12 Premade Bug-Out Bags to Consider

One of the most foundational items that any person can have in their prepping plan is a bug-out bag. When the situation is looking grim or it’s time to just evacuate, grabbing a bag that has vital life support equipment inside is going to be quite a comfort.

green molle bug out bag with first aid kit, knife, multi-tool, and fishing kit, next to it
green molle bug out bag with first aid kit, knife, multi-tool, and fishing kit, next to it

For most preppers, packing their own bug-out bag is something of a rite of passage and tradition: only you know exactly what you need and what you’re likely to be facing, and so it’s up to you to select the gear and supplies that will help you.

But acquiring that wisdom and insight takes a lot of time and effort, and for folks who are just getting started or who just don’t have the time to sift through the countless considerations, a prepacked bug-out bag can at least be a way to get started.

Plus, many pre-made bug-out bags just aren’t worth it, as we’ve made the case again and again on this website. Keep reading and I’ll tell you about some pre-packed bug-out bags worthy of your consideration…

What Should You Look For in a Bug-Out Bag?

The topic of bug-out bags is one I have written about time and time and time again, and we have a mountainous archive of information here for you on Survival Sullivan.

But, if you just need to know what prepacked BOB you should grab so you can get down the road or sleep easier, I’ve prepared a primer below.

A bug-out bag is a system, not just a piece of luggage: Not only is it going to contain all of the items that you’ll need to survive and sustain as you try to get to a safe place, but it’s got to keep them safe, easy to carry, and also intact.

When you’re looking over the bug-out bags on this list below, consider the following elements:

Pack Size

The amount of gear you carry is limited by the size of the pack. Larger packs can carry a lot more, but they will be proportionately heavier and bulkier.

Survival Necessities

Space is always at a premium. Your bug-out bag should contain items that will help provide you shelter, make collected water safe and drinkable, provide calories in the form of rations, and have tools and other gear to help you solve problems.

Don’t neglect hygiene supplies and communications equipment, either.


Do you want a camouflage pack to help you keep a low profile out in nature? Or a friendlier-looking “civilian” pack that will help you blend in in an urban or suburban area?

Durability and Fit

A bug-out bag must be tough enough to withstand rough handling and exposure to the elements when fully loaded without blowing out and spilling your gear all over the place.

On the other hand, it must be comfortable enough to carry for long periods of time. Pay attention to the type and material of the straps and whether or not the pack has internal panels or frames to distribute the load.

External Storage

Some bags can be expanded with additional pouches that you can attach yourself, or else they have pockets, straps, and hook-up points that can allow you to tote bulky or oddly shaped items on the outside. Depending on what you need, this can be a benefit.

There’s a whole lot more to consider, and I have gone on at length about all of these topics in other articles.

But for now, think about how all of those factors fit your lifestyle and the circumstances you’re likely to encounter when the SHTF.

With all that in mind, let’s get to our list…

1. Sirius Survival Pre-Packed Emergency Survival Kit/Bug-out Bag

A nice well-rounded selection for a decent price. This offering from Sirius Survival has just about everything you could want in a bug-out bag and boasts over 150 individual pieces of gear.

The pack itself has a 50L capacity, which is pretty impressive for an assault-style pack of this type.

It has lots of PALS webbing and lashing points on the outside which I like for carrying larger items, and contains a variety of survival necessities like:

  • a water filtration straw along with backup purification tablets
  • emergency food ration bars
  • warm baby bags
  • ponchos
  • headgear
  • fishing kit
  • paracord
  • flashlight and more…

Hygiene first-aid is also ably covered with a nicely stocked first-aid kit, “vet” tape and even soap; a small thing often forgotten in these pre-packed bags.

A variety of other tools, including a flashlight, battery bank, emergency radio and storm matches round out the collection.

Verdict: Overall, quite nice, but the conspicuous lack of a large bushcraft knife or hatchet sets this one back a little bit in my mind, and for some owners, the camouflage appearance might be a turn-off. You could do a lot worse than this one and you can spend a whole lot more on other packs.

