The 12 Best Conservative TV Shows to Watch Right Now

Let’s face it. These days, the vast majority of the popular media is being produced by people that do not have or care about conservative values.

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That means if you are a conservative, keeping progressive big thoughts off of your screens and out of your face is going to grow ever more challenging.

But luckily, we aren’t truly living in a conservative media desert, not yet.

There are plenty of shows that espouse conservative values, or at least appeal to conservatives, that have been produced in the last several decades and even all the way through today.

No matter what kind of program you’re in the mood for, there’s bound to be something that will appeal to you on this list of 12 conservative shows. You can also check next our list of best survival movies.

Best Moments from the New Season | Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs

You know it and you love it, and if you don’t, you’ve at least heard of it. A blockbuster series that first premiered on the Discovery Channel, and one that made the career of host Mike Rowe.

Host, but also narrator and unfortunate new hire! The show follows him as he goes from place to place all across America meeting people that perform jobs that most of us consider to be dangerous and invariably very, very dirty, and then trying to help out himself.

The best part of the show aside from the affability and easy humor of Mike Rowe is actually seeing what goes on behind the curtain, under the streets, in the barn and then all the other dirty nooks and crannies in towns and cities across the land.

There is a whole lot more that goes into making society function than we could have dreamed of, and Dirty Jobs brings these unsung heroes the recognition and humanity that they deserve.

Sometimes gross, sometimes scary, but always entertaining, Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs cannot be beaten.

Shark Tank

Another long-running show, one that first premiered in 2009 on ABC, Shark Tank is a sort of reality show where business owners, inventors, and other would-be entrepreneurs approach a rotating board of ultra-successful and ultra-wealthy business magnates, the eponymous Sharks.

Ideas are pitched, bargaining is done and, hopefully, the entrants to the show will be walking away with a new angel investor and super-skilled partner.

The thrill of the show is watching people sweat as the financial screws get turned, bickering goes on among the Sharks, and sometimes high-pressure strategies are used on a minute-to-minute basis.

Shark Tank definitely appeals to the American spirit of bootstrapping yourself into success through your own initiative, hard work, and gumption.

And you never know, maybe you’ll get your own flash of inspiration for an idea that could turn into the next big American success story if you watch the show!

Worst Night Of Their Lives - Traffic Stops | Cops TV Show


COPS was one of the very first true reality shows, and also one of the longest running: With a total air time of more than 30 years, spread across various networks, COPS follows real police officers working real shifts in real police departments all across the nation.

The show is absolutely captivating, and when it is shocking it is genuinely shocking. There’s no crazy director, no Jerry Springer antics, and no Hollywood schlock to speak of.

The officers’ interactions and observations with the camera crew and with those they make contact with on the street, innocent or otherwise, show the good, the bad, and the ugly of the job.

Most conservative Americans have a favorable opinion of police officers and policing in general, and watching COPS is a great way to live out a day, or night, in their shoes.

Walker, Texas Ranger (1993) Intro [HD]

Walker, Texas Ranger

I have no doubt you’ve heard enough Chuck Norris jokes to last you a lifetime, so I’ll spare you that, but if you haven’t watched Walker, Texas Ranger, you really do need to fix yourself.

A wonderful mashup of early 90s detective story meets western, Chuck Norris plays Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, and the show follows his adventures as he uncovers wrongdoings, catches up to the bad guys, and then beats the God-fearing hell out of them when required.

But, unlike the gray-and-grayer morality and cynical antiheroes that pass for heroes in our present media today, Walker is actually an upstanding, virtuous, and valiant man, one who never resorts to criminal tactics to bring down the bad guys.

If nothing else, you’ll love watching a Chuck Norris that was a lot closer to his prime knock the stuffing out of bad guys with picture-perfect kicks and punches.

Band of Brothers - Trailer - Official HBO UK

Band of Brothers

It is strange and painful to sit here and acknowledge it, but the world will soon be without veterans of World War II. The fathers and grandfathers of entire generations now, and we lose more of them every day.

Some of us are blessed and fortunate enough to have heard their stories, or inherited their memoirs, but for the rest of us, it is possible to better understand exactly what they went through and what they were fighting for by watching Band of Brothers.

Based on the book, the show follows the exploits and missions of the 101st Airborne Division from the very beginning of America’s involvement in the war to the final days and aftermath.

It takes a look at the very real men who served in this storied unit, examines the sacrifices they made, and shows the very real cost of war.

Packed with action, drama, pathos, and plenty of character-driven storytelling, Band of Brothers is one of a kind and holds up wonderfully today. Watch it!

Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO


Most conservatives I know despise corruption, cronyism, and the passing-the-buck mentality.

Failing to take responsibility for one’s actions and station can lead to dreadful consequences, especially when the people doing it are very literally throwing the levers on systems that can impact society or even the world.

At first glance, HBO’s smash hit miniseries Chernobyl might seem like a strange inclusion for a list of conservative shows, but it illustrates with riveting attention to detail every action and omission of action that led to one of the single worst nuclear incidents in history.

The political fallout was sufficient to rival the actual fallout, and we are feeling it to this very day, but the human toll exacted by the events is the real legacy of the disaster.

