Urban Survival

Control within Chaos – Surviving the Riots

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We live in trying times.  Between climate change, terrorism, economic collapse, and civil unrest there is a potential for riots every day.  In addition, any of these issues could cause the government to impose martial law at any point.  This would likely eliminate your legal rights, implement curfews, and even …

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The Ultimate Urban Survival Guide

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More than 80% of the American population lives in urban centers and some of those urban centers are huge! That means that when the SHTF, a hell of a lot of people are going to be stuck in the cities, and chances are, you’re one of them. This means that …

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The Best Urban Survival Gear

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When people read and talk about survival and preparedness, there is a great focus on rural locations, bugging out, and surviving in the wilderness. However, over 80% of the population in the U.S. lives in urban areas and a large majority of those people do not have anywhere to go …

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The Ultimate Urban Bug Out Bag

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There are currently over 3 million people in the world who are “prepping” for some type of major disaster or SHTF scenario. I’d be willing to bet that number is much higher when you include those people who may not define themselves as a prepper but who are quietly preparing …

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The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit

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If you live in the city, there’s something you should know. In case of SHTF scenarios, cities are far more dangerous than the suburbs or small towns. Getting stuck downtown during riot or a Hurricane with nothing on you to protect you could be fatal, despite you being in the …

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