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2. Ready America 72-Hour Elite Emergency Kit

Ready America is a well-known brand when it comes to preparedness, and their 72-Hour Elite Emergency Kit covers pretty much all of your survival “bases” in an inoffensive and low-profile pack format.

This is definitely the one to pick if you want decent quality but effective and simple basics when it comes to survival.

There are no flashy but useless tools, no ill-conceived inclusions, and no LARPing gear in this one. Just the stuff you need to survive:

  • a steel water bottle
  • survival knife
  • multi-tool
  • heavy work gloves
  • compass
  • storm matches
  • whistle
  • pouched drinking water
  • bodily waste bags and more…

Also included are extremely calorie-dense ration bars, additional hygiene supplies, an emergency power bank, wet wipes and chemlights. Plus, a nice hygiene kit in the form of toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, a washcloth and even shampoo. Very impressive!

Verdict: I really like this pack overall and all the equipment inside is of good quality with the exception of the survival knife which looks like a miniature version of the original knife that Rambo used. These hollow-handle sawback knives, almost invariably, tend to break under hard use. Still, a great core kit that you can easily add to. One of my favorites.

Get it from here.

3. Uncharted Supply Co. SEVENTY2 Pro Survival System

A super slick, modern, and innovative prepacked bug-out bag, the SEVENTY2 Pro from Uncharted Supply Co. has lots of good stuff inside, if you can forgive the edgy and annoying way they spell the name of the kit.

And of particular note is a pull-out insert that is kind of like a tool roll, with marked, hi-vis compartments for all of your needed gear.

These are labeled clearly for immediate and easy access even in mega-stressful situations.

This is a well-equipped pack, with high-quality gloves, headgear, and even goggles along with a multi-tool, water bottle, reusable dust masks, and a comprehensive first-aid kit that includes EMT shears.

It even includes a folding shovel in the form of an entrenching tool and a flyweight pop-up survival tent.

Verdict: Very nice gear and very thoughtful layout. This one covers pretty much all the bases and the pack would blend in anywhere, from an office commute to a college campus. The only complaint I can make about it is that it’s very expensive for its size. But you do get what you pay for! Also, I would consider adding additional food and a supplementary way to treat water.

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4. Echo-Sigma 5-7 Day Bug-out Bag

Another nice bag and one full of good, high-end gear, Echo-Sigma’s 5-7 day bug-out bag focuses on “hard” gear aside from a 7-day supply of food (ration bars) and emergency drinking water packets.

But the hard gear that’s included is quite, quite nice! You’ll find a Fenix flashlight and a SOG multi-tool among other good, name brand stuff!

My favorite facet of this pack is that it includes a high-quality mummy-style sleeping bag and an emergency tube tent for maximum protection from the elements.

It also has a thermal sleeping bag cocoon for even more warmth in the coldest imaginable conditions.

You have lots of other useful gear too, including paracord and zip ties (my go-tos for shelter making), a folding shovel, a hydration bladder, first-aid kit, and a whole lot more.

This kit is also a great example of external storage, seen with the tent and sleeping bag on the bottom of the bag.

Verdict: Lots to like with this bag, but again you get what you pay for: accordingly this one is quite expensive!

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5. RedFora Complete Earthquake Bag

A specially packed bug-out bag for special purposes, the RedFora Complete Earthquake Bag is designed for exactly that scenario, containing individually sealed packages covering the different survival necessities:

  • personal hygiene
  • food
  • water
  • tools
  • first-aid supplies
  • basic shelter and warmth gear

Although it might seem like idiot-proofing, this is a great bag for a family or a less experienced prepper because even someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing can open it and find exactly what is needed for the situation at hand.

But the overall contents are rudimentary (though I think the quality is pretty decent). You’ll have what you need to tune in for announcements from authorities with an AM/FM emergency radio, a full toiletry kit, dust masks, chemical-proof work gloves, a Swiss army knife, a simple tent, some ration bars, a poncho, and even some purification tablets.

