The 15 Best of the Best Survival Bracelets

One accessory that is commonly spotted adorning the wrists of preppers, soldiers and other “outdoor personality” folks is the paracord bracelet, more commonly called the survival bracelet.

What started out as an innovative way to use up a little extra paracord, and keep it handy slowly and steadily morphed into a dedicated prep that ensures you can always have a little bit of survival gear on you, no matter the situation.

Modern survival bracelets still incorporate paracord, almost universally, but they now include all sorts of survival tools, everything from can openers and compact fishing kits to wire saws and even dedicated, tiny knives. They can afford preppers a surprising amount of utility as a backup survival kit option or a just-in-case piece of their EDC complement.

Thanks to the proliferation of survival bracelets there is a style and type to suit every need and in this article we are bringing you a list containing the very best of the best. Keep on reading to find out what’s what in the survival bracelet world and you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for you.

Why Wear a Survival Bracelet?

If you are unfamiliar with survival bracelets or otherwise not a fan you might be wondering why one would wear such a thing for any reason besides signaling affiliation to a loose sort of “tribe” or collective- that of the rugged, rough and ready type.

This is an understandable swipe, if a misguided one, but survival bracelets can actually form a critical layer in your personal readiness equipment hierarchy.

Consider that any survival gear you have, no matter how well thought out, no matter how high quality, is only worth a toss if it is on or about your person when you need it. If you don’t have it, either from loss, theft or simply being apart from it when disaster strikes, it might as well be on the moon for all the good it will do you!

The only thing you will have, when the chips are down, is what you have right now. The importance of having the right stuff ready to go at all times has greatly influenced the EDC philosophy among preppers and other folks who believe in the mindset of personal readiness.

It is better to have one or two simple, compact tools on you at all times then a full to bursting BOB at home that you cannot get to.

Considering how useful paracord is along with a few other survival items in a variety of situations, a well-equipped survival bracelet might be just the ticket for keeping you alive and breathing when something bad happens.

Considering that a bracelet is unlikely to come off, get lost, or be stolen (owing to its obvious lack of value to pickpockets) you can generally depend on it being present when you need it.

Even in a survival situation where you are able to make use of your more substantial preps, there is always the chance that you could be forced to ditch or go without your backpack and other load carrying gear. If all you have is what is in your pockets after an unforeseen event you’ll be very happy to have that unobtrusive survival bracelet on your wrist.

I trust I have made a good case for the wearing of a survival bracelet so now it is time to get on to the list.

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Outdoor Edge Paraclaw

  • Recurved blade is discreet and sharp.
  • Solid option for a hideout, or “last ditch” weapon.
  • Bracelet and heavy jimping make for surprisingly secure grip.
  • Spendy for a tiny 8Cr13MoV knife.

If there is one tool that you will never, ever catch a prepper worth the name going without it is a knife of some kind.

The humble knife is one of mankind’s oldest and best tools, serving double duty as an incomparably useful tool around home and camp and also as a weapon, both for self-defense and the bagging of game for the stew pot.

Unfortunately, our trusty knives will sometimes go missing or be taken from us, and other times we simply cannot carry them into a sensitive environment without risking discovery during a frisk or inspection.

For either of these eventualities, The Outdoor Edge Paraclaw is an excellent option. On the outside, it is an entirely ordinary looking paracord bracelet, but concealed within the buckles is a gently recurved and profoundly pointy blade suitable for use as a light-duty utility tool, or a last ditch GTFO defensive option.

Though tiny, the blade is nicely equipped with a substantial thumb ramp and aggressive jimping for safety and the bracelet itself forms a surprisingly secure handle in use.

This is not a dedicated knife for survival duty or self-defense, but when you don’t have anything else and you need a blade you can count on this is a great option.

Get the Outdoor Edge Paraclaw here.

Bomber and Co. Survival Bracelet

  • Clean design incorporates traditional weave and metal clasp, 10 total feet of paracord.
  • Clasp components are flint rod and steel loop, suitable for starting fire in an emergency.
  • Good utility in its price range.

Bomber & Co. have produced a clean, minimalist design survival bracelet intended to provide just the basics required for survival when the chips are down.

Looking at the design of the bracelet itself there is very little that is noteworthy, with the paracord being woven into the now ubiquitous traditional weave that differs only in one regard: the loop-and-toggle style metal closure hardware.

It is a nice looking aesthetic upgrade to be sure, but look a little closer and you will see that the toggle is a compact flint rod while the loop is made of steel, and together they function as a fire-starting striker kit that can get your campfire going in no time with very little effort.