If you want a harrowing story about politics and hubris run amok and the consequences brought on by dereliction of duty, Chernobyl is a great historical account, and also a chilling vision of a future that might yet be.

I cannot recommend this one enough: watch it!

Leave It to Beaver Official Trailer #1 - Christopher McDonald Movie (1997) HD

Leave it to Beaver

Although it is sometimes derided as saccharine today, that is only symptomatic of the cynical, jaded society we find ourselves in.

Leave It to Beaver is a cherished and early sitcom from America’s Golden Age.

Starring a normal, well-off family in a normal, peaceful, and well-adjusted American town the show centers on the interactions, struggles and tribulations of the young son of the family, Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver.

Like most young boys, the world does not make a ton of sense to “the Beaver,” but his family and friends along with other helpful adults are always there to set him straight, and help him do his best.

The lessons imparted on him by his father, usually in the aftermath of some mishap or mistake, are timeless.

There’s nothing wrong with a show that is purely wholesome from front to back.

No vulgarity, no grit, no grime, no blood and gore except for the occasional skinned knee. Leave it to Beaver still holds up and is well worth your time.

Magnum P.I. Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Magnum, P.I.

Probably the single most defining role in the career of actor Tom Selleck is as Thomas Magnum, PI.

Magnum is a Vietnam War veteran who is somehow able to afford a fantastic, cherry-red Italian sports car while also living in Hawaii.

The show centers on his cases, exploits, and interactions with friends, foes, and the local police station, with which he has an on-again, off-again working relationship with.

A supremely entertaining show with a little bit of everything: this is another whodunit/action yarn that always depicts the good guys favorably, even when they bend the rules a little bit to serve an even greater good.

Compared to the oftentimes haunted and damaged veteran characters depicted in media today, Thomas Magnum is sane, stable, and smart, a man who is not tied down by any ghosts that might be lurking in his experiences during wartime.

With great music, interesting story lines, and just enough action to keep anyone in their seats, Magnum, PI is a true piece of Americana.

Blue Bloods - The First Season

Blue Bloods

The second show starring Tom Selleck on our list is Blue Bloods, and it once again features Selleck and his wickedly good mustache in a law enforcement role.

Hey, it’s my list, I make the rules!

All jokes aside, this is another police drama, but one with an interesting twist: most of the main characters are family, and all of them work in law enforcement, specifically for the New York Police Department.

Naturally, there is plenty of police procedure, criminal investigations, underworld intrigue, and more as you’d expect but the really good part of the show examines how family dynamics, one’s interwoven with the job, sometimes cause friction and conflict of interest.

Despite this, the family works together to overcome the sometimes immense challenges and uphold their duty to protect and serve.

America's Most Wanted 1988 Promo

America’s Most Wanted

Another pillar of American television, America’s Most Wanted or AMW, was entirely unique when it first premiered way back in 1988.

Host John Walsh used a variety format for the show including actual footage of crimes, dramatic reenactments, interviews with victims and law enforcement, and more to bring awareness to unsolved crimes and hopefully catch the fugitive criminals that committed them and either disappeared or remained on the run.

Say whatever you want about the approach of the show, this is one that made a bigger impact on real life than almost any other, as the show has actually been recognized by law enforcement agencies as assisting in the capture of more than 1,000 fugitive criminals.

This is especially relevant because the host, John Walsh, has himself worked ceaselessly as a victim’s rights advocate since his own son, Adam Walsh, was murdered in 1981 by the now-deceased serial killer Ottis Toole.

Every American that loves seeing evildoers brought to justice will certainly enjoy America’s Most Wanted.

Duck Dynasty: Willie's Business Trip to Scotland & Reconnecting With His Scottish Roots

Duck Dynasty

Even if you don’t own a TV, you’ve heard of Duck Dynasty: there has hardly been any show, any franchise for that matter, that has been more merchandised!

You couldn’t step into a gas station, even a bank, during its heyday without seeing some mention of Duck Dynasty and the Robertson clan.

That’s an American success story in itself! The show follows and examines the lives of the Robertson family, founders of the popular and effective Duck Commander brand of duck calls.

Yes, this is any other reality show and it has skits and bits like any other, but there is a thread of wholesome, Christian American values woven throughout the show that really does come through.

In fact, the show was so Christian-forward that it was imperiled by nervous TV executives for some time before finally being canceled.

Nonetheless, it enjoyed a good run of 5 years on the A&E Network.

One of the most successful shows of all time, it still holds up well today, and is definitely worth a watch when you want something a little more lighthearted.

Lock N' Load With R. Lee Ermey: Rockets to Rockets | History

Lock and Load, with R. Lee Ermey

There is nothing more American or more conservative than guns and history, together. If you don’t agree with that, you’re probably a progressive.

Apparently, the History Channel thought so too, for at least one season’s-worth of the greatest and most entertaining show that has ever featured the late, great R. Lee Ermey.

Focusing on a wide variety of firearms throughout all eras of history, military technology, famous gunslingers, and much, much more, this is a show that every meat-eating, bald eagle-loving American must watch.

R. Lee Ermey is as ever a highly engaging host, and his talks with experts in their respective fields proved extremely illuminating on a wide variety of topics.

Add in some live-fire demonstrations and plenty of camp humor, and you have a binge-worthy show on your hands.

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