The Top 12 Reliable Butane Stoves

Camping stoves are a tradition amongst outdoor enthusiasts. The classic one-burner stove has made its way into the memories of anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

2-burner Coleman propane camping stove
A 2-burner Coleman propane camping stove.

Preppers looking for alternatives in case of an emergency can find utility and reliability in uncertain times and can find their solace in one of these stoves.

Butane canister stoves have been used widely for a long time. Fuel is widely available and is convenient enough to have a stocked supply that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The same can be said for carrying a few butane canisters with you on a camping trip as they are easily packed away in your bag.

If you’re new to the butane stove scene or are just interested in some of the best butane stove products, this is the guide for you.

Why I choose butane stove as my main cooking source/ Van life cooking stove options

What To Look For In A Butane Stove?

Here are some tips to help you figure out what butane stove will work best for you.

No two stoves are built alike and as long as you understand a need versus a gimmick, the search for your stove will be simple.

Safety Features

A butane stove that has no safety features shouldn’t be purchased. As with any type of stove, there is the potential for danger, even when you’re careful.

Butane in a can is under a lot of pressure and if anything were to malfunction, it could mean an explosion.

An automatic shut-off feature is necessary and is present on almost every butane stove.

Once there is a pressure issue with the canister, the stove will immediately shut off. This is great if you’ve somehow inserted the canister incorrectly and some of the gas leaks out.

If you can find it, having an auto-shutoff feature for accidental knocking is also a plus. This stops the stove from working if it’s accidentally kicked or knocked off a surface.

Ignition locks are another good feature to have. For those who leave their canisters in their stove while storing (which you shouldn’t do), this can save you a lot of fuel and your life.

These locks are in place so that you have to do a specific action to start the stove or prime the gas.

Some butane stoves include what’s called an auto exit feature. Whenever the stove is turned off it’ll automatically eject the butane canister so that there is no chance of it starting up again and potentially causing a fire or incident with anyone near it.

Build Quality

How your butane stove is designed and what materials were used in its construction are important for a couple of reasons.

The first is that the materials made will determine how heavy your stove is and that is important because it makes you decide what you’re going to use that stove for.

Going backcountry camping? A heavier stove can be a pain in the butt if you’re doing a long hike. A lighter stove means less weight on the trail, and ounces do matter when hiking.

This might mean you have a little less power in terms of BTU, but you’re probably not cooking gourmet meals on a hiking trip.

If you’re into car camping or living out of your vehicle, then a larger stove might be the right choice for you since they often have additional safety features included in them.

Most stoves have an enamel coating over either steel or aluminum.

The enamel is there to help with cleaning the stove and staving off the rust that may accumulate over the years. Aluminum is lightweight but steel is more durable.


Power for a butane stove is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) and is an indication of how much heat a butane stove will push out. Lower-end stoves will reach about the 7000 BTU mark and higher-end stoves can be more than 10,000 BTU.

This doesn’t matter if you are just boiling water for dehydrated meals or having coffee and tea. However, if you’re looking to cook some fancy meals, stick with the higher BTU.

The nice thing about most stoves is that they have an adjustment knob to help you regulate the heat so you don’t scorch your food.

There are a lot of butane stove models that come with an adjustable flame.

Not only will that give you the variable temperature for various kinds of cooking, but adds to the fuel efficiency of the stove itself.

Quality of Life Features

Innovation is a key to the technological evolution of a product and most either revamp a current way of thinking or enhance what is already there to add functionality.

Butane stoves have come a long way and some brands have introduced cool features for their stoves.

Dual fuel-burning stoves are a cool feature that opens up the versatility of butane stoves. The first fuel is, of course, butane, but the secondary fuel source is propane.

Both are readily available fuels and you’re bound to find one of them. Having propane as a fuel option is nice because you can get larger tanks that can last you far longer than the little butane canisters.

Windscreens are another feature that can provide functionality in a situation where the stove may not work. Some stoves include a windscreen that acts to block the wind from blowing out the stove.

Companies can accomplish this by adding a ridge, or lip to their burners while others have the burner itself recessed into the housing.

The 12 Best Butane Stoves On The Market

Gas One Portable stove - Best portable stove review

Gas ONE 7650 BTU Portable Butane Gas Stove

Lightweight for the sizeWeak BTU rating compared to other models
Auto shutoff
Comes with a carry case

Gas ONE is a company known for reliability. This stove is lightweight at just over 3lbs and is a great backup in an emergency.