Though tiny, both are well designed and with just a little bit of practice you can reliably have them producing a blazing hot shower of sparks with just a few swipes.

Between the fire-starting capability and the generous 10 feet of paracord contained in the bracelet you’ll have everything you need to create shelter and build a fire, two of the most essential survival priorities across most situations.

Friendly Swede Paracord Bracelet

  • Traditional weave contains anywhere from 8 to 10 feet of cord depending on size.
  • Bright, stainless hardware adds a touch of class to otherwise typical bracelet.
  • Steel hardware can be repurposed for improvised rigging, hoisting and more.

The Friendly Swede’s line of paracord survival bracelets have gained some notoriety in recent months since they offer a dizzying array of options, colors and tools.

Despite all of the strides made in the cargo that can be carried by a survival bracelet it is sometimes hard to beat the classics. Or rather, the classics with sensible, modern upgrades!

Their plainly named Paracord Survival Bracelet features a D-shackle closure upgrade that affords a big improvement in style, but also considerably more capability for preppers who know their way around the use of cordage.

The attractively polished, steel shackle and pin means that your bracelet definitely won’t come off until you want to take it off. But it can also be used in conjunction with the cordage that forms the bracelet itself to hoist heavy loads, suspend gear from convenient attachment points or more securely lash together long and thin loads.

Sometimes it is the simple things that elude us when we are trying to think of everything that we might need, and with this tasteful upgrade of the classic survival bracelet The Friendly Swede has nailed it.

Get the Friendly Swede Paracord Bracelet here.

FireLine Paracord Watchband

  • Ingenious way to upgrade your favorite EDC watch with paracord.
  • Laser-engraved stainless steel hardware and shackle are durable and ready to attach to your favorite watch utilizing a 22mm band.
  • Closure mechanism loop can be put to use for easy shelter creation.
  • Band contains over 10 feet of paracord.

One of my favorite survival bracelets on this list is not technically a bracelet at all. First line has created a paracord watch band that sets itself apart from the typical, improvised paracord rigging we see people post as part of their EDC dumps.

They have done this by using their own proprietary, laser engraved stainless steel hardware enclosure shackle that is ready to attach to any watch case that utilizes a 22mm band.

This is an attractive and tasteful way to kill two birds with one stone by allowing you to keep over 10 feet of paracord on hand whenever you are wearing your favorite timepiece. No need to over-accessorize with a separate bracelet in any capacity.

Even better, the shackle-style closure mechanism is made from sturdy steel and more than capable of being put to use in an emergency to help you create shelter or improvise any other tools or creations that you might need.

Keep in mind you’ll have to come up with some other way to secure your watch if you need to disassemble the paracord band in an emergency situation, but this is a small price to pay for the elegance and simplicity this upgrade affords you.

X-Plore Gear Premium Paracord Bracelet

  • Nicely equipped bracelet in its category.
  • Buckle includes whistle, compass, ferro rod and striker, striker functions as serrated knife for creating tinder.
  • Available in multiple sizes for a perfect fit.
  • Oversized buckle rides on wrist strangely and may rub.

The Premium Paracord Bracelet by X-Plore gear certainly lives up to its name, and this is one of the nicest all-around bracelets in its category.

This bracelet is offered in multiple sizes, colors, and other options for both perfect fit and looks, and incorporated into the buckle of each is a nice whistle, liquid-filled compass, ferro rod, and striker.

The striker is a two-in-one tool, also serving as a tiny knife that works well for creating tinder from the core of your cordage. It is probably too small for use doing anything else!

Unlike many of the similarly equipped bracelets on the market X-Plore gear has definitely hit the sweet spot when it comes to capability and size with this being one of these slimmest offerings available. You’ll have all your basic survival bases covered with this bracelet.

However, it is a bit unfortunate that packing all of these useful tools into the proprietary buckle has created a sort of oversized footprint that means it might ride a little awkwardly on those who do not have large, thick wrists. I would not say it creates any hot spots or irritation, but it can get annoying if the fit isn’t just right for you.

Get the X-Plore Gear Premium Paracord Bracelet here.

Leatherman Tread

  • Totally unique multitool is airline-friendly, convenient, and low profile.
  • Each link in bracelet contains one or more high-quality steel tools, including drivers, wrenches and more.
  • Bracelet can be assembled piece by piece to provide custom tool complement.
  • Very expensive for what capability it offers.

