The Ultimate EDC Items List for Women

Imagine you’re walking to your car from a late night at work. You hear footsteps behind you, so you pick up your pace and walk faster, trying to avoid confrontation because you’re tired.

flashlight tactical pen folding knife and more next to pink purse
flashlight, tactical pen, folding knife, super glue adhesive tape and some cash next to a pink purse

As you walk faster, so does the person behind you. You start to run, but are quickly apprehended by your assailant. What happens next is up to your ability to access what you have in your EDC.

We all know a few women that say they “can handle their own”, but let’s face the fact that women aren’t as strong as men. For this very reason, you need to prioritize your EDC, so you can be prepared for situations that can quickly spiral out of control.

Never be complacent, you should always be thinking of ways to get out of potential scenarios. The following list is a basic guideline of items that could potentially save your life. However, you don’t need every item, you can pick and choose as you please.

Everyday carry items aren’t meant solely for self-defense, contrary to popular belief. The primary reason to have a well put together EDC is to make normal everyday life easier, and to be prepared for most situations.

The Purse EDC Advantage

A woman’s purse is her most important accessory. It not only carries the essentials, but it also provides a place to store valuable items and important documents. In addition, a woman’s purse can also be used as an EDC toolkit.

Unlike men, women have the advantage of being able to carry far more useful equipment in their purses without any increase in their profile.

Below we will discuss some of the top EDC survival items for ladies to keep in their purses but first we need to talk about the how and the why.

One of the great things about purses is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This means that there is a purse out there for every woman, regardless of her needs or lifestyle.

That means you’ll always have opportunity to keep your important stuff close at hand. With that said, not all purses are created equal.

When it comes to EDC gear, some purses are better suited than others. For example, a woman who spends a lot of time outdoors would be better off carrying a purse that is made from durable materials like canvas or leather.

On the other hand, a woman who spends most of her time in an office setting may prefer a purse that is more stylish and feminine.

But the best part about a purse in an EDC context is that it always belongs on a woman’s person, except in rare settings. No one will ever bat an eye at it.

Compare that to a backpack or a man’s messenger bag which screams, “I’m carrying stuff.” And not just any stuff, but oftentimes expensive or “sensitive” gear. That is going to attract attention that people don’t want, trust me.

No matter what type of purse you choose, what matters more is what you put in it.

Now, I know, I know: you ladies already carry So. Much. Stuff… in your purses that it seems impossible you can fit anything else in there.

Makeup, mints, card case, I get it. Well, I know a thing or two about packing efficiently for survival and let me tell you that you have more room to spare in that thing than you think.

Most of the things we are going to add weigh so little you won’t even notice them. You might even assemble a few different compact EDC kits that you can drop into your purse on an ad hoc basis so you can tailor your loadout to your daily itinerary.

Now, even though the purse has decided advantages when it comes to EDC carry you’ll need to be careful. Just like with any other type of carry, you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings and take steps to make sure that your gear is not going to get in the way or attract attention.

Worse yet, the purse is very often going to be the target of an attack! So, you’ll need to be especially vigilant in protecting your purse, particularly if there is a weapon in it.

It would not do to have your purse swiped or stolen by thieves, losing all your valuables, your ID’s, cash, cards and all your survival gear!

Women’s EDC Kit Items List

Pepper Spray

This is the most common tool for self-defense amongst women, but just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Pepper spray is also known as “OC Spray”, or Oleoresin Capsicum.

When you break it down, it’s basically skin irritating spicy shit that’s combined with a resin that sticks to whatever you spray it to. Most pepper sprays have an orange dye in them to help mark who you’ve sprayed.

This way, if you spray someone and they run away, the police can easily locate them unless they’ve washed it off.

However, the assailant will feel the effects for hours after they wash it off. Once you spray someone with pepper spray, the effects take place anywhere from 3-10 seconds (depending on the impact location).

The best place to aim pepper spray is the eyes, nose, ears, or mouth.

If you hit one or all locations, your attacker will feel extreme irritation to the affected area, and most of the time they’ll lose motivation to continue the attack and give you the time needed to escape.

There are four basic types of delivery for pepper spray: stream (a straight line), cone (think hairspray, but more concentrated), fog (a large mist area, usually for crowd control), and foam/gel (think mousse).

I highly recommend using the stream or foam delivery method, because they have a higher chance of impacting only your designated target with a lower risk of cross-contamination on yourself.

Foam is a great delivery method if you spend most of your time indoors, because it will have minimal effect on ventilation indoors, but stream works the best for outdoor scenarios because the wind won’t affect it as much.

