Survival Questions to Ask Yourself Before it Hits

This is a grim topic, for me, but imagine that day has finally come. Perhaps it’s signaled by a bright flash that wakes you early in the morning, or the economic demise of an entire planet splashes across your TV screen, coupled with the slow painful ache of another, yet much greater depression that hits home.

Your cupboards are finally bare, and your children cry from hunger. You have envisioned this day of death standing at your door, ever since the first signs something was wrong, many years before.

The awareness started with a pinhole-leak in your boot, on the day you stood in those icy cold waters of reality. In shock and waiting for a sudden sign it was coming, yet you pressed on anyway.

Today the icy waters have suddenly swamped the tops of your footwear and the world is soaked. There is no denying it now, the time has come.

A whole host of questions echoes through your skull on that fateful morning. You ask yourself if you have done enough, done the right things, to ensure your family’s survival.

You may feel all you can do is wait and see now, so you do your best to stay on top of this situation, and slog on through the quagmire.

Asking questions about your family’s survival readiness is a lot like poking a sleeping dog. Your questions may differ from your neighbors. The questions depend on what type of future you each see for yourselves. So, forgive me if some of the questions I bring up seem far-fetched in your opinion. I am merely trying to cover all the bases here for everyone.

All of us have at some point become aware of the signs of some coming horror in our futures. We all see a world in chaos everyday splashed across TV screens. But have you asked yourselves the following questions, or more importantly have you been persistent enough to get an answer?

  • Have I prepared enough?
  • What is my plan “B,” if things go radically south for all of us?
  • Is there some other scenario I have never thought of__ blooming into fruition?
  • Have you stockpiled enough?
  • Have you planned on ever scenario?

Questions like these above, when asked, are very telling. How would you and your family survive the coming tragedy?

It could be anything from economic collapse, social unrest, food shortages, unchecked violence, an energy crisis, rampant disease, or martial law…or a combination of issues.

According to the news wires and various media sources, economic collapse seems to be a definite possibility these days.

Furthermore, media is showing many signs of tension between world super powers leading us toward another world war.

What if, a world war three type nuclear, or chemical, biological, or perhaps Neutron and EMP strike occurs even if only on a limited scale?

Perhaps just an initial strike by one of the super powers, flexing its muscles. It could be aimed at a tiny country, occur over seas, or a hundred mile or so away from where you now live.

They might use precision armaments, with chemical or nuclear payloads. The initial damage can be confined to the Coastal areas of the USA or span across major cities of Europe or perhaps throughout the Middle East.

Ask yourself this: am I ready for a fallout scenario and the radioactive clouds or maybe a pandemic encircling the globe with some weird strain of biological warfare?

Can you imagine the chaos the world would be in, finding ourselves seeking the uncontaminated foods, clean water, or fresh air to breathe?

How, will your family cope with this kind of madness?

Are you mobile enough to move to greener pastures, if that time comes?

What about first aid, medical issues, and can you take care of any injury or disease while you are on the run?

Can you survive roads are choked beyond capacity from abandoned vehicles, and the hopeless, desperate throngs of people?

Have you thought of the other warning signs, such as the sure signs of our monetary system failing? We see this clearly everyday in the news, but how will it really affect you, and your family, when money no longer has value?

Certainly it happened, during the so-called “Great Depression” of the 1930s, at least in their early years they were not prepared as we are today. It was not as if there weren’t any crops in the nations’ fields during those early years, because there were.

The problem was that no one could afford to harvest them, to transport them to market, or even if they had a market to sell them at, there were no people to sell them to.

The currency was worthless, and all but a few corporations had shut down. Therefore, these crops were left to rot where they lay.

That is what happens when a dollar becomes worthless over night with no recourse by the people. When an economy is manipulated into contracting beyond sufficient currency to run it.

What will you use to get your food or trade for value? That is what has happened to Venezuela’s economy, due to pure corruption, and theft of the nation’s resources. Gold, silver, or bitcoin are perhaps some great ways to hold onto some wealth, but is it going to be enough?

Many experts say that this coming recession/depression may continue for decades, do you have a way of feeding yourself for decades if it does?

Can you filter disease from your air, toxins from your food, or radioactive particles from your drinking water?

Where is your “safe go to place” when disaster hits, and can you get there in a panic, particularly if the freeways are clogged?