Leatherman is one name that all preppers love, this company being the one responsible for the creation of the now ubiquitous pliers type multi-tool that we all know and love.

Suffice it to say they made another major splash in the personal tool category a few years back when they unveiled their tread multi-tool bracelet. Looking for all the world like the articulated caterpillar tracks found on tanks and other heavy equipment this bracelet has much to commend it.

Each link in the tread bracelet incorporates at least one tool, typically a driver and an opening that serves as a box wrench. There is a great variety of possible tools that can be added, everything from flat and Phillips bit drivers to wrenches that are specifically sized for oxygen bottles and more besides.

Users may add or remove links to perfectly size their bracelet as well as customize the loadout of available tools though obviously those with larger wrists have more “payload” for different tools. This is nonetheless an excellent alternative survival bracelet for urban-centric or tech savvy preppers.

However, if this innovative bracelet multi-tool has one drawback it is the price, as it is regularly found offered for a couple hundred bucks or more on the street. That is a lot of coin to drop on what is ultimately a pretty specialized item, though the fact that it is 100% airline approved for travel might lessen the sting a little bit.

Get the leaderman tread here.

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet

  • Bracelet contains an ample 12 feet of paracord.
  • Elastic band closure is easy to put on and allows bracelet to ride comfortably on wrist.
  • Survival whistle is integrated into closure tab.

Everyone knows who Bear Grylls is, and love him or hate him you cannot discount the impact he has had on a generation of TV audiences.

For many, watching Bear Grylls go through increasingly grueling, harrowing and sometimes contrived yet disgusting survival situations was their first exposure to the notion that they, too, should be prepared to take care of business in a survival situation.

Bear Grylls has lent his name, likeness and nominally his approval to a variety of survival specific products, and one of them is Gerber’s Bear Grylls survival bracelet, a bog standard paracord survival bracelet and all but two essential regards.

First, this compact paracord bracelet contains an ample 12 feet of paracord and is secured to the wrist by way of an elastic band closure. This affords security and also safety, as it will tear away should the bracelet become badly snagged or caught on something.

More importantly, to me, is the integration of a survival whistle into the tab on one end of the closure.

This is a feature that is sorely lacking from too many survival kits and especially survival bracelets, as the sharp blast afforded by the whistle to one who is unable to affect self-rescue is invaluable, as it makes a person much easier to hear while also using less energy than simply shouting.

This is a surprisingly competent option for a survival bracelet made even better by an excellent price and wide availability.

Get the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet here.

Holtzman Gorilla 7-in-1 Paracord Bracelet

  • A well-equipped bracelet that is still svelte enough for EDC.
  • Includes whistle, flint rod, striker with cutting edge, wire saw, mini roll of duct tape and Velcro lashing.
  • Saw is secured to exterior with bands, could be lost through rough handling.

Holtzman here has produced a nicely competent survival bracelet in their 7-in-1 Survival Paracord model. Style-wise, this offering is almost entirely traditional, relying on a modified Cobra weave to contain more than 10 ft of paracord in a compact package.

Where this bracelet stands apart, though, is in its use of both internal and external storage for a surprisingly well-rounded payload of survival supplies.

This bracelet includes such trusty standbys as a survival whistle, flint rod, striker (that also doubles as a mini-knife with a cutting edge), a miniature roll of duct tape and Velcro lashing bands.

What is not expected and gladly welcomed is a wire emergency saw that will make short work of branches when it is time to process firewood or create a shelter.

All of this is contained in an admirably compact form factor, one that is in stark contrast to many of the, ah, “feature rich” bracelets on the market. However, the saw is stowed externally, held in place by elastic bands.

Though this is a valid choice and it does not do much to increase the footprint of the bracelet in my opinion it does make the wire saw more vulnerable to loss compared to the rest of the package.

Get the Holtzman Gorilla 7-in-1 Paracord Bracelet here.

Superesse Strap Bug-Out Bracelet

  • The best-equipped bracelet on the market.
  • Variety of tools carried internally and externally, including 2x flint rods, ceramic knife, whistle, jute tinder, wick, fiber saw, can opener, reflector, compass, mini-chem light, elastic bands, needle, wire, matches, steri-tabs and more.
  • Also the most expensive bracelet of its kind.
  • As with all such configurations, externally carried cargo is vulnerable to loss.

This is it, the reigning champion of survival bracelets when it comes to the sheer amount of tools and kit that it contains.

