Homesteading and Gardening

How to Plant Fruit Trees Step by Step

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Many homesteaders and preppers want to start their own home orchard as a means of increasing their food self-sufficiency. Fruit trees provide a perennial, low maintenance, and long lasting food source. Plus growing your own fruit can save you a lot of money. You can enjoy fruit fresh or freeze, …

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60 Incredible Gardening Hacks

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Nothing to see here, just lots of gardening tips, tricks, secrets and hacks! 1. Honey for rooting slips Instead of buying hormone rooting powder use honey – when you cut your slip for planting, smear some honey on it. It will significantly increase the success rate of slips and give …

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21 Canning Tips for Beginners

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As a child, I would marvel at the canning exhibits at agricultural shows with my mother. The peaches, plums and apricots in the jars displaying the blue ribbons, were perfectly positioned and the color seemed to capture the essence of summer sun-ripened fruit. I could only imagine the taste of …

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