Maybe you are one of those that simply believe that all will be okay based on faith alone, and somehow, someway, someone will take care of it all when that time comes?

If you are a believer in faith, you may want to ask your grandparents or great grandparents how they experienced the depression of the 1930s.

Ask them what they encountered, during that trying decade of living without. How did they survive living with drought, economic collapse, and social strife?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself these days.

Here is my survival list of the three most essential things for all basic life:

  1. Ability to get clean water
  2. Uncontaminated food source
  3. Shelter that provides warmth, and security

Starting over, during a collapse, for many of us will be difficult. If you live near one of the epicenters that was targeted, or the area of some financial Armageddon, it will be harder.

You need more then the above three answers to your life’s questions. You may need to be mobile too, in some form or another.

Gas and fuel might be non-existent so walking is probably your only choice. But you need the best way to carry as much as possible with you, like owning horses, or a bicycle, a push cart, back packs, or a travois.

You also will need some form of currency, to barter or trade along the way. You’ll need some way to protect you, and your belongings as others may not be as prepared as you. These unprepared mobs will be willing to do anything to take what they need from you.

Probably the most likely scenario, in any event, is an economic collapse. The catalyst for collapse may be a world war scenario, but I contest this will only be an excuse.

Because make no mistake about it, the economy is collapsing right now. Unlike the name, “Collapse” suggests it may not actually come as a total, sudden collapse.

In fact, it may have already begun as you are reading this. A slow, and grinding meltdown of our economy is how it appears today, hidden by artificial currency infusions from the central banks, in a feeble attempt to prop it up.

Today’s collapse is disguised as a cycling recession, a period in our history that may be viewed by the future people as the greatest depression that no one ever saw coming, “The forest for the trees.” Well no one but a few preppers anyway.

I believe this is the greatest depression in human history…

…and it is being held up as a recession, printing worthless money from the central banks to buoy it along.

This simulates a perpetual recession, where they tell us the peaks in this spiraling descent are recoveries, and not to worry.

Overall, we can say that we are still in the Great Depression, for the “Great Depression” of the 1930s actually never actually ended.

Our government simply propped it up by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve (even back then). They used it to fight their Great War and to fuel the economy using that war.

The world war cycle was carried over from the First World War (Sound Familiar). Coincidentally, we are still borrowing today’s money from the same banks that printed that (QE) Quantitative Easing back in those days.

Oh, how the wheels on this crazy bus turn round and round.

Well I digress…

Back to more survival questions, have you asked yourself how will you produce a decades long food supply that you need? Certainly, you will need a lot of land to grow food in sufficient quantities to feed a family, or a community throughout a winter.

So where is this plot of land? Where will you find this clean unadulterated soil? How will you survive until the first crops are produced?

How will you defend it against those who did not prepare and relied on mere faith to see them through this downturn of humanity?

Relax, I am not speaking of just religious faith here, but in faith of your nanny governments to save you and protect you.

This may seem like a cruel outlook, but I am willing to bet that more people WILL NOT prepare ahead of time then actually will. This entire generation of people has not the slightest clue on how to plant a garden for themselves, never mind gather wild edible plants.

This lack of knowledge and skill will definitely throw a wrench into the works for those of us who did prepare ahead of time.

Unfortunately, the governments idealistic plan of feeding the entire world is not a very realistic approach to this coming apocalypse. I believe this idea is part of the culling of the new world.

What form of protection do you have for you and your family if this happens? Have you faced that scenario yet? Take the current open carry weapons debate, this is often the only deterrent you will need to stay safe from those looters, muggers, and rapist during the initial chaos, on those first few days.

We can all hope that the masses will get along during an all out collapse of some kind, but none of us really believes that will happen in one hundred percent of the cases. Look at the alternative news coming out of Venezuela and the Philippines or Turkey.

Take our own history with the Katrina hurricane for instance, the private corporation called “Black Water” (Back then anyway).

The federal government called them in to secure and confiscate all firearms during that calamity. Did this help?

No, it created more of a hostile environment for those unfortunate souls left behind. It was actually worse than if they had left the people a way of protecting themselves. In this scenario, open carry was the last thing you wanted to do, lest you be caught with a weapon by these hired government turds.

Maybe you own a quiet farm somewhere and live miles from the epicenter of one of these failed cities. You have plenty of food, clean water, and good neighbors that look out for each other. You might even have a community plan in place. Nevertheless, have you thought of everything?

