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Plants that Can Take the Heat

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Over the past century, the world has gone through changes that may have been too fast for everyone to keep up. Skyscrapers rose almost overnight from flat and barren land. Row after row of houses were built to accommodate our ever-growing population. Trees are cut down to make way for …

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How to Grow Cucamelons (AKA Mexican Sour Gherkin)

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Now here is a designer vegetable that is easy to grow and nutritious.  Children will be enchanted with the cucamelon that looks like a tiny watermelon just a little larger than the first joint of a finger – around ½ to 1 inch long. They taste like a cucumber with …

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How to Make Your Garden Portable

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One thing just about any prepper can agree is necessary to survive an extended SHTF event or economic collapse is the ability to feed yourself and your family especially as your food stockpile dwindles. One great way to do this, of course, is to have a survival garden and grow …

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Everything You Need to Know about Companion Planting

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When you are planning your garden, imagining it full of wonderful produce, herbs, and ornamental plants, it is so much fun to decide where you will put everything. But does it really matter where you put the various plants? Have you ever considered that certain plants have preferred locations, and …

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How to Grow Potatoes in Buckets

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One of the most important vegetable crop around the world is the potato. Despite the constant health reminder that potatoes can cause diabetes, weight gain and heart disease, most of us continue to love the processed version of potatoes. French fries, hash browns and mash potatoes equate to comfort food …

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