All in a bag with your choice of several high-visibility colors, making it easy to spot. This BOB is surprisingly affordable, too.

Verdict: Solid, if limited. Not something you’re going to conquer the world with, but it will definitely help keep you alive when a local disaster tears your town up. I like it, but I’m taking away a few points because of the lack of heavy-duty tools which would definitely come in handy after an earthquake- pry bar, sillcock key, etc.

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6. MyMedic 72-Hour 10 Essentials Kit

MyMedic is known for producing quality and user-friendly first-aid kits, and now they’ve put together an equally quality and user-friendly prepacked bug-out bag.

For starters, I love the format of the 10 Essentials backpack: it is super clean, slick, and wouldn’t look out of place anywhere in society.

The gear it contains is also dependable, with a good cross-section of clothing, tools (like a compass, headlamp, blast matches, tinder and more) along with the expected MyMedic first-aid kit, although per their usual this one is expansive and nicely equipped.

Verdict: All in all, lots to love, but has a major drawback in the fact that the only shelter supplies it includes are a space blanket and an emergency poncho along with some hand warmers. I would have preferred to see a tent or at least a mummy bag in there too. So long as you can account for this omission, this is another great bug-out bag to start building on.

Get it from here.

7. EmergencyZone Stealth Tactical Bug-Out Bag – 2 Person

The name of this bag might be worth a chuckle because it’s a little overblown, but don’t let that turn you off: EmergencyZone’s Stealth Tactical Bug-out bag lives up to its name in two regards, and I don’t care about the other.

It is definitely stealthy and it’s a fine bug-out bag, but I don’t think it’s particularly tactical. But I don’t care about that and neither should you.

Anyway, this kit boasts an intelligent selection of gear and equally excellent organization inside thanks to multiple removable pouches and cases.

Within you’ll find several high-calorie ration bars, drinking water pouches, a water bottle, an additional water container, and water purification gear along with a hydration bladder so you can drink on the move. The water requirement is totally, 100% covered!

I also especially appreciate the inclusion of a nice dome tent along with the usual ponchos, hand warmers and so forth. It even includes a pair of sleeping bags.

On top of this, an excellent and comprehensive hygiene and first-aid kit rounds things out with a capable set of tools.

Verdict: Great. I give the loadout in this bug-out bag high marks, and I love that it’s low profile. But if I have just one gripe it is that the backpack is just not as durable as I think it could or should be. When you start hauling a lot of gear, or if you hit a literal snag, that can be problematic.

Get it from here.

8. EmergencyZone “The Essentials” Complete 4-person 72-Hour Kit

Our second offering from EmergencyZone, the Essentials Kit isn’t a backpack, but rather a pair of backpacks designed to haul all of the supplies that four people will need to survive for 72 hours. This “twofer” does an admirable job!

Spread between the two packs you’ll find many of the same things found in the previous entry from this company, including ration bars, individual water pouches with drinking water, a straw-style filtration system and various tools and signaling gear.

Among these latter categories we have a whistle, duct tape, emergency radio, flashlight and a modest first-aid kit along with a great set of hygiene supplies- including feminine products.

Verdict: Good, but some big omissions. It’s certainly priced right, but the catch? For starters, I would really prefer some additional water purification chemicals. And the only things this bag- er, bags- include for shelter and warmth are emergency blankets and adult ponchos. No tents, no sleeping bags, although I guess that is unavoidable at this price point. If you can add your own shelter gear and heavier tools, this one’s still a winner.

Get it from here.

9. Denver Survival Company 5 Day Epic Bug-out bag Premium

Some people simply are simply not happy unless they can bring everything and the kitchen sink. If that sounds like you, this is definitely the bug-out bag you want.

This unique, hand-picked, and packed bug-out bag from Denver Survival Company includes everything you can think of and a few things you can’t:

  • a comprehensive first-aid kit and trauma kit
  • a nice wood-hafted traditional hatchet
  • collapsible 3-gallon water jug
  • lantern
  • solar lights
  • ration bars
  • water treatment stuff,
  • a nice stash of freeze-dried food (not ration bars, woohoo!) which will really hit the spot.