I highly recommend that once you get pepper spray, you spray it on a paper towel, and rub a light coat over your closed eyes, under your nose, on your tongue, and on a portion of your bare skin. You might be thinking, “Why would I do that to myself?”.

The answer is simple: it will give you a better understanding of what to expect if you accidentally get some on yourself if you have to use it on somebody. This way, you won’t freak out if it happens.

If you become contaminated with pepper spray, simply rinse it off with cold water and baby shampoo if you have some accessible. The baby shampoo has a mild affect on your eyes, and will soothe your skin faster than regular soap.

Do not use regular shampoo or soap in your eyes. If you don’t have baby shampoo, simply use just water. Make sure you wash your hair so that it does not run down your body; otherwise you will feel mild effects in more “sensitive” areas of your body.

The “SABRE 3-In-1 Pepper Spray” is an inexpensive ($5), small, lightweight, and very effective pepper spray that’s easily concealed. Due to this, it makes a great pepper spray for your EDC!

I don’t recommend relying on the clip attached to it, as people have complained that it’s not durable. However, the clip has nothing to do with what’s inside. This particular canister is a stream spray, making it a great option for your EDC arsenal.

SABRE Pepper Spray, with 100MPH Tape Securing the Trigger Mechanism
SABRE Pepper Spray, with 100MPH Tape Securing the Trigger Mechanism

The “SABRE Red Pepper Gel” is another great pepper spray that easily fits in your purse.

Although the name says, “home protection”, that doesn’t mean that it’s too big to have for your EDC. It simply means the gel is more popular for home defense due to the decreased cross-contamination risk. It features 17 bursts inside the canister that can reach up to 17 feet!

That’s an incredible distance for a gel delivered pepper spray.

Stun Gun

Stun guns are becoming increasingly popular amongst women for self-defense, and for a very good reason. These destructive little tools are incredibly devastating, and anyone who’s been on the receiving end on a quality stun gun will tell you the same thing.

Once you deploy a stun gun on somebody, their muscles will instantly “lock”, causing extreme pain and can cause incapacitation for a considerate amount of time.

Unlike the pepper spray, I would not recommend trying your stun gun out on yourself.

You can cause permanent burn marks on your skin, on top of running the risk of internal complications that could cause lasting negative effects on your body.

Don’t mess around with your friends with a stun gun, these things are nothing to play with.

Stun guns have a voltage that ranges from 30,000 volts to millions of volts. On average, it takes roughly 500,000 volts to render a large man unconscious.

However, due to everyone’s body being different, the voltage count will differ for each person. Due to this, I recommend using a higher voltage stun gun. Why risk it?

To use a stun gun, simply press the prongs firmly into your target and push the designated button to deploy an electric current either into their body, or through their skin (depending on how hard you press the prongs onto your target).

Due to stun guns being very simple to use, they are highly recommended for EDCs for women. The best area to use a stun gun against an attacker is the side of the neck.

If for some reason you are playing with your stun gun around your friends and you render one of them unconscious, simply let them rest for a few seconds.

After a few seconds have passed, gently sit them up, and tap them gently on their upper back with the palm of your hand.

Most of the time, this will wake a person up. Reassure them once they wake up that everything’s okay.

Waking up from unconsciousness can be confusing, and scary. If they don’t respond to this method, simply make a fist that you would use to knock on a door, and rub their sternum vertically. This will cause a lot of pain, waking up a more unconscious victim.

The “VIPERTEK VTS-989” is my most highly recommended stun gun for any EDC.

With a stunning (pun definitely intended) 19 million volts, this stun gun will surely incapacitate any attacker on the receiving end of an effective counter attack with it. The best part of the “VIPERTEK” stun gun is it only costs around $25!

The “MTW-825 CANN-KS” is a very effective stun gun/light combo. While it doesn’t have as much voltage as the “VIPERTEK” stun gun, it still has a powerful 7 million volts that are sure to incapacitate most assailants.

The great part about the “MTW” is that it looks like a normal flashlight at first glance, making it easy to conceal. It’s definitely affordable for your EDC.

Ultra-Bright Light

There are multiple reasons why you should have a bright light in your EDC, not only for the self-defense standpoint.

You should never rely on your cell phone light, as it barely reaches out five yards. What if you need to see down a dark corridor or down the path to your car through a low-lit area?

80 lumens can cause temporary blindness in a dark area, and 200 lumens can in daylight conditions.