Superesse Strap’s Bug-Out Bracelet is one of the few that lives up to its moniker and the amount of tools and other equipment that it carries reads like a checklist for packing your very own actual bug-out bag.

Aside from a generous amount of paracord forming the bracelet itself, the Bug-Out Bracelet carries a ton of gear internally and externally, including a pair of flint rods, a striker, a ceramic knife, survival whistle, jute fiber tinder, a wick (for fashioning into a survival candle), a Kevlar fiber saw, a can opener, a reflector strip, a liquid filled button compass, mini chemlight, elastic bands, needle, snare wire, storm matches, water sterilization tabs, aluminum foil and more.

Seriously, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have thought that that feature list was a joke!

This incredible amount of capability does come with some trade-offs, naturally. Number one, this is an expensive bracelet, no doubt about it, especially when you consider that the individual components are available for pennies.

However, if you attempted to pack and assemble all of that into a bracelet that didn’t end up looking like some macaroni art your kid made you’d probably go crazy.

Number two, this is a bulky bracelet, though not as bulky as you might be expecting, and some of the gear is carried externally which might make it more prone to loss.

Get the Superesse Strap Bug-Out Bracelet here.

Titan Paracord Bracelet

  • Bracelet includes paracord with integrated snare wire, fishing line and waxed jute. Capable of covering many survival requirements.
  • Furnishes over 11 feet of paracord, wire, fishing line and jute in a stylish and slim triple coil “trilobite” pattern.
  • Stainless steel O-shackle hardware is useful for hoisting loads and shelter creation.
  • Note that this bracelet has no safety breakaway if it gets snagged.

Titan Survival is a long runner in the paracord bracelet sector, and it just so happens that they make one of my very favorite designs. Their classic paracord survival bracelet is one of their best selling products and one of the most intelligently designed I have seen.

Right up front, this bracelet is noteworthy for its attractive and more importantly slim triple coil “trilobite” pattern. This pattern means the bracelet rides very close to the skin and is less likely to snag while also setting itself and its wearers apart from the legions of other bracelets on the market.

But even more germane to our prepping purposes, the bracelet contains over 11 feet of not just paracord but also snare wire, fishing line and waxed jute fiber, with the latter making for excellent fire-starting tinder.

This is crowned off by a dead-tough stainless steel O-shackle closure, meaning you’ll look good and put together while you are free from worry that your bracelet will come off inadvertently.

However, that advantage might become a liability depending on the situation, as the closure mechanism is high-grade steel that is unlikely to break under any load you might deliberately or accidentally subject it to.

This makes the shackle hardware helpful for various tasks in a survival situation, but it means that it absolutely will not let go of your wrist when it is attached in conjunction with the immense strength of woven paracord. Keep that in mind depending on your activity so it does not become a snag hazard.

Get the Titan Paracord Bracelet here.

LeMotech 21-in-1

  • Feature packed bracelet at a modest price.
  • Tools include compass, whistle, firestarter, knife, thermometer, flashlight, SOS blinker and paracord
  • Adjustable closure to fit most wearers.
  • Light is not very bright, and paracord feels oddly soft and flexible.

Unique among all the other bracelets on this list, LeMotech’s 21-in-1 survival bracelet features that other tool that all preppers love and will never go without: a flashlight.

Built into the buckle along with many of the other components, the flashlight provides a meager but usable up close task or pathfinding light and SOS blinker functionality, increasing the likelihood that the wearer can be spotted over a long distance.

Though the light is a nice and logical inclusion since LEDs continually get smaller and smaller, that isn’t all that this bracelet brings to bear. It also includes a compass, survival whistle, fire starter, micro knife and even a thermometer. Another nice inclusion is the slider-adjustable closure that allows anyone to perfectly fit the bracelet to their wrist instead of trying in vain to pick out just the right size from a lineup.

I am grateful for the inclusion of a light on the bracelet, even one designed for such limited applications as this, but I must emphasize that the light is not very bright and is suitable only for up close reading of text or bare minimum pathfinding at night. The SOS blinker function is nice, but is hardly a rescue strobe so keep that in mind.

Another odd shortcoming, if you want to call it that, is that the paracord making up the bracelet feels oddly soft and flexible, and that makes me wonder if the manufacturer is using some knock-off or unusual cordage.

Get the LeMotech 21-in-1 here.

