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How to Prepare for Hail and Prevent Hail Damage

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Part of being prepared includes being prepared for any kind of natural disaster or storm such as a hail storm. There are things you can do before and during a storm to prevent hail damage to your property and house. Hail is most frequently seen during severe thunderstorms and tornadoes …

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Preppers on the Run. Chapter 1: The Escape

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This chapter is part of the Preppers on the Run Series. You can read the rest of the chapters here: Chapter 1:The Escape  [currently reading] Chapter 2: The Journey Begins — “Jump!” “What?” “Jump!” “I can’t! It’s too high. And not so loud, they’ll hear you…” “Yes you can.” Robbie was at the …

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Shhhh! OPSEC and COMSEC are Critical for Survival

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OPSEC is critical for survival, and not just in a post-SHTF scenario, it’s critical even now. Operational Security or OPSEC is a term that actually originated with the military and it refers to procedures for safeguarding important information and activities that are necessary for successful execution of military missions. So …

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Shoo! How to Survive a Dog Attack

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A dog attack has little in common with a dog bite. A mere dog bite can happen for all kinds of reason, and the overwhelming majority do not result in any kind of lasting disability or disfigurement. A dog attack, a real one, on the other hand is an entirely …

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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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When preppers talk about how to survive the zombie apocalypse, they are not talking about the undead. They are talking about those people who didn’t prepare at all or didn’t prepare well enough for a SHTF event or economic collapse. These unprepared people will quickly run out of food and …

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Genetically Modified Food: Can it Derail My Survival Plan?

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If you’re like most preppers, your plan for long-term survival post-SHTF probably includes some type of garden as a food source. If you’ve already started gardening, you probably have heard about the debate between GMO and non-GMO foods. So how exactly could GMO impact your survival planning? Americans are just …

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How to Make a Survival War Plan

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It’s not always easy to determine precisely which type of dangerous or disastrous event might occur or when it will happen. A bullet proof survival plan or system, will help you be confident that you have done as much as you can to protect your home and family in a …

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The Best Survival Movies and TV Shows

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For many preppers, trying to convince them of the need to be prepared without sounding like a paranoid maniac can be challenging. One way to very subtly introduce the topic of preparedness to your spouse, family members, or close friends is to watch some survival movies and TV shows together (without …

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The Top 10 Best Animals for Your Homestead

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As a prepper, you need to make a long-term plan for survival and sustainability. This plan should include raising animals for food, protection, and transportation. In order to determine what’s best for you, the factors you need to consider are the size of your household, the location and size of …

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11 Disasters and Emergencies to Prep for Before Anything Else

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Accidents and disasters are traumatizing partly because of the fact that they are largely unpredictable and partly because of the devastation and havoc they can wreak on families and even entire cities. There isn’t one way to avoid or guarantee that you won’t be involved in an accident or in …

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The Gray Man Concept, and How to be a Gray Man

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In any populated area, be it sparsely or densely, there will always be elements of the humanity present that will take an interest in who sticks out. Their reasons vary. They could be looking for potential prey or a person who may potentially lead them to a large score, if …

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The Bad Guy’s Guide for Spotting and Stealing from Preppers

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Disclaimer: No, I haven’t lost my mind. This article is part of  a new category titled “prepper fiction”, as well as an exercise to help you see through the eyes of the bad guy to uncover and fix holes in your survival and preparedness plans. Will the SHTF? Maybe. I’m too lazy to …

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Hazards Air: How Can a Dehumidifier & Air Scrubber Help

Hazard Air

Sponsored Post When you have hazardous air throughout your home, you have to consider what ways you can go about removing the pollutants, and then keeping it away for a longer period of time. Hazardous air can be caused by a number of pollution agents. Anything from mold, poison gas, …

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Assembling Your Get-Home Bag

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We hear a lot about the famous bug-out bag, but not as much about the get-home bag (GHB).  But the GHB is perhaps more important than the BOB.  You might not ever need your BOB (best to have one just in case) because not every disaster is going to require …

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Planning and Planting Your Hidden Survival Garden

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If you plan to start growing your own food in a backyard garden and at your bug out location, you will be way ahead of many people when the economy collapses and SHTF. We all know growing our own food is a lot of work, but it will be crucial …

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14 Do It Yourself DIY Survival Gear Projects

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If you’re new to prepping, one thing to keep in mind is that there is a ton of gear and supplies out there that you can spend your money on, unless you learn how to make homemade survival gear. There are plenty of items that you can make yourself fairly inexpensively. …

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An Everyday Survival Guide for Personal Emergencies and Trauma

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Not every emergency situation is a disastrous catastrophe that requires you to run for your Bug Out Location (BOL). We’ve covered what to do after widespread disasters in this article on the first 24-hours Post-Disaster.  In reality, it’s more likely that you will experience or be impacted more frequently by …

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How to Plan and Prepare a Bug Out

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In the last fifteen years, there has been an average of over 300 climate and weather related events, primarily storms and floods, annually around the world. Although our technology has made some great advances in recent years, you can’t control or predict the weather. Even the professional weather forecasters cannot …

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