It pumps out 7650 BTU/hr which makes it great for cooking smaller meals. An added carry case is included for easy transportation. It has a steel drip pan for any messes caused by cooking.

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Check out the Gas ONE 7650 BTU Portable Butane Gas Stove


Chef-Master Butane Countertop Stove

Fuel efficientThe flame adjustment knob is sensitive
Electric ignition
High BTU Output

This butane stove has a high output of 12,000 BTU/hr while being fuel-efficient. This makes it ideal for camping trips with meals that need more cooking time.

There are a variety of intensity adjustments for the burner, with some people saying it may be too touchy. It doesn’t come with legs for it to sit on so you will have to prop it up on something.

Check out the Chef-Master Butane Countertop Stove

Coleman Butane Stove Review and Demo

Coleman Single Burner Portable Butane Stove

Wind baffle included1.5 hours of runtime on a canister
Rust-free aluminum
Simple to use

The Coleman single burner stove is a classic camping staple. With no-frills, it’s designed to just heat things and do some light cooking.

This model has been tested for decades and has an extremely long life thanks to the aluminum frame and porcelain-coated grate. If you’re looking for tried and tested reliability, this stove is for you.

Check out the Coleman Single Burner Portable Butane Stove

Camping Stove Review, Gas One GS-800

GasOne Emergency Gear Camping Mini Butane Portable Gas Stove

Lightweight and portableTo small to keep butane canister in the unit for storage
Porcelain drip pan for easy cleanup
No matches or lighter needed for startup

GasOne made this stove for easy portability which means that it is light, just over 2lbs. It’s on the list because of the portability factor and reliability in emergencies.

It has a low heat output of around 7100 BTU which is a testament to its size.

If you need to make dinner or boil water in a pinch, then a unit like this is beneficial. If you’re cooking heavy meals that require a lot of heat there are better options.

Check out the GasOne Emergency Gear Camping Mini Butane Portable Gas Stove

Martin Outdoor Heavy Duty Portable Butane Stove

8000 BTU of heat outputA little heavy at just over 5lbs
Adjustable fire settingsCarry case can break with the wrong fall
Windscreen built-in

This is a versatile butane stove that can handle small and large cooking tasks.

The key takeaways from this unit are that it’s powerful, can be adjusted based on what you’re cooking, and is good in inclement weather.

The Martin Outdoor butane stove has what they call an air cooling design and windscreen to protect your flame from going out.

Safety features include an auto-shutoff mechanism if there is too much pressure from the canister.

Check out the Martin Outdoor Heavy Duty Portable Butane Stove

Gear Review - GasOne GS-8300 1 Burner Foldable Butane Compact Camping Stove 8,000 BTU

GasOne GS-8300 Compact Butane Camp Stove

A unique, compact designThe flame is exposed to the elements
High BTU output for its size
No spark needed, auto ignition

Probably needless to say, this is a cool stove. It folds out from a really small form factor and it only weighs 32 ounces or 2lbs.

It features a steady support system that feels comfortable when you put a pot on it. This stove is made for the camper who wants to do some traveling but doesn’t need a bulky stove.

Check out the GasOne GS-8300 Compact Butane Camp Stove

IWATANI CB-SS-50 Tatsujin Slim III Cassette Fuel Portable Gas Stove | Tungku Dapur Gas Mini Panggang

Iwatani Cassette Grill Slim II

Slim designStill a bit heavy at over 3lbs
70 minutes of continuous burning time

iWatani is a Japanese-based company that makes camping stoves. They’ve gotten a foothold in North America with their butane stoves gaining popularity because of how slim they are.

The Slim II provides a modest amount of power, ample enough to boil some water. If you’re looking for a reliable stove that can be carried with you into the backcountry.

Check out the Iwatani Cassette Grill Slim II

Camping - Prepping - Overland : Camplux Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Camplux Dual Fuel (Propane & Butane) Portable Camping Stove

Dual-fuel capabilityButane canisters can be tricky to lock-in
Easy to maintain
CSA certified

Camplux makes a butane/propane stove which is a great feature to have in a portable stove. This means you have the option of using both propane and butane to use it.

It’s a gamechanger in the sense that if you can’t find one fuel, you have the option of using the other.

