Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival, also known as bushcraft, is a way of surviving that entails leaving your home and bugging out to the great outdoors.


Whether you’ll be in the woods, the desert or on a mountain, surviving in the wilderness is not an easy task, not even for those who are trained for it. Nevertheless, if bugging out is your only option, and if you don’t have a place to go to, set up an INCH (I’m never Coming Home) bag and read the articles below.

ready to throw

How To Make a Primitive Throwing Stick (Step-by-Step Photos)

Man’s pressing need to survive has provided the impetus for invention and ingenuity. Living off the land encompasses all aspects of survival, including utilizing whatever is available to enhance survival. Our need to hunt and protect ourselves was probably the motivation for early men to pick up a stick and use it as a tool. …

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