21 Best Military Watches to Make you Look Tacticool

I’ve always been more of a knife guy than a watch guy but in recent months I’ve started looking at survival watches and other bits of EDC-related gear as I get further and further down the proverbial rabbit hole.

With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to look at the best military-style watches to make you tacticool and took to Amazon.

Let’s get into it.

Budget Watches

Okay so to start off we’re going to look at some budget watches. Now, the term ‘budget’ will vary from person to person but in general we’re looking at watches that are affordable to the average Joe.

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1. Casio G-Shock GA100-1A1

You can’t talk about military watches without bringing up the Casio G-Shock series; especially when talking about budget-friendly watches – which is why they’re so popular.

Unfortunately, there are so many in the G-Shock family that it would be impossible to talk about all of them, but I got a few good ones for this list; starting with the GA100-1A1.

Stylish and functional the GA100-1A1 is water resistant to 200m (660ft) and has a range of functions including both an analog and digital watch face with a backlight.

Other than that, you’ve got all the usual bells and whistles that come with a G-Shock: stopwatch, alarms, and, of course, a tough design that you can beat the heck out of.

All that said, this one can be a bit harder to read and the backlight doesn’t light up the digital portion of the watch. It’s not a serious problem – unless, of course, you don’t know how to read an analog watch.

If this sounds like the watch for you, it can be purchased here.

2. Casio G-Shock GD100-1BCR

The GD100-1BCR is cool and functional – like the other members of the G-Shock family. You have access to five different alarms and two formats (12 and 24 hours respectively).

Shock resistant and water resistant up to 200m. The backlight is nice and bright making reading the time in the dark a breeze.

It’s also nice and durable so you can beat it up without much trouble – except maybe to your conscience – and it’s quite easy to work with; especially if you’ve owned other G-Shocks.

Grab this one here.

3. Casio G-Shock 6900 Military

The 6900 is water resistant up to 200m and has a backlight that you can use to check the time in the dark.

You can use either a 12- or 24-hour time format and the quartz movement keeps time with an accuracy of rough fifteen seconds. There are multiple alarms that you can use.

Get yours here.

4. Megalith Quartz Chronograph

This one is a great watch for the price. It looks good and is quite durable – assuming you don’t do things you’re not supposed to do while wearing it, of course.

It’s water resistant to 30m and the strap can be easily replaced if needed. All that said, the digital face is hard to read, and the time is a bit off at times but overall, this is a good budget-friendly watch.

You can pick one up here.

5. Lige Stainless Steel Quartz Wristwatch

This entry from Lige is made of stainless steel and water resistant to 30m. The quartz movement maintains accurate timekeeping and the battery has a 3-year service plan.

The watch’s construction is both comfortable and durable making it suitable for most activities/situations.

6. Mini Focus Sports Watch

So, first off; this is a nice watch for the price. The broad silicone band is strong and comfortable, and the face is large and easy to read.

It is NOT waterproof, but it can handle light exposure to water (i.e. a bit of rain). There are multiple color options, and the watch is very sturdily built.

Overall, you can’t go wrong. Grab this one here.

7. NaviForce Men’s Digital Watch

This one from NaviForce has big, easy-to-use buttons and a crown (the piece used for setting the analog time).

The watch face has both an analog and a digital display as well as day and date windows. The durable stainless-steel construction is reliable and comfortable and it’s a great watch for its price.

Get it here.

8. Timex Expedition Scout

The Timex Expedition is a popular line of watches and the Scout is one of the most popular members of the Expedition family. There are so many variations of this one that you can pick and choose which one you want.

It’s a simple design and probably not what you think of when you think of military watches but it’s a cool piece.

It’s water resistant up to 50 meters and the 20 mm strap can be adjusted for a wrist of up to 8 inches.

Pick one up for yourself by clicking here.

9. Timex Command Digital

Is it just me or does this one look like something out of an 80s action movie? Anyways, the Timex Command is a digital watch which blends a sturdy, shock-resistant construction with a comfortable and stylish fit.

In addition to a 100-hour chronograph, the Command offers daily, weekday, and weekend alarms (either vibration or audible) and displays the time zones of 64 major urban areas around the world.

The dial lights up to show you the time in the dark and the watch is water resistant to 330ft.

I’d definitely recommend getting this one, you can do here.

10. Seiko 5 (SNK805)

Right off the bat, let me say that there are other versions of this one in black, cream, and blue so if you’re not a fan of green, but you want a Seiko 5…there you go.

Now, I will admit this isn’t quite what I thought I’d find I looked up military watches on Amazon but it’s a cool piece just the same.

It’s an analog piece with two faces – the usual 1 – 12 on the inside and then the 5-minute intervals on the outside. The Seiko 5 is water resistant up to 30m (99ft).

Overall, this is a good watch and if you’d like one for yourself, you can get it here.

