Steven Capps

My name is Steven Capps, and I am currently serving as an Infantry Sergeant in the U.S. Army National Guard. Don’t imagine some badass, because I’m far from it. If the skinny kid from Superbad (Michael Cerra Google tells me) played an NCO in Saving Private Ryan, you’d get SGT Capps. I have a B.A. in English: Writing from the American Military University and have been published in Fiction, The Bird & Dog, and been awarded an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest.

How to Use a Topographic Map

topographic map logo

One of the most important skills that an Infantryman uses is their ability navigate. We cannot rely on technology to save our ass when the shit hits the fan, so within our first weeks of basic training, we are taught how to effectively use a topographic map. This is a …

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Chilling Realities of Martial Law

realities of martial law

With the election of Donald Trump, racial movements like Black Lives Matter, protests against the Keystone Pipeline and the countless cases of violence against police officers, it isn’t hard to imagine the United States government declaring martial law under the guise of maintaining order. The truth is that martial law …

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