This kind of stove is ideal for people who travel a lot or don’t want to carry butane canisters with them everywhere.

Shine star Dual fuel stove review

SHINESTAR Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Dual fuel capabilitiesA little heavy at over 4lbs
Includes propane regulator hose
Stable build quality

Another dual fuel stove for those who want more choice. Shinestar claims you can get 10,000 starts with the automatic ignition feature which is a plus.

You can also boil 4 cups of water in about 5 minutes using this 7800 BTU stove. Safety features include safety shutoffs, a canister ejector, and a safety lock for accidental use.

Check out the SHINESTAR Dual Fuel Camping Stove

Cooking with CanCooker │Burgers on the Conversion Grill | Episode 2

CanCooker Portable Stove

Quiet operationThe case is a bit small for stove and propane hose
Steel alloy build
8,000 BTU Butane
10,000 BTU Propane

CanCooker has created a quiet stove, considering the BTUs they pump out. Having a steel build makes the burner durable, but also heavy.

If you are into truck camping this is a great option to use on your tailgate. The electric ignition ensures that you can always start it, even without a match or lighter.

Check out the CanCooker Portable Stove

Suntouch Portable Gas Stove ST-30000 with Ceramic Burner Head

Suntouch Portable Gas Stove

Budget-friendlyLoading the butane canister can be tricky
Windshield built-in
The stove ejects the canister after the stove is turned off

An inexpensive option that provides some features that expensive stoves don’t include. An auto exit feature for the canister once the stove is off is not seen in many other stoves.

A built-in windshield increases fuel efficiency by protecting the flame from wind. If you’re looking for something that works well and won’t break the bank, check this one out.

Check out the Suntouch Portable Gas Stove

Butane Gas Stove Review - Gas One Brand

GAS ONE 10,000 BTU Portable Butane Gas Stove

10,000 BTU outputAn expensive unit compared to others
Small form factor for portability
Adjustable flame

If you want a powerhouse single-burner stove, look no further. One of the highest ratings on a butane stove out there, 10,000 BTUs will make cooking and boiling tasks easy.

It is only 13 inches at its longest point and 12 inches across making this a great stove to use off-grid or packed in your truck.

Check out the GAS ONE 10,000 BTU Portable Butane Gas Stove

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Butane Stoves Safe To Use Indoors?

Butane stoves always put off a little carbon monoxide. It is unavoidable even if you have optimal ventilation.

Since the carbon monoxide levels from the stove are considered to be quite low, using them indoors in an emergency should be fine for your health.

Is Butane or Propane a Better Fuel To Use in Stoves?

Butane and propane are excellent fuels to use with your camping stove. Propane works in all temperatures and at any altitude but is the heavier fuel of the two.

The weight is noticeable on a hiking trip so keep that in mind when you’re choosing fuels.

Butane is a great fuel for specific conditions. The butane canister may have trouble firing at higher altitudes while propane will still work fine.

Propane will start to have issues working at altitudes above 10,000 feet. Manufacturers generally recommend you stay below 5000 feet for the stove to work properly.

If the temperature gets too cold then butane has a hard time with vaporization and won’t be able to start. Propane typically stops working around -40 degrees Fahrenheit while alcohol will work even below that.

How Do I Figure Out How Much Gas Is Left in My Butane Canister?

Most canisters have a tare weight on them and you can weigh the canister to see how much is left.

However, most campers and outdoor enthusiasts will do the tried and tested shaking method to get a feel for how much is left in the canister.

Some stoves use butane a lot faster than others so it’s always good to have a spare canister on hand when your current one is at about halfway. This gives you a good buffer so you’re not stuck without fuel for your stove.

Can Butane Explode if Left in Your Car?

Manufacturers have warnings on the canister stating that they could explode if under extreme pressure or heat.

You’ll be hard-pressed to come across someone who hasn’t left a canister in their car at one point or another and they have come away alive from it.

While it’s not a good idea to leave one in your car on a hot day, there is no reason to panic if you accidentally did.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of lightweight traveling then a butane stove will be the best option for you.

Not only are they comparable to propane stoves in terms of power, portability, and versatility, the fuel is readily available and easy to pack away.

As an emergency prepper, these are great little stoves to have tucked away in case of a power outage or some other situation where you can’t use your primary mode of cooking.

They are inexpensive which means getting more than one won’t hurt. The fuel is light and small enough that you can keep a steady supply on hand.

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