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It is that time of year again fellow preppers. Sure, spring is just around the corner (finally) but that is not what I’m talking about. Preparedness expo season is beginning anew. All around the country survival, homesteading, and off grid experts will converge both indoors and out, to teach their fellow Americans how to become more self-reliant.

Prepper Expos used to be nothing more than glorified survival shopping extravaganzas, but not anymore – at least not the good ones you should spend your time and money attending.

1. Ohio Prepper & Survivalist and Firearms Show

  • June 9 through June 10
  • Wood County Fairgrounds 3800 W Poe Rd, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

For some reason I still don’t understand why most survival expos tend to take place in either the South or the West. Few such shows are ever located in Ohio or surrounding states. The Ohio Prepper & Survivalist and Firearms Show appears to be working very hard to change that.

Providing quality resources to “fellow patriot survivalists and preppers” and folks interest in hunting, fishing, and camping, is the guiding light behind the Buckeye State preparedness expo. More than 40 preparedness classes are scheduled to take place at the Ohio prepper expo this year.

Bushcraft and survival training classes for both children and adults, are also part of the planned events. The list of presenters for this year’s show will be posted on the prepper expo website once it is completed. If the quality of presenters who offered training and spoke at the 2017 Ohio Show is any indication, the 2018 event will be quite an educational (and potentially life-saving) experience.

Some of the presenters last year included: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Nick Getzinger one of the founders of Oath Keepers, Ryan Sawyer, a leader trainer and senior member of Oath Keepers, Challice Finicum, the daughter of LaVoy Finicum, also spoke at the 2017 event. Classes last year included a wide array of emergency medical training, black powder cap making, medicinal herbs, cache burying, and aquaponics and hydroponics.

In addition to self-reliance training classes, there will also be fun activities for children, a monster truck show, tons of vendors located both indoors and out, as well as live entertainment. CCW holders, you will be permitted to open carry at the gun show held during the Ohio survival expo.

2. Self Reliance Expo – Mesquite Texas Prepper Expo

  • Friday March, 23 through Saturday March, 24
  • Mesquite Convention Center 1700 Rodeo Drive in Mesquite, Texas 75149

The Self Reliance Expo is one of the largest and longest running survival expos in the United States. Approximately 50,000 preppers and homesteaders interested in self-reliance and sustainability attend the event each year. In addition to learning from skilled presenters, you can also browse more than 650 vendor booths while at the Mesquite Convention Center.

The Texas survival expo is produced by the National Self Reliance Project The group’s mission is to empower and educate both families and communities so they can become self-reliant.

The Self Reliance Expo uses a back to the basics approach to further those goals by focusing on the four basic pillars of self-reliance:

  1. Preparedness
  2. Survival
  3. Sustainability
  4. Homesteading

The preparedness speaker line-up for the upcoming Texas prepper expos features an extremely well-rounded group of folks, renowned for their off grid living, homesteading, and survival skills.

  • Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy – of Doom and Bloom fame will offer a wound care, stitching and suturing class.
  • Marjory Wildcraft from the Grow Network will be speaking about treating yourself after a venomous snake bite and preparedness.
  • Mary Macaluso of Preppers Asylum, a registered nurse, will also be among the featured presenters at the Texas survival expo.
  • David Jones the “NBC Guy” will be speaking about WMD protection.
  • Kadie Lynn – America’s Got Talent semi-finalist will be singing country music live on Saturday at the Self Reliance Expo.

The National Self Reliance Project also hosts an expo in Denver each September.

Meet Eivan and Eve Kilcher and Fowler SELF-RELIANCE EXPO 2017, DENVER COLORADO – SEPT 22~23, 2017

3. Greater Chicagoland Survival and Green Living Expo

  • Saturday March 17 through Sunday March 18
  • Lake Country Fairgrounds 19822 West Peterson Road Graylake, Illinois 60030

This RK Prepper Shows Survival Expo is focused upon helping attendees learning how to survive a long-term disaster Attendees can educate themselves about survival and brows the many vendors at the Chicago area event who will be selling bugout kits, long-term storage food, solar power materials, tactical gear, and a host of other supplies that will be necessary for off the grid living during a SHTF scenario.

Two days of seminars filled with preparedness seminars are scheduled during the prepper expos.

