what will work best for them.


Are Bison Dangerous When they Encounter People?

One of the most beloved and iconic North American mammals is the American bison, sometimes called the American buffalo. These impressively large, seemingly ponderous bovines once enjoyed a range that stretched from coast to coast where they traveled in gargantuan herds. After being nearly hunted and slaughtered to extinction, they have happily made a resurgence …

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economic collapse

8 Signs Economic Collapse is Near

Preppers are quite naturally concerned with all the many disasters, catastrophes and man-made apocalypses that might occur, and through a lifestyle of personal readiness they hedge their bets accordingly. However, some disasters are far more insidious, and more nebulous, but no less dangerous than any tornado, hurricane, nuclear strike, or terrorist attack. Economic collapse is …

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