205 Prepper Items to Get From the Dollar Store

Dollar store preps have become almost an obsession during my weekly errand running off of our survival homestead.

I don’t think that I can walk out of the Dollar Tree store in our region without spending a minimum of $35 – and having a whole shopping cart full of preparedness bargains.

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My beloved prepper husband initially laughed when I insisted some of the copious amount of sacks I carried in from my first trip to the dollar store in the next county over right after it opened, actually contained preps.

Once I started opening up the dollar store sacks, he quickly realized he indeed needed to go grab our preps inventory list and start recording all of my $1 survival finds.

After that shopping trip, we developed a routine of buying at least one dozen preps from the dollar store each time either of us stopped in. Now, if you have ever been to a Dollar Tree or similar $1 store, you know those shops are not large.

Less savvy bargain shoppers might think they would run out of new items to buy and continually be stockpiling a handful of the same prepping supplies – but that just is not so folks.

What Kind of Preps Can You Find at a Dollar Store?

I put our dollar store preps shopping into 10 distinct categories, some of which might not seem like real prepper supplies at first glance. But when that “aha moment” is reached, you will see the frugal shopping genius of my shopping strategy.

Dollar Store Preps Categories

  • Medical
  • Food, Preparation, And Storage
  • Gardening
  • Hygiene
  • Power – Light
  • Barter
  • Clothing – Footwear Items
  • Homeschool
  • Morale Boosters
  • Cleaning – Sanitation

Dollar Store Medical Preps

When purchasing medical preps are a dollar store you must contain your bargain-hunting excitement long enough to read the quantity amounts on the labels of some items.

Although each item that you score will be a bargain, you cannot assume a package of bandaids, for example, will hold as many of the medical preps as do similar-sized boxes purchased at a typical retail store.

The quantity aspect of boxed preps is important if you keep a preps inventory (which you should), and have a habit of marking quantity amounts by box or package based upon the assumption that the dimensions of the container indicate standard industry quantity amounts.

  1. Bandaids
  2. Rolled Bandages
  3. Rubbing Alcohol
  4. 3 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide
  5. Witch Hazel
  6. Coconut Oil
  7. Olive Oil
  8. Vitamins
  9. Single Use Hand Warmers
  10. Single Use Ice Packs
  11. Ice Packs – Reusable
  12. Pain and Fever Reducers
  13. Allergy Medications
  14. Cold, Cough, And Flu Medications
  15. Sleep Aids
  16. Anti-Acid Powder
  17. Anti-Diarrhea Medications
  18. Tums
  19. Laxatives
  20. Generic Pepto Bismol Like Products
  21. Gas Relief Tablets
  22. Milk Of Magnesia
  23. Epsom Salts
  24. Lip Balm
  25. Talc Free Foot Powder
  26. Single-Use Muscle And Joint Pain Relief Pads
  27. Arthritis And Sports Heat Rub
  28. Analgesic Gel
  29. Sore Muscle Rub
  30. Ankle Supports
  31. Knee Supports
  32. Elbow Supports
  33. Wrist Supports
  34. Aspirin
  35. Travel Size First Aid Kits
  36. Athlete’s Foot Cream
  37. Eczema Cream
  38. Calamine Lotion
  39. Hydrating Foot Cream
  40. Psoriasis Medicated Rub
  41. A&D Ointment
  42. Hydrocortisone Cream
  43. Hemorrhoidal Cream
  44. Bug Bite Relief Rub
  45. Diaper Rash Cream
  46. Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  47. Waterproof Medical Foam Tape
  48. Athletic Tape
  49. Dressing Bandages
  50. Elastic Support Bandages
  51. Liquid Skin Bandage
  52. Gel Ball Of Foot Cushions
  53. Reading Glasses
  54. Eyeglass Repair Kits
  55. Eye Drops
  56. Eyeglass Cases
  57. Contact Lens Cases
  58. Cotton Swabs
  59. Cotton Balls
  60. Boxes Of Tissues
  61. Individual Packets Of Tissues
  62. Pregnancy Tests
  63. Drug Tests
  64. Ovulation Tests
  65. Vapor Rub
  66. Nasal Mist Spray
  67. Cough Drops
  68. Cough Syrup
  69. Nitrile Exam Gloves
  70. Doctor Mask
  71. Thermometer

