The Best EDC Pouches

The gear you carry with you on a daily basis is more than just convenience items. Some of those items may just save your life or the life of someone else. EDC is about being prepared at all times for life’s emergencies both big and small.

The best EDC pouches are those that help you to carry and organize your gear in a way that is lightweight and non-bulky. The more comfortable your EDC pouch, the more likely you will be to carry it with you everyday. And the more organized your gear, the more likely you can access it quickly when an emergency arises.

We’ve put together a list of the best EDC pouches below as well as some criteria to consider when choosing them.

1. Condor Pocket Pouch

  • 3 interior pockets
  • flag patch
  • lightweight
  • fold down vinyl sleeve (for ID)
  • multiple color options
  • padded back
  • budget friendly price
  • pocket or bag carry

2. Kifaru 500D Organizer Pocket

  • strong 500D Cordura fabric
  • main compartment with loops and pockets
  • zippered front pocket for often used items

3. Reebow Gear Utility Holster

  • Top Opening
  • Carabiner
  • Belt Straps
  • MOLLE Webbing
  • Dedicated Phone Slot
  • Budget Friendly Price
  • 6.5” x 6.5”
  • 7.4 ounces
  • 1000D Cordura
  • removable transparent map pouch

4. Cargo Works Utility Organizer

  • 8.6” x 5.5”
  • slip pockets for all sized gear
  • MOLLE webbing
  • hook-and-loop panels
  • Annex clips on back

5. Maxpedition E.D.C.

  • 6” x 8”
  • small footprint
  • MOLLE webbing
  • optional panel for patch
  • six color choices
  • lightweight nylon fabric
  • abrasion and water resistant Denier
  • clamshell opening main section
  • dual slip pockets

6. Vanquest EDCM-HUSKY

  • 21 elastic loops for organization
  • external pocket and 3 interior pockets
  • YKK zippers
  • paracord pulls
  • internal key fob

7. Maxpedition Fatty

  • 5” x 7” in size more space than smaller Maxpedition EDC
  • pocket carry or bag carry
  • Straps are vertical and horizontal for various sized gear
  • Six color options
  • YKK zippers
  • Double Stitching for durability
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Six divisions
  • Clamshell open
  • Lightweight

8. Skinth Pocket Organizer

  • customizable options when ordering
  • personalize for your needs
  • durable 1000D Cordura and #69 nylon stitching
  • fully customizable
  • pack or belt wearability
  • 2” wide belt loop or optional belt clip
  • Velcro closure carry straps for pack attachment
  • Optional MOLLE webbing/straps or horizontal straps
  • side tube pouches
  • -ront flap pen pouches
  • Pocket size Milky Way or larger Trail Blazer sizes
  • Flat bottom

9. Tom Bihn Double Organizer Pouches

  • Designed for traveling
  • Great for those who need to swap gear from bag to bag
  • Two pockets
  • Three sizes
  • Available key strap
  • Clear wallet or passport holder size also available
GoRuck GR1 Padded Field Pocket

10. GoRuck GR1 Padded Field Pocket

  • available in 3 sizes
  • lifetime guarantee
  • American made
  • MOLLE attachment
  • Interior mesh pockets
  • Silent zipper pulls
  • padded handle

Criteria for Best EDC Pouches

The best EDC pouches are purchases with an EDC strategy in mind. We’ve listed several criteria to consider below.

>Do you have an EDC strategy? If not, formulating one before you research EDC pouches can save you time and money.


The best EDC pouches are designed to help you organize and carry more gear. But that gear is useless if you can’t get to it quickly when needed. EDC pouches with transparent or mesh pockets let you quickly see what’s inside.

Elastic loops are great for holding smaller items at the ready when you need them. Front pockets or side pockets can be great for quick access to frequently used items. If your EDC pouch requires you to take multiple items out to get to the one item you need, you lose valuable response time in a crisis.


One of the most important criteria for the best EDC pouches is weight. EDC is designed to be carried every day. If you get an EDC pouch that is heavy by itself and then add your gear to it, you’ll be less likely to want to carry that extra weight on a daily basis. You will find over time that you “forget” your EDC pouch or you remove it because of its weight.


Another of the very important things to consider when choosing the best EDC pouches is nesting. When you put your gear into an EDC pouch, the nesting comes from the loops, pockets, and other organizational segments are offset to reduce bulk. Look for pouches that make the best use of side spaces and that allow you to organize your gear without crushing the center items.

Customization for Your Needs

The best EDC pouches allow you to customize the gear you carry to fit your everyday circumstances as well as your special events. Blue collar workers will need a more durable and rugged EDC pouch than white collar office workers for example.

The farther you commute to work on a daily basis or the more risky your occupational environment, the more gear you may need to carry. Urban residents and commuters will need to carry different gear than those who live and work in rural areas.

Depending on firearms and weapon restrictions in your area or for events you attend, your EDC may need to be swapped out quickly and easily. Those of the female gender may want to carry some of the items from this ultimate list of EDC items for women. Consider all of these needs when choosing the best EDC pouches for you.

Items to Consider Carrying in Your EDC

To choose the best EDC pouches, consider some of these top EDC items everyone must have. You can also make your EDC pouch work in tandem with some of these 40 EDC essentials that fit in your wallet or pockets to even further expand your overall EDC.

For EDC to work long-term, the best EDC pouches will provide flexible organization which allows for your gear to change and flux not only with your needs but as your skill level changes and grows.

Beginning preppers may need to carry more gear to back them up, whereas experienced preppers may be able to confidently carry less gear. By taking into consideration your skill level, the weight of your EDC, your needs and the situations you are most likely to experience, the best EDC pouches enhance your ability to carry every day.

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