However, I would shoot for a light with over 300 lumens just to play it safe.

If you don’t have means to an accessible tool for self-defense, or your work doesn’t allow you to carry weapons inside, an ultra-bright light can be your solution for self-defense in your EDC.

If someone poses a threat, and you shine that bright light into their eyes, you give yourself a great chance of buying enough time to escape your assailant while they recover from temporary blindness and disorientation.

While we’re on the topic of these lights, I prefer the flashlights with ridges along the lens, this way you can bash the attacker in the face after you’ve temporarily blinded them for added effect.

I highly recommend the “EagleTac T25C2 XP-L HI LED” flashlight for self-defense, because of its incredible durability, along with a high lumen count.

Boasting 1,250 lumens, the “EagleTac” flashlight will easily cause temporary blindness in most assailants. On top of the high lumen count, it has ridges along the lens, so you can cause significant injuries to the face of your opponent should you feel the need.

While the “EagleTac” is slightly on the more expensive side ($60), the price is well worth the quality.

Disclosure: This post has links to 3rd party websites, so I may get a commission if you buy through those links. Survival Sullivan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. See my full disclosure for more.

Another self-defense EDC flashlight I recommend if you’re on more of a budget is the “Maglite Mag-Tac LED 2-Cell CR123”.

The “Maglite” can easily find its way into your EDC. Although it has a significantly less lumen count than the “EagleTac” light (320 lumens), it still is effective.

Another great feature with the “Maglite” is the strobe feature. Strobe lights are great for disorienting attackers, because it bombards them with multiple bright lights in a row. This gives you a great chance at opening up an opportunity to escape.

woman wearing a neck knife
Woman wearing a neck knife. Wear it tip up to quickly draw it from its sheath in a pinch.


This category should be self-explanatory for any EDC list; however, they are more overlooked than you might think.

The best part about having knives in your EDC for self-defense or other reasons is you really don’t need to spend a lot of money for a quality knife.

Most people look for the most expensive, brand-name knives because that’s all they know for quality. This is a myth; however, you do need to spend slightly more than bottom-dollar knives if you want reliability.

closed and sheathed folding knives
closed and sheathed folding knives

Before we get into brands, you need to know the three effective spots to effectively engage an attacker with a knife.

Disclaimer: some details in this description can be disturbing for some readers. However, to prepare for the worst, you need to hear the worst.

When it comes to knives, I recommend Smith & Wesson. While they’re more expensive than other brands, I find that they are the best quality for an affordable price.

The “Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S Folding Knife” is an outstanding knife for an EDC at a great price. It features a very sharp high carbon stainless steel partially serrated blade, making it (in my opinion) a great choice for your EDC knife.

Another knife that I’ve grown to love is the “Smith & Wesson Military and Police SWMP11B Folding Knife”, simply due to the seatbelt cutter along the butt-end of the knife.

While it does not boast a serrated blade, it is still well-known for retaining a sharp edge. It is highly affordable for your EDC needs.

folding knife clipped to girl's jeans back pocket
folding knife clipped to girl’s jeans back pocket


This category is also a “no brainer” when it comes to an EDC list. There are some stipulations when it comes to handguns, however.

You need to make sure you follow your local and state laws; otherwise your EDC can cause you a lot of legal trouble.

Make sure you research your state laws regarding handguns. Most states require a concealed carry permit to carry a handgun with a magazine loaded into it.

Getting a concealed carry permit is not difficult if you have the time, and money to spend on the required classes.

Another stipulation is your criminal history. If you have a lot of prior run-ins with the law, or any felonies, you can almost guarantee your chances of getting a concealed carry permit goodbye.

For the readers who know my style, I’m very picky when it comes to guns. This is a great benefit to you, because you can rest assured that my handgun advice is trustworthy, and factual.

If you are going to carry a handgun in your EDC, I highly recommend you practice your shooting techniques at a gun range at least once every month or two months to keep your skills fresh. Shooting a handgun requires much more skill than just “point and shoot”.

The best EDC handgun in my opinion is easily the “Glock 43” 9x19mm paired with “Federal HST 124-Grain” jacketed hollow point.

For those of you who say “9mm is a small round and won’t do anything to anyone”, I have only one thing to say to you: let me have one shot at you from 20m with a jacketed 9x19mm hollow point, and see if you still say that.

The Glock 43 is an outstanding compact semi-auto handgun that costs on average $450. While the magazine has only a six-round capacity, it’s sure to stop most attackers in their tracks once the rounds start flying.