Last Man Ultimate Bracelet

  • Beefy XL Cobra weave provides plenty of cord and lots of internal space for survival kit.
  • Tools include cordage, fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, bobbers, sinkers, firestarter, striker, tinder bundle, safety pins, compass and survival manual.
  • All tools save compass and firestarter buckle are carried internally, preventing loss.
  • This is a well equipped bracelet, but it feels very large and bulky on the wrist.

Last Man’s Ultimate Survival Bracelet is definitely the choice for the hard-charging and go-getting prepper.

This bracelet obviously flaunts its heritage relying on an XL Cobra weave that provides a survivor with plenty of cordage and just as importantly lots of internal space for a well-rounded and feature packed survival kit.

On board tools include a complete fishing kit consisting of line, fishing hooks, swivels, bobbers, and sinkers along with the expected fire starter with striker, tinder bundle, safety pins, compass and even a mini survival manual.

It is worth noting that the compass is housed on the outside of the bracelet, securely woven into its construction and the fire starter components form the closure. Everything else is safely ensconced within the weave of the bracelet to prevent loss.

All of this comes at a price, naturally, and I’m not talking about the price tag which is surprisingly modest. This bracelet is noticeably bulky on the wrist, and depending upon your fashion sense and the size of your wrists it might be too much for everyday wear.

Get the Last Man Ultimate Bracelet here.

Higher Object Sawyer Utility Bracelet

  • An attractive, modern survival bracelet featuring premium steel hardware, fasteners and finishes.
  • Bracelet includes either flip out knife blade with screwdriver point or bottle opener multi-tool.
  • Leather strap and multiple finish options means this is one bracelet that does not look out of place when in polite company.

The Sawyer Utility Bracelet from higher object is the standout, high-end and high-class offering on this list that definitely takes a different path compared to typical survival bracelet design. Instead of paracord, we are greeted by a strap that is made out of luxurious and nicely finished leather.

The hardware, too, is premium steel available in a variety of finishes using equally premium torx fasteners. It says modern, refined and classy, in equal measure.

Inside the steel hardware is concealed either a small, flip out knife blade with a tiny flat screwdriver point or a dedicated multi-tool that has a bottle opener among other features. For preppers, the knife blade is naturally the de facto choice and it is both nicely ground and very sharp out of the box.

This is one survival bracelet that is almost entirely unique, in terms of materials chosen, aesthetic and functionality, but is also the only one that would not look out of place in an office setting on casual Fridays, or as a piece of fashion wristwear in support of a modern industrial or deco aesthetic.

For a well-dressed or urbane prepper, this is a great option, and equally good for those who want a last-ditch weapon that is likely to evade casual scrutiny.

Get the Higher Object Sawyer Utility Bracelet here.

CRKT Para-Saw Bracelet

  • Standard weave paracord bracelet with plastic buckles contains Ken Onion-designed wire saw.
  • Saw is tungsten-carbide coated for supreme cutting efficiency and wear-resistance.
  • An excellent option for those who want a dedicated shelter-creation emergency bracelet.

CRKT is a knife manufacturer that needs no introductions among most seasoned preppers. They make a dizzying plethora of knives for all kinds of customers, and are rightly famous for providing innovative designs in budget conscious formats that can still hold up to hard use.

From the most pedestrian pocket knife to the most aggressive battlefield fixed blade, CRKT can take care of you.

But they don’t just make knives, as evidenced by their Para-Saw survival bracelet. At first glance, this looks like a plain Jane, do-nothing paracord bracelet with the now standard weave and clunky plastic buckle.

However, unwinding the paracord reveals a Ken Onion-designed wire saw, coated with tungsten carbide and ready to sail through branches like a hot knife through butter.

Bracelets like this are a natural home for these compact and flexible wire cutting tools, and it is a shame that more bracelets do not feature them in such an organic way as with this one.

The saw is definitely effective and surprisingly fast after just a little bit of practice, and this is another budget friendly option for the prepper who wants a bracelet dedicated toward helping them with shelter creation.


Paracord bracelets may be all the rage as a fashion accessory in the outdoor and tactical communities, but they need not be some decorative bobble alone.

A smartly designed bracelet, whether or not is made from paracord, can be a legitimate, first line survival tool, affording the wearer significant capability when all of their other gear is either unavailable or has been lost.

A bracelet is something that is unlikely to be separated from you and therefore the habitual, daily wear of a survival bracelet means you will always have at least a few survival tricks up your sleeve.

You have been provided with a list composed of the very best of the best survival bracelets on the market. I know that if you take the time to look over your options you are bound to find at least one that will serve you well.

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