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Let’s begin today’s article with a little known factoid. According to an official statistic from the US Department of Justice, sixty percent of rapes and 38% of assaults are occurring in the aftermath of home invasions. If you’re not worried yet, stay tuned for more news, because things get even worse. One out of five homes (20% of US residences) will experience a home invasion or a break in at some point.

If you’re lucky, you/your family won’t be home when that happens, and you’ll end up with a break in. In the case of a home invasion, if you’re not prepared accordingly, well, re-read my first statistic.

If you think I am exaggerating, check out another factoid: between 1994 and 2000, the average number of home invasions in the US was a mere 3.6 million annually.

What does that mean for you, dear reader?

Well, the lesson that must be absorbed from these little known facts is that tactical home defense is a serious matter to consider, especially if you’re into prepping.

And also remember that these crime statistics are in “peaceful times”, these are the numbers when our society is not in shambles, when there’s police on the streets, when if you dial 911 there’s an operator at the other end of the line, etc.

Just imagine how crime and violence will skyrocket in the aftermath of a SHTF event. Do you think you’re ready for a home invasion? If yes, stop reading the article. If not, keep on digging.

Now, tactical home defense has various meanings. In terms of emergency preparedness, home defense can be achieved by active measures (guns for self-defense or other lethal and non-lethal means, a specially trained dog, etc.) and/or passive measures (fencing, lights, alarms, specially reinforced doors, and windows, booby traps, and safe rooms).

Let’s begin with active measures, they’re the most fun and, in this writer’s opinion, the most effective when SHTF.

And, in the realm of active self-defense measures, guns are my favorite items.

Guns, lots of guns, big-ass shiny, [email protected]#k-off guns! Okay, maybe I’m over-reacting, but while we’re at it (over-reacting, that is), let’s check out some of the best guns for home defense.

When it comes to guns, all born and bred Americans (the ones not brainwashed by the so called liberal “anti-gun” media) instantly display a happy grin on their faces. That’s because the second amendment in the Constitution is very clear about our God-given rights of owning and carrying guns for self-defense, so let’s get to it.

Let me explain you something really quick, guns don’t kill people. Stupid people with guns usually kill people.

And also, there’s trained and untrained, and when SHTF, which one are you? As you’ve probably guessed already, stupid means untrained in my book.

Hence, I must strongly advise you to begin weapons training before considering buying a gun for home defense. And naturally, keep training with your weapon of choice on a weekly basis. It’s loads of fun and it may save your life someday (the gun and the training, of course, these things work in pairs).

ShotgunNow, that we’ve established that it’s imperative to know without a doubt which end of your gun to point at the burglar, my first choice for a home defense weapon is a pump action shotgun, 12 gauge. It’s not only my recommendation, even the police and SWAT teams are using this type of weapon for obvious reasons. A pump action shotgun looks mean as Hell and the amount of damage it produces at close range is absolutely devastating. Also, pump action shotguns are relatively cheap, almost unbreakable, and the sound they make when you’re adding a round to the chamber is very discouraging for any perp.

You can use other potentially lethal means for home defense, like clubs, swords, knives, spears, and stuff like that. But I always prefer to abide by that old saying, “never take a knife to a gun fight”. And I bet that a home invader/intruder is most probably carrying a gun, not just foul language and smelly feet.

Now, let’s talk about another active solution for home-defense, specially trained dogs. If you want your home properly defended by the meanest breeds of dogs on this planet, here’s my list with the top ten bad-ass guard dogs:

10.  Caucasian Shepherd

9. Doberman Pinscher

8. Rottweiler

7. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

6. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

5. The Moscow Watchdog

4. Boerboel (this is the only dog specially bred for home-defense)

3. Argentinian Mastiff (huge dog and very territorial, also good with children)

2. Cane Corso

And, last but not least (actually the best there is):


1. German Shepherd ( this dog is what you need for home defense in any imaginable situation, believe me folks)

Along with home defense, dogs are great as early warning systems, especially at night. Having a bad-ass looking dog guarding your homestead is always a great idea. Dogs are awesome when it comes to discouraging potential intruders.

As far as passive measures for home defense go, you can bet that nothing is one hundred percent secure.

When it comes to good home defense, we’re talking about a process involving layers of protection, every layer has different degrees of effectiveness. To get an idea, if you’re living on a fenced property, you’re probably aware of the fact that fences/walls are not impenetrable (just ask the Chinese about the Great Wall).


However, a good fence/wall is able to deter potential intruders and can prevent trespassing to some degree and this boosts your safety level up a notch.

In my opinion, in terms of fencing for homestead security, the best fences are those you can see through, for example, a chain link fence. The ability to see potential intruders at a distance comes with obvious benefits, not to mention that erecting a solid/tall brick-wall around a property will cost you an arm and a leg.

Building a fence around your property doesn’t mean raising a 10 feet high/barbed wire-Auschwitz style fence. Your aim is to create a significant obstacle for a potential home invader, not to build an impenetrable defense (which is an illusion after all).