Another outstanding EDC handgun if you’re not a fan of Glocks, is the “Smith & Wesson M&P .40 Shield”. The Shield is a great handgun for EDC due to its small size, and light weight. With the magazine size being the same as the “Glock 43”, it’s still enough to win the fight with most assailants.

With an average price the same as the “Glock 43” ($450), it’s still in the affordable range as far as handguns are concerned.

I recommend using “180-grain Winchester Jacketed Hollow Point” ammunition. I prefer jacketed hollow points due to their increased spread upon impact, creating a much larger area of damage compared to their bonded hollow point counter points.

Glass-Breaker Pen

This is a very overlooked tool when it comes to most EDC items, and it really shouldn’t be. Glass-breaker pens are very useful in various situations, whether you’ve been in a car crash, or if you’ve been kidnapped and need a quick escape.

Another use for these pens is a quick, yet effective self-defense tool against assailants. If you jab the breaker point into your assailant’s eye, you will cause extreme injury to them, giving you the chance to escape.

Glass-breaker pens are given their name because they are built to do exactly what they’re called, break glass very easily.

All you need to do is strike a glass surface directly with the sharp point of the pen, and most glass will shatter instantly with the first hit. Sometimes, however, it can take more than one hit.

My most highly recommended brand for this category is the Uzi Tactical Titanium Coated Pen. This tool has a working pen on one side, and a glass breaking tool on the other side.

I personally used to carry one of these in my EDC, and I loved it. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it in a real-world scenario. However, I have tested it, and it worked beautifully. Costing on average $20, this tool is very affordable for your EDC.


Watches are a very important part of your EDC, because if you need to follow a timeline for any reason, you can’t count on your phone battery for everything.

Most watches are highly inexpensive, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for a watch unless you want to be fashionable. Personally, I prefer water-resistant watches from “Wal Mart” because they’re inexpensive, and easily replaceable if I lose or break them.

Gauze and Medical Tape

I highly recommend having gauze and medical tape in your purse, because of various reasons.

The biggest reason, is because what if you escape your potential attacker, but only after he/she managed to get a shot off and hit you or stabbed you?

Now, you’re running away from the threat while you’re bleeding. You can’t just run 10 feet and sit down while you call 911 and expect your attacker to show you mercy, right?

Reach into your purse, grab your gauze, stuff as much of it into the wound as possible, and layer tape over it to secure it.

This will reduce the blood you lose and give you a better chance at covering more distance until help can arrive to further assist you.

You can find gauze and medical tape very easily at most pharmaceutical stores like “CVS”, or “Walgreens”.

Miscellaneous EDC Items

Not everything in your EDC should be geared towards self-defense, however. There are many great items that every woman should have readily available in case of an emergency.

Although there are many items in the following list, that doesn’t mean you must carry every item every day. It’s simply meant to give you an idea of what items you should look at if you want to beef up your EDC.

Let’s face it, most of you have purses, which have great amounts of space in them for small EDC items that you could one day find useful!


Yes, I went there. You might be thinking “No kidding, Sherlock”, but I’m really serious.

I’m not putting these on the list solely for “that time of the month”. No, there are so many situations in which tampons could be used for.

Think about it, tampons are great for absorbing liquid. Most tampons are small enough to fit in a gunshot wound.

If you’re not too keen on carrying around gauze and medical tape like I stated before, tampons are another great item that could be used at your disposal to help reduce blood loss after you’ve been shot.

Another great use for tampons is fire starting. Most tampons are very flammable, making them excellent fire starters. If you find yourself stranded in the wilderness, or simply need to start a fire for warmth, just take a tampon out of your purse and light it.

If you’re in mostly dry conditions, the tampon will quickly catch on fire. Make sure you have a good base of wood, because the tampon will only burn for 30 seconds to one minute.


Some of you might be smokers, so this item will be on you at all times anyways. However, for those of you who aren’t, I would recommend having at least one. Not only are they used to start fires in emergency situations, they have multiple other uses as well.

If you have a loose string hanging off of your clothes, you can use your lighter to burn it off (not on white clothing). Who knows, somebody might just ask you to use your lighter to light a cigarette. What’s wrong with helping a stranger?

Paper and a Pen

Most people overlook these items, because they have a phone that they can use to store information in.

As a prepper, you should never heavily rely on electronics. Not only can these items be used to take notes if need be, you can also leave a note for somebody that might be looking for you in case of an emergency.

Another use for a pen/paper is writing information down and handing it to someone in case they need directions or other information without having to give them your number.