Dollar Store Food, Preparation, and Storage Preps

  1. Canned Food
  2. Plastic Food Storage Containers
  3. Aluminum Foil Cookware
  4. Paper Plates
  5. Plastic Cups
  6. Plastic Cutlery
  7. Aluminum Foil
  8. Wax Paper
  9. Parchment Paper
  10. Spices
  11. Pet Food And Treats
  12. Metal Baking Sheets
  13. Pot Holders
  14. Oven Mitts
  15. Wood Serving Spoons
  16. BBQ Grilling Manual Tools
  17. Metal Cutlery
  18. Condiments
  19. Hard Candies
  20. Toothpicks

Dollar Store Gardening Preps

  1. Seeds
  2. Seed Starter Trays
  3. Planters
  4. Hanging Planters
  5. Gardening Gloves
  6. Gardening Hand Tools
  7. Garden Stakes
  8. Watering Cans

Dollar Store Hygiene Preps

  1. Toothbrushes
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Dental Floss
  4. Mouthwash
  5. Denture Care
  6. Deodorant
  7. Shampoo
  8. Conditioner
  9. Baby Shampoo
  10. Baby Diapers
  11. Baby Wipes
  12. Adult Diapers
  13. Adult Incontinence Pads
  14. Feminine Hygiene Pads
  15. Tampons
  16. Bar Soap
  17. Antibacterial Waterless Soap
  18. Body Wash
  19. Body Lotion
  20. Razors
  21. Shaving Cream
  22. Petroleum Jelly
  23. Sunburn Lotion
  24. Sunblock

Dollar Store Power and Light Preps

One of my favorite Dollar Tree lighting preps are solar stake lights. These can be used indoors or out during an SHTF event – without causing a fire hazard like candles.

Simply put the solar lights anywhere outdoors now to light your path and then bring them inside as needed to use – replacing them outdoors for charging once again the next day.

  1. Flashlights
  2. Indoor Candles
  3. Citronella Candles
  4. Nightlights
  5. Solar Lights
  6. Lighter Fluid
  7. Disposable Lighters
  8. Batteries
  9. Tiki Lights

Dollar Store Barter – General Preps

Many of the dollar store preps items on the other categories could be used as barter. The items in this section are preps that would fall into a miscellaneous category for you to stockpile, and also grab ample extra to use for barter, as well.

  1. Matches
  2. Manual Tools
  3. Ink Pens
  4. Spray Paint
  5. Duct Tape
  6. Calendar
  7. Sewing Kit

Dollar Store Clothing and Footwear Preps

You can typically find plain-colored T-shirts in a vast array of sizes at a dollar store. Clothes will get worn out over time during a long-term disaster. Not only will you be in need of extra work shirts, but they will make superb bartering items, as well.

Also, do not forget how much children can grow in a short amount of time. Stocking up on simple and cheap clothing from a dollar store and yard sale will help keep the little ones properly clothed.

  1. Memory Foam Sole Inserts
  2. Shoe Laces
  3. Boot Laces
  4. Flip Flops
  5. Socks In All Sizes and Thicknesses
  6. Gloves
  7. Toboggans
  8. Scarves
  9. T-Shirts
  10. Baby – Toddler Clothing Items
  11. Hats
  12. Ball Caps
  13. Bandanas
  14. Drawstring Bags – Small Backpack Style
  15. Baby Blankets
  16. Rain Ponchos
  17. Hook And Latch Velcro

Dollar Store Homeschool Preps

Many preppers or survival homesteaders already homeschool their children, but during a doomsday disaster, the learning will only continue if you do it at home yourself.