I guarantee you that the bigger your farm is the more people that are going to be skulking around its perimeters trying to get at your food stores. Imagine small ragtag groups of people, organized, and determined.

They are using spotting scopes and long-range lenses to watch you, and your farm, from the tree line or distant hills. These groups are meticulous, patient, and thorough.

Over a period of days, they will watch how many people are at your farm, learn your routines as you do your chores. From watching you, they have guessed where your stashes are located, they are heavily armed, and they have a plan.

Do you have a plan?

  • Do you have some secured food storage that you can access, during a lengthy siege, but your enemy cannot?
  • Can you protect your homestead against things such as midnight fire bombings, sniper fire, or mobs?
  • Is your plan “A” to be silent and keep your head down, or to hide away in the woods?
  • Will you hide away in some out of the way apartment building, living unobtrusively, waiting for the world to calm down.
  • Or are you bold and upfront, maybe in a underground fort built for yourself and your family?

What if an epidemic or pandemic breaks out, are you ready for that scenario?

Whether, it is an intentional disease released by some shadow government or the outbreak caused by sheer poverty, and poor living conditions such as typhoid, or black plague.

If you’re stockpiling medicine, this can be a good solution, but is it enough?

Are you willing to hand over your food stores to the authorities when asked, so they may feed the rest of the community that did not prepare?

Especially if you know the government has enough food to support the nation in the event of this collapse if they wanted to.

One of these storage facilities is referred to as the “Atchison Storage Facility”. Here is a video by an ex-marine at one of these facilities:

Huge underground government food storage cave

Here are some other ideas I have come across in my research regarding solutions to this grim future:

Communal life ideas are popping up all over the country these days. However, they are referred to today as “Agrihoods,” not communes.

These communities are sharing a single farm as their food source, contributing to it as a community effort.

It seems that there are many ways to look to this apocalyptic future. What I have found are some of the best way for me to solve these problems.

I looked at what worked in our past, and at what others have tried and used to solve their problems for themselves.

Many countries around the globe are facing these same problems. Preppers, who pay attention to these falling nations, will be able to extrapolate ways to help themselves when the time comes.

Expecting the worst is prudent, as we watch other crumbling nations under internal corruption. Yet like faithful idiots we hope for the best for our own nation.

Perhaps a good way we can proceed into the unknown is through our vigilance, as global survivors. Ask yourselves the proper questions for each of our situations, and understand the best way to prepare for the inevitable future.

Good luck everyone

From the practical Prepper,

Jack Woods

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1 thought on “Survival Questions to Ask Yourself Before it Hits”

  1. Linda Sue Leonardy

    10 years ago I started prepping. I am a 76 year old SWF. It ebbed & flowed. I did learn a lot. My acquired knowledge actually did get me thru more than one hurricane adventure. My stores came & went. Early awareness actually saved me thru the pandemic. I started many many months before it was declared. I managed to get a reliable supply of pm2.5 filters & was able to make hundreds & hundreds of filtered face masks, not just for me but for everyone around me. Guess what it kept me safe. Well here we are today in 2023. I took of inventory of myself & my situation. Last summer I sold my house & downsized to a safer free & clear situation where I put more important on building a garden space than a new refrigerator. I spent the last 10 year’s teaching myself how to garden. You cannot go out back & stick a edible plant in the ground the day after the collapse you really need time to perfect the art. So here I am returned to my childhood home town planning to coast serenely into my remaining twilight & my son a Data Analyst text me and says how’s that garden coming along at the new house. You still keeping up with your rice stores? Wake up RECALL. The outlook is actually grim. Beyond any drama i ever imagined years ago when I focused on Prepping being a rather trendy & interesting thing to learn. Whatever reason I am thankful for the knowledge & being aware of all the work ahead of me to get a lifeline to the future. The game has changed. I can only hope I chose well. I’m too old for dramatics & have to adapt to make what ever the future holds however it has to be done to work here if it remains that it can be so. I heart fully wish everyone was more aware of really what it means to prepare. To work in neighborhoods together but by the time it becomes needful to be taken seriously it is mostly too late. The economics of today look very threatening. Together perhaps we can help others, younger, stronger align. A scream in the dark alone is just a loud noise. A chorus of voices in unison may help advance more safely into the unknown.

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