Dental Floss

I’m not talking about using floss for the sole purpose of getting food out of your teeth. There are many great uses for dental floss.

Some of those purposes include: emergency shoe laces, sewing, tying hair back, and much more! I highly recommend including dental floss in your EDC, you never know what you might need it for!

first aid kit items inside an Altoids tin
First aid kit items inside an Altoids tin. This wont’ take up much space even in smaller spaces.

Small First Aid Kit

You should always have some medicine on standby in case you, or somebody else need some.

Some meds I would include in your kit include:

  • migraine medicine,
  • Benadryl,
  • Neosporin,
  • caffeine pills (to stay awake while driving long distances),
  • sleeping pills (for yourself, or to sedate a kidnapper),
  • heart burn medication, and whatever else you might think of for your (or your family’s) specific needs!

If you’re around a diabetic, I highly recommend having glucose pills with you as well.

This way, in case they have a low blood sugar episode, you are right there ready to help them. It’s too easy to give a simple pill to somebody who has low blood sugar, and it could save their life!

Emergency Money

I’m not talking money in a little compartment in your wallet separate from your other money. Most women refer to this little “stash” as “bra-money”. Emergency money is not to be used as coffee money in a pinch, but for legitimate emergencies.

There are many circumstances that could arise where you need to use your emergency stash like taxis, food, or water. I recommend keeping $20-$40 in your emergency stash in case you run out of your primary source, or it’s stolen.


This wonderful invention has so many great uses! My favorite use for superglue is sealing up small wounds. Make sure you get non-toxic superglue, so you don’t cause yourself or others more harm than good.

To use it, simply squeeze together the skin where the wound is, and apply the superglue while blowing on it gently. This will accelerate the drying time, and will hold well even around moisture.

On top of closing wounds, you can use superglue to repair most minor breaks such as glasses, watch bands, etc.

Baby Wipes

As an Infantryman, I know very well that these bad boys are so incredibly useful. Their uses range from emergency toilet paper, to basic hygiene.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t access a shower to keep yourself clean, simply use some baby wipes on the major areas of your body that accumulate the most moisture (armpits, chest, feet, and groin area). In public bathrooms, germs are everywhere.

Baby wipes are great for a quick clean on the toilet seat, so you don’t risk contracting skin diseases while you use it. Keep in mind, however, that baby wipes don’t kill every disease and germ. Although, they’re better than using nothing.

four open multi-tools
multi-tools with a variety of knives, screws, pliers, spoons, and mini-screwdrivers


It says it right in the word, “multi”. There are so many uses for multitools, that you really can’t justify not having one in your EDC. I love the brand “Gerber”.

I have used them my entire time in the military, with honestly no complaints. The “Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier” multitool is a great fit for a woman’s EDC, because it’s compact, and it has a plethora of tools at your disposal.

The “Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier” multitool comes with 12 tools including wire cutter and a saw.

Another great feature of this multitool is the lanyard hole. This way, you can have a string tied to it, sticking out of your purse or purse pocket for easy access to it.

Each side of tools comes with a locking mechanism that locks whatever tool you expand in place, so it doesn’t move around while you’re using it.

Probably my favorite and handiest of the multi-tools, and one of the most practical, is the classic Swiss Army knife, or SAK.

Swiss army knife
a Swiss army knife

These little things are the picture of elegance and simplicity, and compared to the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink models of our era, these have everything a girl on the go is likely to need, and nothing they don’t. 

Small, razor sharp knife, scissors, screwdriver, nail file, tweezers, toothpick and maybe, maybe a key ring.

So if you need to:

  • give a broken nail a tune-up,
  • make sure you don’t have any food stuck in your teeth, open a package,
  • tighten a tiny screw on your sunglasses or prescription lenses,
  • or any of the other innumerable daily chores that invariably come your way

… then this little wonder knife can do it and will add a scarce ounce to your purse.

It isn’t the biggest, or the most heavy duty, and it is one you probably aren’t going to conquer the wilderness with, but it will definitely help you conquer your commute and your day to day errands.


One of my all-time favorite EDC items that comes in handy time and time again is the humble bandana.

Sure, you might use your bandana as a fashion accessory, something to hold your hair up or as a sweatband in times of trouble but it can do so much more for you. 

You can use a bandana as a bandage in a desperate situation, a bundle to hold small items or parts, for extra padding, as emergency toilet paper, something to signal with, a blindfold, a filter for water, a rag and is so much more. It is difficult to list just how many different uses a piece of sturdy cloth has when you need it. 