A sampling of some of the classes that will be offered during the March 2018 survival event:

• Society Ending Events – The First 180 Days
• Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Defense: A practical guide to surviving in an NBC environment.
• Overcome Disaster: How to Live and Thrive
• The Ins and Outs of Water Storage

4. Survival Outdoor & Gun Show – Bloomington Illinois Prepper Show

  • May 5 through May 6
  • Interstate Center 1106 Interstate Drive, Bloomington, Illinois 61705

The Cloe Group has created a preparedness show that truly encompasses all the major facets of survival. Attendees at the Illinois prepper expo can immerse themselves in an in-depth melding of an outdoor show, gun show, hunting expo, survival expo, knife showcase, camping event, and angler expo.

The family owned business decided to design the ultimate outdoor show because they what they believe to be a decline in attendance and individual events. By bringing all of the interlinked shows that largely appeal to the same demographic together, the attendees get far more bang for their buck.

You won’t find Scentsy dealers or a hodge podge of vendors at Cloe Group outdoor expos. Only vendors that truly fit the niche are permitted. You will be doing a whole lot more than shopping for a good deal on a new rifle or gas mask at the 400 tables of vendors at the Survival Outdoor & Gun Show.

A full slate of seminars with presenters focused on educating the event attendees are part of the reason the Cloe Group shows sell out quickly.

5. PrepperCon – Sandy Utah Prepper Show

  • May 18 through May 19
  • South Towne Expo Center 9575 State Street, Sandy, Utah 84070

This is one of the largest survival expos of the year., with more than 80 preparedness classes are currently scheduled to take place. PrepperCon featured experts will be sharing their expertise about the fundamentals of prepping, first aid and emergency medicine, survival skills, long-term food and water storage, firearms, alternative power, self-defense, and homesteading.

The list of presenters is still in the process of being completed for this year’s show, but a few of the special events are already being shared with the public. Updates to the list of events will soon be posted to the PrepperCon website and the event’s Facebook page.

Highlights of the 2018 PrepperCon Event:

  • Prepper Fash – Yep, there is even a survival-themed fashion show, featuring clothing for the entire family, at this Utah survival event.
  • Hurricane Simulator – Find out what it feels like to be in the midst of a powerful hurricane courtesy of Kustom Containers. A 500-horse power engine inside the customized wind tunnel can subject you to up to 142 MPH winds.
PrepperCon Hurricane House Simulator

18 thoughts on “Top 5 Survival and Prepper Expos”

    1. Good afternoon everyone,

      I wish prepper expos happened in more spots around the country. It was not until recently that a real expo, not just a big survival shopping event, happened in my native Ohio. Everyone who can, should make Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina their vacation destination for the year. I cannot say strongly enough how incredible the entire experience is, truly a haven for preppers and a welcoming survival community event. There is enough to do in the region to turn the visit into a full week stay, and close enough to a beach to spend a few more hours on the road to soak up some sand time, if you so desire. Connect with Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin, or his wife, Survivor Jane on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ to learn more about Prepper Camp and the region – I am willing to bet my favorite dog you won’t regret going!

      1. Tara L Dodrill


        Always thrilled to meet another Prepper Camp fan! I loved being a presenter at the first camp, none of us wanted to leave. Getting to meet and introduce Bill Forstchen (One Second After) was such an honor and memorable experience. I have not been able to make it back to Rick’s camp again yet, but hoping to this year. He is busy working on the class schedule now, I think the early bird ticket price sales ended over the weekend – but the hands-on self-reliance camp is worth every dime, even at the regular and fair ticket price.

    1. Tara L Dodrill


      Hostile Hare used to host a great expo at the Tucson Expo Center (I think that was the location) If you connect with him on social media I am sure he can share any upcoming events in your area.

    1. Tara L Dodrill


      Perhaps this California prepping group or those like it that are active on social media, can help you find an expo in your region. Even though California is a state heavily infiltrated by liberals, self-reliant folks like yourself live there also, I hope you fin an expo near you!

    1. Tara L Dodrill


      Thank you for sharing the information and the link. If you happen to attend the Great Lakes Preppers expos this summer, please update your comment and tell the Survival Sullivan community how it went!

  1. It’s a crying shame.that there’s no expo in the east tx area.or closer.there’s one in the Mckinney area.but yet.that’s to far me to I’ve missed it..

  2. Jay R DRICK. Expo Director

    The largest free educational Family Emergency Readiness EXPO in Michigan going on its 9th year. Aug 24 2014. Visit 16 expert speakers. 24 feet of booklets and checklists on 3 tables all free. large vendor showcase. Free gift on admission and free child ID kits for parents. Vendors get table space for free

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