Steve Hensley

Born and raised in Kentucky, Steve grew up deep in the mountains on a family farm. After college, Steve spent over 15 years working in public service and has experience in Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement. He has also worked with training and deploying search & rescue and service dogs for utilization in a variety of services. Steve is also a Scout Leader with the Boy Scouts of America, and works to teach preparedness to the next generation. Steve has worked with and taught firearms and self-defense in multiple venues, from tactical applications to long range shooting, and also has extensive training in first aid and wilderness first aid. An active prepper, Steve has devoted hundreds of hours to mastering and teaching skills and techniques for use in survival, homesteading, and general preparedness.

Steve Hensley
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Prepping as a Diabetic

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are many ways to store and prepare food, many of which are cheap and easy. However there are so many different things to try and prepare for and what seems like an endless list of variables to contend with. However, some people have special circumstances that makes proper preparation even trickier, and one of …

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