15 Underground Bunkers You Can Buy Today

For many preppers, the prep of a lifetime is a legitimate, honest to goodness bunker. There could be nothing more comforting when disaster strikes, be it a powerful tornado or an incoming missile.

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A properly designed, properly sited bunker can have all of the amenities of home and keep you and your loved ones safe from absolutely everything going on above ground.

And you don’t even have to build the bunker yourself. There are many companies in the United States and around the world that design and install purpose made bunkers for discerning clientele.

There are never cheap, but your safety and the safety of your family is priceless. I’ll tell you about 15 of the best underground bunker solutions on the market just below.

1. US Saferoom Tornado Safe Storm Shelter

For basic protection from above ground severe weather events or distant, non-nuclear blasts, a solidly built tornado shelter is probably all you need to survive a short duration event.

US Saferoom has been making fully customizable underground tornado shelters for a long time, and they can optimize their floor plans to fit your needs.

From a small room that can comfortably accommodate a family of four to six for a few days, to fully fledged underground living spaces complete with toilets, kitchens, sleeping areas and more, us safe room can deliver.

Even this basic shelter is fully encased in steel, and is designed to be easily installable by any competent contractor that has experience digging with heavy equipment.

One of the best shelters of its kind for those with a relatively limited budget.

2. US Saferoom Underground Bunker

For those who want more substantial protection from major disasters to include nuclear threats, US Saferoom offers their customizable underground bunker series.

Likewise fully surrounded with steel, and designed to be attached to and accessible from an existing home, or even installed beneath the basement level of a new construction, this is a truly reliable underground bunker, and one designed for long-term habitation in event of a conventional or nuclear exchange.

Floor plans are variable and customizable, and can range anywhere from 20 ft long to 50 ft long or even longer.

The living spaces can also be equipped with home gyms, media rooms, and offices for truly extended stays.

All are designed and manufactured to meet multiple FEMA and ICC standards for durability and performance.

3. DEFCON Bunkers Economy Mini Bunker

DEFCON Bunkers is another known quantity in the business of underground survival shelters. One of their most popular products is the Mini Bunker series.

About the size of a large bedroom, but located securely underground, this bunker might be miniature, but it is fully featured with a side entrance stairwell, powered intakes and exhausts, exterior coatings for rust resistance and waterproofing and bullet resistant entry doors and hatch made out of half inch of AR500 rolled steel.

This is a great all-in-one solution for storms, nuclear threats and other hazards. DEFCON bunkers can also provide expert installation and also a variety of trim levels to suit any specific threat or lifestyle choices.

4. DEFCON Bunkers Premium Bunker

For those who want to spare no expense, DEFCON has you covered with their appropriately named Premium DEFCON 1 Bunker.

Fully equipped for the worst of all possible outcomes, these bunkers include NBC air filtration and blast protection valves for the air handling system, water filtration facilities, built-in electric water heaters and fresh water inlets, vertically flushing toilets, integrating solar charging systems, a deep cycle solar battery bank, full bathrooms with showers, complete kitchens, built-in lighting and much, much more.

Available in various sizes to accommodate single, small families all the way up to multiple families in a single unit with independent habitation quarters, these units are notable for being made from steel entirely, inside and out. There is no plastic that will eventually break down, and no wood that can rot.

5. DEFCON Bunkers DIY Bunker

If you are more of a DIY type of person, DEFCON Bunkers still has you covered with the, once again appropriately named, DIY Bunker.

Basically an 8x8x12 ft shell that is ready for any customizations and outfitting you care to perform, you will still get a bullet resistant door and hatch, full interior lighting and wiring harness, a solar power system with charging kit and batteries, and a side entrance stairwell unit.

This is one of the cheaper options on this list, and ideal for people with plenty of experience with construction and fabrication.

Although I couldn’t recommend it for those who are undertaking it as a project, considering the consequences for mistake or failure, it is nonetheless attractively priced and ready for delivery.

6. Ultimate Bunker Bespoke Underground Bunkers

Ultimate Bunkers is a shelter provider that lives up to their name. Rather than providing a single prefab product or even quick build off the assembly line bunker module, underground bunkers specializes in bespoke solutions to clients’ protection desires.

They manufacture all-steel bunkers that can withstand virtually anything, and they are famous for building them to a “five-star” level for those used to a more luxurious lifestyle.

No matter what sort of amenities, finishes and other accoutrement you want in your bunker, no matter how nice you want it to look and no matter whether you want it to be a standalone facility or a cleverly hidden but integrated part of your existing home, Ultimate Bunkers can make it happen.

Even better, they install every bunker themselves with no outside help or temp contractors, and the company has a sterling reputation for secrecy.

The ideal installer for specialist applications and those who value premium products and discretion in equal measure.

7. Safe Castle Round Bomb Shelter

Safe Castle provides both square and round bomb shelters, but it is their round bomb shelters that are absolutely famous for their immense strength; more than capable of withstanding near-detonations of some of the largest nuclear weapons once properly in place and covered.