Regardless of what is going on in the outside world, the little ones will need to learn to read, write, know how to measure, and have an understanding of some scientific principles in order to cook, build, do repairs, read and leave notes, etc.

Also, keeping a routine as normal as possible when the family is bugging in or living on a prepper retreat full-time during a disaster will be extremely effective in preventing stress, fear, and anxiety from overwhelming the children.

Engaging in homeschool activities as normal or to replicate a school day, can go a long way in keeping the children calm and focused on the activity of the moment, and not on what is going on in the outside world.

Our local Dollar Tree store, as most dollar stores nowadays, has an excellent teacher resource area. Many of the same items that would cost up to 10 times more from an educational supply store can be found at these types of discount stores for only a single dollar.

I also highly recommend buying clear contact paper in bulk from a dollar store so you can cover the activity sheets in workbooks so they can be used repeatedly for practice.

  1. School Workbooks by Grade Level
  2. Crayons
  3. Markers
  4. Pencils
  5. Highlighters
  6. Story Books
  7. Counting Manipulatives – foam-colored squares
  8. Dry Erase Boards
  9. Dry Erase Markers
  10. Chalk
  11. Scissors
  12. Notebooks And Loose Leaf Paper
  13. Educational Games
  14. Index Cards
  15. Poster Board
  16. Solar Calculators
  17. Flashcards
  18. Scissors
  19. Rulers
  20. Construction Paper
  21. Glue And Glue Sticks
  22. Craft Paint

Dollar Store Morale Boosters Preps

Everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from some simple morale boosters during a long-term disaster. Forcing yourself to relax and unwind even momentarily can help prevent additional stress, fatigue, and depression.

  1. Puzzles
  2. Novels
  3. Puzzle Books
  4. Toys
  5. Craft Kits
  6. Bubbles
  7. Play-Doh – Clay
  8. Holiday Decorations
  9. Air Fresheners
  10. Travel Size Board Games

Dollar Store Cleaning – Sanitation Preps

Keeping the bug in location clean will help prevent the development or spread of disease. Stocking up on the items on this list will not only help keep germs and bacteria from growing in your own home but could be used as valuable bartering preps, also.

  1. Bleach
  2. Distilled White Vinegar
  3. Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Spray
  4. Toilet Paper
  5. Paper Towels
  6. Dish Soap
  7. Laundry Soap
  8. Baking Soda
  9. Borax
  10. Toilet Cleaner
  11. Glass Cleaner
  12. Sponges
  13. Scrubbing Brushes
  14. Brooms
  15. Mops
  16. Buckets
  17. Rubber Gloves
  18. Trash Bags

If you spend just $10 per week buying dollar store preps at a location near you, the survival stockpiles at your home would grow rapidly.

While there are many essential preps you cannot find at dollar stores, the number of the ones you can will help round out the survival supplies you are accruing in an extremely budget-friendly manner.

No dollar store located near you? You might still be able to score some super cheap preps. Some dollar stores offer online shopping with discounted or flat-rate shipping straight to your home.

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  1. Excellent article.
    We’ve been stocking up on items from the Dollar Store for over six years.
    These lists make excellent check lists to ensure you haven’t forgotten something.

  2. Great article. Thank you for sharing . We have talked about preps but haven’t done anything yet. Your article has put the fire in our boots. Thank you again!

  3. You might want to keep in mind that during many/most survival situations, there won’t be any trash pickup. Buying dollar-store-sizes of stuff will leave you with a lot of plastic wrappers and containers. What’s the plan for those? Many people think they’ll just bury it, and turn their food-producing land into a garbage dump. Not a good idea.

    Also, be sure to keep track of the pricing of those small sizes of useful products, and compare to larger sizes.

  4. Remember to stock up on diapers baby and adult, even if you don’t need them yourself they will be great for bartering. Baby wipes too. Some of the small sizes of products will be great for bug out bags.

  5. One very important thing that isn’t mentioned is condoms!!!! If the SHTF do you really want to take the chance of getting pregnant???!!!

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