16 Surprising Benefits of Prepping

Although there are numerous reasons to start prepping, many people feel it is all a waste of time. They need to see immediate benefits rather than spend a lot of time and energy prepping without actually knowing if it’s worth it.

The Internet is full of confusion, exaggerations, as well as pro and con arguments. Unless you’re willing to identify reasons to prep that resonate with you, it’s impossible to find the motivation to prep.

fire started successfully with ferro rod in fatwood shavings
fire started successfully with ferro rod in fatwood shavings

I figured I should tackle this lack of motivation from a new angle, to try to make you see that the benefits of being prepared go beyond the actual increased chances of survival it gives you in a disaster situation. If saving your family’s life during a pending disaster is not enough, here are a few extra reasons why you need to start prepping ASAP.

Reason #1: You Save Money

There’s a huge number of DIY projects you can do that can save you money right now; no need to wait for TEOTWAWKI. I’m just gonna give you a few examples (feel free to add more by writing a comment below):

  • you save money on food by growing your own
  • you save money on home alarm systems by doing other, proven things to make your home safer
  • you can make your own fitness equipment (including punching bags) and save the money you’d normally spend on gym memberships
  • you learn to fix things around the house
  • most of the skills listed in my megalist, once mastered, will save money that you’d otherwise have to spend

Plus, if you lose your job, wouldn’t it be nice to have a stockpile you can fall back on when have no other choice? For many people that have been hit by the economic crisis, the S has already hit the fan.

Reason #2: You Improve Your Wellbeing

Hiking, walking, doing family drills, and eating organic food are keys to a healthier lifestyle. Getting in shape for Doomsday means staying in shape until that happens.

Keep in mind that, as you age, your body needs more macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and less junk food in order to function. I don’t want to hijack the article and talk about fitness and nutrition, but you get the point.

No matter what magic pills pop up every day on the internet, diet and exercise is and will be the only way to stay healthy.

Reason #3: Closer Relationships With Your Loved Ones

If you’ve drifted apart a little from your spouse and kids, that’s totally normal. A lot of couples are looking for ways to bring back the spark in their marriages, it’s a little known fact that prepping can be an effective way to achieve this.

Camping, hiking, watching survival movies and T.V. shows, are all great ways to bond.

Reason #4: Self-Reliance

One of the “diseases” affecting America today is the fact that we’re too dependent on other people, systems services, and of course, the Government. Though going 100% off-grid is not always possible, prepping teaches you to become self-reliant in a lot of ways. It’s all up to you how far you want to go with this, of course.

Let’s not forget that depending on a Government that always does whatever it wants can make anyone feel owned.

Reason #5: Leadership

In order to become the leader of your family when it comes to preparedness, you need to learn how to lead. You need to have a vision, encourage them, mediate conflicts, and be a true leader.

Why is this important? In addition to a boost in your self-esteem and the benefit to your family during a crisis, this could also lead to increased pay and responsibility at your work place.

Reason #6: You Learn Responsibility

…and that goes double for your kids. Speaking of which, learning to be responsible is not an age-specific thing. No matter how old you are, you always have something to learn.

Reason #6: You Can Make Money

There are lots of ways to do that. You can:

  • sell surplus food to your neighbors or even online, through a Facebook page
  • put your homesteading skills to work, and help others and get paid
  • and you can even teach survival to others, considering it’s such a hot topic right now

Just make sure you’re aware of the state and federal laws and regulations about paying your taxes and any special requirements that come from handling food products.

Reason #7: You’ll Never Run Out of Toilet Paper 🙂

OK, this may not be a good reason to start prepping but I can tell you from my own experience it’s true.

Reason #8: You’ll Feel Less Stressed

I pity those who argue about politics every day, saying how bad things are, yet never do anything to protect themselves. When you start preparing, you will actually feel like a big weight has been lifted of your shoulders. You’ll feel (and be) more protected, your kids will be safer, and you’ll sleep better at night.

stance when shooting a bow

Reason #9: You Get to Discover New Hobbies

Fishing, hiking, and camping are the first ones that come to mind, but even things like walking and dancing are great as part of your survival fitness workouts. Then there’s growing a garden, cooking, woodworking, and on and on…

Reason #10: You Might Save a Life One Day

Knowing basic survival medicine might come in handy for others who are injured, when there’s no doctors around to help.

Reason #11: You’ll Feel Less Bored or Lonely

I see a lot of people, both young and old, who are bored out of their minds with not doing anything all day long (except maybe their jobs). Prepping is great because it gives you an endless list of “sub-hobbies” such as gardening, wilderness skills, fishing, and fitness… there’s just no way you can get bored.

On the contrary, what will happen is you’re going to start liking one of them so much you’ll quickly raise it to the rank of passion. And when you’re passionate about something, you have one more reason to live and one less reason to be negative and grumpy.

Reason #12: You’ll Leave Something Behind

Just because someone is old, doesn’t mean they are wise. Preppers, by nature, amass this huge knowledge base of skills and experience that need to be passed on to future generations.

Reason #13: You Learn to Appreciate the Little Things

We’re so caught up with earning a living that we forget how important the little things are.

A bottle of clean water… a fresh, juicy tomato from your own garden (chemical free), the satisfaction you get when you finally hike all the way up on that summit… need I say more?

Reason #14: You Rediscover Nature

Are you spending half your day at the office and the other half at home, watching TV? Camping, hiking, and regular trips to your bug-out location out in the woods are going to help you rediscover the peace and quiet nature brings.

Prepping teaches you to spend more time in nature which, in turn, has benefits to your personal and professional life.

Reason #15: You Become a Better Negotiator

Bartering is, at its core, negotiation. And, you know what they say, everything is negotiable, right? You can always get a better deal, you don’t have to wait for SHTF to practice negotiating.

Reason #16: You Develop Your Reaction Speed

The fight or flight instinct you develop when you do disaster preparedness drills can also help you catch a bus or get out of the way quicker if one is about to hit you.

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