Dan Sullivan’s Products

My Survival Farm

A permaculture course for preppers, a stealth survival garden that doesn’t look like a garden at all when you’re looking at it.

This is the perfect way to hide your year-round food supply from looters, thugs and hungry mouths.

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EMP Protocol

How to prepare from an Electromagnetic Pulse event, as well as blackouts and grid-down scenarios.

How to survive and thrive without electricity like our forefathers. Plus, how to build several kinds of Faraday cages to protect your electronics from the EMP pulse.

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The Amazing Stockpile Challenge

How to start a survival stockpile that will last you 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and up to a year, without breaking the bank.

We tell you exactly what to stockpile to avoid wasting money on things you don’t need.

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autopilot homestead pinterest

Autopilot Homestead

How to start a survival homestead from A to Z, keeping in mind emergency your preparedness needs. This is the ultimate way to prep.

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My Bug Out Garden

An A to Z container gardening course for preppers, allowing you to start a veritable portable survival garden that you can take with you whether you bug in or out.

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