Available in 10 ft and 8 ft diameter models, all are equipped with 15 ft long decontamination entrances with integrated airlocks, and all have ample under floor storage and NBC filtration facilities.

Depending on the model, you can get your shelters with attached generator modules, escape tunnels and hatches, bunk beds, bathrooms, kitchenettes and more.

A time-tested solution, and definitely one to consider if you live near a likely nuclear target.

8. Hardened Structures Fallout-Tornado-Hurricane Shelter

Another big name in the factory-to-final site bunker-production business, Hardened Structures produces shelters to serve nearly any purpose.

One of the most popular is the multi-use underground survival shelter, also referred to as the Fallout-Tornado-Hurricane Shelter.

Although it is ideal for protection from natural disasters, it does have a dual use as a bomb shelter if the blast event is more than 50 miles of distant from the shelter’s location.

Built to meet and exceed all FEMA standards for such shelters, they are made entirely of steel, have heavy-duty doors with integrated lift cylinders, filtration systems with hand crank backups in case of power loss, and full rust protection coatings inside and out.

These shelters can also be upgraded with a variety of additional modules, including full NBC air filtration protection, fold-up bedding, sewage disposal systems and more.

9. Hardened Structures Genesis Shelter System

For truly next-level protection and continuity of community or extended family, Hardened Structures Genesis Series survival shelters are truly among the very best of commercially available underground bunkers.

Originally developed for military applications and now offered to discerning public clients, this shelter system surpasses every technical specification known for protective envelope and performance.

Capable of withstanding three full bars of blast overpressure, multiple intense seismic events associated with nuclear detonations and near or high-altitude EMP events, this shelter is designed to be completely NBC resistant in every way.

Its modular nature allows multiple living quarters or “pods” to be arranged around a central arcology-like dome.

For most of us, the price of even a single Genesis shelter module is astronomical, and the price of enough able to protect an extended family or small community is unthinkable, but if you can afford it this protection is second to none, and only a phone call away.

10. Bunker USA Tera

The Tera is an offering from Bunker USA that is a super-efficient, module style layout designed to house six or more people, but the basic footprint can be multiplied to house as many people as your budget allows.

Using dormitory or “barracks-style” living quarters and compact bathroom units, this is the ideal solution for large families, businesses, small communities and more.

Bunker USA can build to suit for nearly any requirement, so reach out to them for a quote based on your specifications.

11. Bunker USA Deci

The Deci is an ultra compact but nonetheless luxurious bunker from Bunker USA that is designed to accommodate three or potentially four people.

State of the art, with ample living space and a fully equipped kitchen it is ideal for short to intermediate term survival situations from natural disasters and man-made calamities alike, this offering is likewise fully customizable to suit your needs, and is a great option for adding on to an existing house or other structure.

12. Oklahoma Shelters Underground Bunker

Oklahoma Shelters made a name for themselves installing the standalone tornado protection modules for homeowners and other residents living in Tornado Alley, but they have since branched out into the installation of concrete and steel bunkers to suit any purpose.

With prefabricated modules for sale or fully custom, front-to-back complete design and installation packages, there is no solution that is unknown to them.

Whichever version you pick, each one is designed to exceed FEMA standards for protection, and each has a steel door that is rated for EF5 tornado level winds.

13. Rising S Standard Bomb Shelter

Rising S is a company that prides themselves on selling preparedness, not fear. To that end, they sell a variety of underground bomb shelter layouts that can serve any size of family and be equipped with every amenity that you already have in your home.

From spacious living quarters and fully featured kitchenettes to walk in bathrooms complete with sink and shower.

Most models include emergency escape hatches, over pressure protection systems for air ventilation, bullet resistant doors and hatches, gray water storage tanks and inside and out waterproofing. Between the factory options and then available upgrades, the sky is the limit.

14. Atlas Survival Shelters Modular Square Shelter

Atlas Survival Shelters is a company that manufactures bunker solutions designed to meet every specification of their discerning clientele.

Capable of building out any design or floor plan you can think of thanks to their clever use of modular, stackable and “snappable” cubicles, their quarter inch thick steel walls provide more than enough strength to resist the worst disasters.

Each and every module, and each finished shelter, will have bulletproof hatches, reinforced structural supports, an L-shaped side entrance and decontamination airlock, built-in NBC air filtration systems, under floor storage and much more.

They have several prefabricated layouts ready to go, or you can call them with any special requests and plans.

15. Atlas Survival Shelters Anderson Shelter

Certainly the most minimalist underground bunker on this list, the Anderson shelter, sometimes referred to as an artillery shelter, is an old design, one that has been around since 1939.

Little more than a corrugated metal dugout with a few beds and minimal storage inside, it is designed to keep a family safe from conventional bombardment or tornado force winds until the danger has passed.

They might look laughable compared to the other, larger and fancier shelters on this list, but more than 2 million were installed in England during World War II, and they saved hundreds of thousands of people.

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