11. Fossil Machine Chronograph

Fossil is another great watch company, and the machine chronograph is water resistant up to 50m (165ft). The watch bands are interchangeable and there are other watches in the machine series so you can pick your poison and find one that you like.

This one is cool and classy, and you can get one for yourself here.

12. SUUNTO Core

A watch with an altimeter, barometer and compass? Okay, why not? The barometer and storm alarm alerts you about changes in weather conditions.

The watch is built for the outdoors and records each session that you do. As far as cool factor goes, you can’t get much cooler.

You can get this one here.

13. Victorinox Swiss Army Original 249087 XL

Victorinox isn’t a name that springs to mind when you think watches. The company known for the Swiss Army Knife has also earned a few entries on the list but let’s start with this one.

The Original XL has a 42mm case with a mineral dial and 12/24-hour timekeeping. The band is woven nylon, and the buckle allows for a secure, comfortable fit. It’s water resistant up to 100m.

There are three color ways: Red band around a cream dial, black band around a cream dial, and black band around a black dial.

Personally, I like the red around the cream dial the most just because it’s the most unique thing I’ve seen when it comes to watches.

These are particularly good watches, and you won’t recommend purchasing one! Get it here.

Premium Watches

Generally-speaking, a budget watch would fall between 20 and 200 dollars – maybe 250. Once you hit the $300 mark, you’re getting serious about watches and going for the higher-grade materials.

14. Victorinox Swiss Army Maverick

The Swiss Army Maverick is a beauty. It’s an analog quartz watch with a unidirectional rotating bezel in a stainless-steel case.

It’s got three coats of anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the face, an end-of-life indicator and a screw-in case.

This is one of those watches that I’d imagine on the wrist of a navy admiral or commandant; it’s functional and has a cool factor to it that’s bold without beating you over the head with its coolness.

Get this one here.

15. Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Pro Diver

Much like our previous entry, the Maverick, this one has a unidirectional rotating bezel. Its strap is expandable, and the watch is water resistant up to 200m.

The I.N.O.X. Pro Diver uses military (24-hour) time and comes with a removable magnifying glass, scratch resistant and anti-reflective surface. It’s also just a cool piece and this would be a real conversation starter at parties.

If you’d like one for yourself, you can get one here.

16. Marathon Tsar Diver

The Marathon Tsar is a commonly recommended watch when it comes to military watches. This one is made in Switzerland and built to government specifications and used by military personnel.

It’s made for search and rescue missions at sea and as such is water resistant to 1000ft (300m).

There are tritium gas tubes which glow in the dark and the quartz movement allows for a high level of accuracy and there’s an indicator which will tell you when the battery is about to die.

This is a pricey watch, that’s for sure; it’s an investment in gear. If you’d like to make that investment, pick one up for yourself here.

17. Garmin Tactix Delta Solar

Garmin is known for rugged, good quality products; the Tactix Delta Solar is no exception.

The watch is pre-loaded with topographical maps of over 2000 ski resorts worldwide, can connect to Bluetooth devices, and uses a solar charging screen to extend your watch’s battery life.

On top of that, the setup is easy, and the display is bright and easy to read. It’s also just a tough, ruggedly built piece of equipment and it’s worth the price.

You can get one for yourself here.

18. Laco Type B Dial Miyota Automatic Pilot Watch

This German-made watch is based on an original WWII pilot watch. The stainless steel, 42mm case is durable and the black dial glows in the dark. The leather strap is nice and comfortable and gives the watch a classic look.

If you’re into classic watches, this is one for you. You can get this one here.

19. Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

The Hamilton Khaki Field watch was advertised in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and uses a durable scratch resistant 42mm case.

It fits well, is water resistant up to 100m, and can take a beating. It costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth the money.

You can get one here.

20. Bulova Archive Series: Military 96A245

Another classic-looking watch, the Military 96A245 has a durable stainless-steel construction with a comfortable leather strap and luminous hands for reading the time in the dark.

There are also two rotating bezels for keeping accurate time. If you’re a pilot looking for a classic watch, here you go. You can get this one here.

21. Luminox 3001 Navy Seal Dive Watch

Okay, so the 3001 Navy Seal Dive from Luminox has a carbon-reinforced 43mm plastic case and a rotating bezel.

The silicone/rubber strap is comfortable and secure, and the quartz movement is very precise, allowing for accurate timekeeping. The watch is also water resistant up to 200m.

This thing looks like something out of an action movie, and I love it! If this is something that would interest you, check it out here.

In Closing

That’s it, that’s my list of military watches that can make you tacticool! I hope you guys enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Some of these are actual military watches used by the armed forces and some are just styled to look like they’re military watches.

Either way, these will make for interesting conversation starters and you’ll certainly feel cool wearing them.

Thanks, as always for reading and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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