This is one of those things you’ll always be glad you have and it will add just a gram or two to your overall load. I can make a great case for keeping two in your purse just in case.

When all other options fail, your bandana I can probably get it done and the place of other, purpose designed gear.

Duct Tape

Duct tape! Duct tape is one of those things that all preppers love, but even if you aren’t super serious about carrying vital survival gear, just in case, you can make a great case for carrying a small roll of duct tape.

Duct tape is so strong and so sticky it can be used to repair or improvise just about anything you can think of.

Sole of your shoe falling off? Duct tape can hold it on. I can also hold on a fender or a car bumper after you get into a minor collision.

Duct tape can be used to remove splinters, for a variety of first aid purposes and to ease the pain of a blister that is getting worse and worse.

sticking duct tape to soles of feet to protect from blisters
sticking duct tape to soles of feet to protect from blisters

You’ve probably heard all the jokes about this stuff before, so I will spare you the worst ones. But do keep in mind that it wouldn’t be such a meme worthy item if it didn’t actually deserve the reputation.

Now, you don’t need to carry a giant, bulky and heavy roll of duct tape in your purse.

You can unroll the duct tape and wrap it around something else you are carrying like a flashlight or even your lighter mentioned above.

A few feet won’t take up hardly any room and weighs next to nothing, and it will save your bacon when you are facing an unexpected emergency.

Disposable Gloves

It seems like a small thing, and it is, but having a set of durable nitrile gloves in your purse can save you a ton of grief when the time comes to handle something hazardous, sticky or downright nasty.

Whatever the case and whatever the situation, keeping that stuff off your hands and ready to go easily into the nearest waste receptacle is going to let you breathe a sigh of relief.

Also, gloves of this type are a natural accompaniment to a first aid kit. Keeping body fluids, blood particularly, off of your hands and subsequently off of the rest of your body is important. Blood borne pathogens are not a joke y’all! 

Make sure you get a size that will fit you properly and accommodate your nails if you wear them long. Also, choose blue or purple, not black.

Black gloves make it very difficult to discern what color and type of fluid is on your hands, and this is exacerbated drastically in conditions of low light.

If you have appropriate first aid skills to attempt a medical intervention on yourself or someone else, feeling for a bleeding wound and being able to verify it is important, and black gloves won’t let you do that.

Special Considerations

Don’t keep all of your EDC items in one location (like your purse), especially your self-defense items. What if your attacker grabs your purse from you first? Then, you’re out of luck. Make sure you have at least one form of self-defense on you at all times.

With that being said, don’t spread your items out too much (a knife in your boot, tac pen in your bra, gun in your purse), because it can be hard to access items quickly if you need to reach into 30 different places in a matter of minutes.

Have three or four localized areas where you will keep items, including your purse.

If you carry a handgun, make sure you have a spare magazine. In high-intensity situations, it’s not uncommon to miss a few rounds when you’re fighting for your life.

Since most concealable handguns have a small magazine capacity, try to have more than one in case you need to reload (if you have the opportunity).

Remember, two is one and one is none. The more spare items you have, the better. However, don’t weigh yourself down with 100lbs of gear in your EDC. Simply have a spare of the essentials in case the original is rendered useless.

For example, have a knife in your purse, and on you. This way, you have more than one option to acquire a self-defense tool if you need it.

Make sure your phone has a case, and a screen protector. This way your phone isn’t rendered useless in a struggle, so you can call the proper authorities once you get distance between you and your attacker.

While we’re on the subject of cell phones, try to have authorities on speed dial, or have a plan to be able to quickly get ahold of them so you’re not digging through apps trying to get to your dial pad.

Time To Assemble Your EDC Kit!

As women, you have a great advantage when it comes to EDC items. You have a great way to carry more items, your purse. You can never be too prepared, so make sure you don’t neglect basic items that could prove to be useful when you need them most!

You don’t have to be easy targets for criminals. Prepare yourselves, and get a solid EDC plan together.

While there are hundreds of different combinations of EDC items that you could choose from, I narrowed the list down to some essentials for you to pick and choose from.

If you have any additions to this list, please feel free to leave a comment below. I don’t have a crystal ball, and I’m not perfect. I love hearing what my readers have to say for input. You can never stop learning!

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  1. Good article!
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  2. A ball point pen can be used as a weapon too. You can use it to stab an eye, ear, throat or under the arm. Almost everyone carries one.

    I learned this many years ago and always keep a pen in my purse in easy reach.

    In some states, it’s illegal to carry a knife. Sad, but true.

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