Every day, people in the United States are attacked, sometimes by means of firearms, they’re beaten unconscious, raped and even killed by other people. You won’t hear about many of these in mainstream media, but the odds of them happening to you are there, especially if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Take personal protection and self-defense very seriously and prep accordingly, by having the means and wisdom to prevent and fight one or multiple attackers should they come after you.

woman with black boxing gloves throwing punches

Predicting Punches: Here’s How to See Punches Coming

Punches are a predictable and somewhat necessary aspect of fighting and let’s face it, getting punched SUCKS! It’s painful and leaves some nasty bruises, it can also cause some pretty serious injuries. In the time that I’ve been training in taekwondo, I’ve been punched in the chest, stomach, sides, shoulders, face, and throat – yes, …

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