It also includes a large dome tent, a multi-fuel folding camp stove along with pot, cutlery and more utensils, a bivy bag, a collapsible full-size camping shovel, handheld radio walkie-talkies, an emergency AM/FM radio and a lot more.

Verdict: Really nicely equipped, but also really heavy. If you want to bring absolutely everything with you this is a good option. You will need to buff up the hygiene complement because it’s quite sparse, and again I would also throw in some water purification tablets or liquid. I’ve seen things go wrong with filters before.

Get it from here.

10. Azzcony Emergency Survival & First-aid Kit

Sometimes light, fast and adaptable is the best choice when it comes to bugging out, and this offering from Azzcony adheres to this ideology.

Using a military-styled single strap sling pack for ease of carry and ease of access, this one focuses on the hardware that will help you take care of your other survival needs.

It includes a collapsible camping shovel, poncho, lensatic compass, carabiners, paracord, a first-aid kit, emergency tent, wire saw, folding knife, water bag, cutlery, flashlight and more.

The included first-aid kit is okay, but it’s just a boo-boo kit. The folding knife is preposterously cheap even among the standards of Chinesium knives.

I’ve also got legitimate doubts about the reliability of the compass long-term. The rest of the supplies aren’t too bad…

Verdict: A mixed bag, pardon the pun. It’s a very small package, and very easy to carry. Sling packs struggle with heavy loads and stability, though. Also, quite a bit missing from the typical necessities list compared to the other options. If you want something light, fast, and cheap and you can deal with a few “warts,” this is a good option.

Get it from here.

11. MIKA Premium 72 Hours Emergency Survival Bag

Another clever kit, one that’s assembled in the US from hand-picked gear, the MIKA 72-hour Emergency Survival Bag is another one that focuses on the basics, but it does so admirably and covers all of your necessities.

Inside the military-style main pack, one that has snazzy Kryptek urban camo, you’ll find a smaller sling bag for handing off to someone else or using to compartmentalize your gear. Then we find a really excellent selection of tools and supplies.

You got a well-equipped first-aid kit with trauma gear, pre-pouched drinking water and emergency ration bars, a great tool kit consisting of a survival whistle, firestarter, multi-plier, compass, and cutlery.

We also have rain ponchos, emergency blankets, and a survival radio. For the price, this is another great prepacked bag if you don’t mind the tactical camouflage on the main pack.

Verdict: Solid. Another prepacked bag that I really like, but the conspicuous lack of a tent or even a tarp to make a good shelter is pretty upsetting in a kit like this. Also I question the efficacy of the included sling bag. Yeah, you can just take it out, but I would have rather had other stuff in the kit besides that!

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12. Rescue Guard First-Aid and Emergency Survival Kit

The last entry on our list is another prepacked BOB that doesn’t try to innovate too hard or go too specialized.

And this is also one of the rare ones that includes some genuinely hard-use field tools you will almost certainly need while in a survival situation.

Rescue Guard’s First-aid and Emergency Survival Kit is in a bright, EMS-red backpack and includes a good selection of supplies that will help you in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, but with the assumption that help is on the way or in the area.

This is not a “head for the hills and live off the land” pack.

So what’s inside? We’ve got a railroad-style electric lantern, heavy-duty work gloves, a hatchet, a sturdy fixed-blade knife, first-aid kit, two emergency survival shelters, drinking water pouches, rain ponchos, and chemlights.

But like so many first-aid kits, this one is more of a boo-boo kit with nothing in the way of serious trauma supplies. Dust masks are also included along with antiseptic towels to help you clean up.

Other supplies include duct tape, a fire-starter, multi-plier, wire saw, and a compass with an integrated whistle.

Verdict: Overall, good, with the only major drawback being that the pack and the multi-tool are pretty cheesy in terms of build quality. I don’t know how well or how long either will hold up, but then again, this is not one you are planning on hiking with over and over, either.

Get it from here.

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