If you own a large property, fencing may be impractical for financial reasons, but you can always fence the area closest to your residence. For the rest of the property you should strive to maintain clear sight lines so you can spot potential threats from a distance, in any direction.

Exterior lights that are motion activated ideally, are excellent as early warning systems for home defense. They alert you to possible intruders and have the potential to intimidate villains passing by.

Professionally installed home alarm systems are an excellent investment for your security and peace of mind, as they may alert the neighbors about a specific threat long before the police arrive on the scene. It would help a lot to talk to your neighbors in advance about this issue, for example to discuss mutual defense/aid in the community and about your/their alarm system.


Another method of passive home-defense is to secure/reinforce the doors and windows. Windows and sliding glass-doors can be reinforced using a specially designed bar or brace. You can also install hurricane shutters, which provides an extra layer of security to your residence.

The doors can be secured additionally using door lock reinforcements, like Bar-ricade or by installing specially-designed metal security doors in the first place (these things tend to draw attention though, fair warning).

You can install security cameras in all the vulnerable areas of your residence and don’t forget to put a big sign mentioning this fact. Something like “This Property is Under 24 hours Video Surveillance”. Actually, it’s a good idea to visibly “advertise” your security measures on your property as much as possible.

A silent alarm that will send you an SMS when a potential burglar is detected on your property, or even tripwires in sensitive spots, is a nice thing to have and pretty low tech and cost effective. Silent alarms use infrared sensors to detect body heat and can alert both you and the police in the same time.

When everything else fails and you’re confronted with a big, bad, and armed to the teeth burglar inside your home, you can take refuge in the holiest of holy, the final solution against home invaders: the safe room.

A safe room must be able to hold you and your family nice and safe together until the threat ends and/or the cavalry arrives. The safe room must be located conveniently, so you and your family members can reach it before the burglar. If you already have one, good, but if you don’t, check this article on how to make one.

I would strongly advise against installing the so called booby traps inside of your residence. Booby traps can maim or even kill innocent bystanders and they’re totally illegal. That means you can go to jail for a long time for booby trapping your house, yes indeed sir.

You should avoid any devices that may severely injure/kill a person entering your home, because although we feel no love for a certified burglar, it could accidentally injure a neighbor, your kids, or other family members.


You’ll be charged with manslaughter and you’ll do hard time. If you think I’m exaggerating, perform an online-search and you’ll find that these things happened more than once, not to mention that getting killed by your own booby trap in your home is a pathetic way to check out, don’t you think?

Another matter to contemplate is the tactical aspect of home defense, in terms of strategy and mental preparedness for a home-invasion situation.

  • Avoid providing a potential burglar tools which can be used against you, such as ladders near your residence.
  • Trim any bushes that can block your view from the windows/obstruct your line of sight.
  • Eliminate objects from around the house that can be used to toss through the windows and so on and so forth.
  • Always keep your (front/back) doors locked and secured.
  • Instruct your family members and especially your kids to never open the door to strangers.
  • Have self-defense weapons/objects placed strategically inside of your residence that will allow you to protect your physical integrity if SHTF (guns, knives, hammers etc.).
  • Be prepared physically and mentally for a possible confrontation with a burglar.
  • In the worst case scenario, if you have to shoot someone, never-ever shoot to kill. The idea is to stop the threat of physical injury/death upon your person. At some point you’ll have to deal with the legal matters, i.e. justifying the shooting of an intruder to the police. Yes, you’ll be questioned by the police about the shooting and you MUST look remorseful, even if you don’t feel it. You must explain the situation and declare that you wear fearful about your physical integrity/your life, express regret for shooting the perp, etc. Self-defense is a very serious business with serious long-term consequences.
  • Have different escape routes out of the house if SHTF and prepare with your family for the eventuality of such an event. The main goal is if you can escape, go for it. Don’t try to be brave and risk life and limb to confront the intruders. If you can avoid the threat, just do it. If you have the opportunity to leave the house during a home invasion, don’t hesitate. There are two kinds of people in this world, the ones who run for cover and the ones who stay and face the music. Running for cover is better.
  • The same scenario goes for hiding places inside of the house, if escape is not a viable option.
  • Be aware at all times as to the whereabouts of your guns and other weapons inside the house.
  • If you can afford it, take tactical firearms training lessons, self-defense courses, and the like.
  • Last but not least, call 911 as soon as possible. Don’t try to be a hero if it’s not absolutely called for. Provide the operator your description and the intruder description if possible, the weapons status if you can (armed/not armed) and your exact location, especially if calling from a cellphone.

As a final thought, shit happens and it can happen to anyone. If you’ve already accepted the fact that your house may catch fire at some point and you’ve installed smoke alarms/have a fire extinguisher, the same theory applies to home invasions. Your homestead may very well be targeted someday by criminals (remember the statistics) so you must prepare accordingly in advance for a successful outcome.

I hope the article helped and if you have suggestions or comments, feel free to express yourself in the dedicated section below.

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