I’m an active-duty infantryman with the U.S. Army, and I’ve served a combined-service of over 5 years. Throughout my career, I’ve learned various survival techniques, as well as self-defense techniques. I specialize in weapons, long-range reconnaissance, distance shooting, and long-term isolation survival. I’m a very conservative, very “to the point” kind of person.

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Gunshot Wound Survival

You’ve spent countless hours on the gun range, preparing to defend yourself or your family should the time come. Your grouping has greatly improved, and you’re becoming much more accurate with every squeeze of the trigger. You think you’re completely set, should you ever get in a firefight. There’s only one problem though, you haven’t …

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Vehicle Camouflage for Preppers

Throughout my time writing for Survival Sullivan, I’ve gotten many requests by fellow preppers to cover an important subject when it comes to bugging out: vehicle camouflage. While camouflaging your vehicle isn’t easy, it is possible with the right amount of patience and materials. Why camouflage your vehicle? The answer is simple; vehicles have very …

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