Secrecy in Prepping Part 1

You can read part 2 of the series here.


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, today there is a term that is used to describe someone that lives in a certain manner, or practices certain practices. They call a person like that a “prepper”.

Prepper is a modern term

Well, I find this interesting for a couple of reasons, the first reason being that, in the past, people just lived that way. There wasn’t anything different or special about it, there were no labels placed on those people, those people we just people doing what every person did.

A way of life

Once upon a time, people built their own homes with their own hands. They raised their own livestock and grew their own vegetables in a garden. They foraged for wild berries and mushrooms, hunted, and fished. This was just how the human animal lived for literally thousands of years.

It was only just in the last century or so when the industrial revolution came about, and this revolution, like any other, required people. So when the men went and worked in factories they stopped working on their farms.

Change of times

When the men stopped working on their farms and started working in factories, many of them moved to live closer to the factory in which they worked. For the most part, they brought their families with them.

This gave rise to the modern cities that cover our planet, spread out across the land with tendrils of highways, like cancerous growths. The cities give way to suburban areas that are covered with housing developments and shopping malls.

These cities and suburbs are population dense; most of the people there do not raise their own animals or grow their own vegetables. Other than the small percentage that has their own backyard gardens, they rely on industrialized farms to provide their food for them.

Without a doubt there are people in the cities that practice what we call “prepping”. But what percentage in the city do “prepare”, and to what extent, and to what end?

A bad word

Like any other “prepper’, they have stockpiles of food, and medicines. In many cases (even some that aren’t supposed to have them), they have weapons like knives, machetes, firearms, and ammunition, in order to protect themselves and their families (including their stockpiles) in the event of a crisis. What has been common practice for many people for centuries is now looked upon as a fad (or a threat) in many cases.


People that lived in the country, farmers, always have owned firearms for hunting and protection. Pretty much 100% of them that I have ever known have always owned at least a few shotguns and rifles.

The more modern thinking “prepper” usually owns firearms that some would consider military weapons. In many cases they do own actual military surplus weapons and/or weapons which have military equivalents such as the ever popular AR15 or AK47. Along with those weapons they will have ammunition, piles of it if they are smart preppers.

Common masses

So think about this, in the event of a crisis, when people are starving and desperate, where do you think they will go? To what extent, to feed themselves and their families will they go? If YOU have stockpiles of food, water, and medicine, and people know you have it, weapons or not, they WILL come and try to take it.

They may not have stockpiled food and everything else, but they can still be armed. Even if the individual only has a handgun and one or two magazines of ammunition, think about all the bullets flying if there are 20 or 50 pistol armed people trying to get at your stockpiles. This is a lot of flying lead my friends.

You just have to realize that many people who aren’t preppers still own weapons, and they might turn those weapons against you if they are aware of what items that you may have stashed away.

Mob mentality

Then you must consider the mob mentality. If you’ve never heard of that, it is when a large group of people will act in a way that each individual member of the group may not ordinarily act. This is why it is of the utmost importance that you TELL NO ONE THAT YOU ARE A PREPPER.


Secrecy in prepping, is pretty simple, really. You go quietly about your business, your day to day activities, working and what not, and quietly stockpile goods WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Just as in the Wing Tsun Kung Fu principle, “do not appear formidable”, in prepping, do not appear prepared. This eliminates you as a target.

No seriously

This is no joke, do not take this lightly. If you are sitting on a stockpile of food, water, weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies, then in a time of crisis you are the target of people who are NOT sitting on those things. In a civilized society people are polite, but in times of duress people will lose their civility.

I have some news for you, if you aren’t aware, which let’s be realistic, if you are a serious prepper then you already know. But it isn’t just the local population of sheeple that you have to be concerned about.

Is this for real (yes, it is)

There is also the little matter of an executive order implemented by former president Obama called the “EXECUTIVE ORDER NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS” which can be read in its entirety here.

I read it, I didn’t see anywhere within all of the legalese jargon pertaining to the seizure of weapons, ammunition, and/or food and/or medical stockpiles from civilians. What I did see was one little sentence that stated that any privately owned business could be taken and converted for use by the government for their needs.

But that is no surprise, it happened during WWII as well. Most American companies went from manufacturing their regular products to making aircraft engines, tanks, jeeps, machine guns, artillery shells, small arms ammunition etc.

Read between the lines

However, if you read between the lines, the order basically states that the government can take anything from anyone during wartime or national emergency.

Taking that in to consideration, there are millions of firearm owners in America. Many of these firearms owners follow the “prepper” mentality, and so they would become a resource for the U.S. government.


From these American civilians, the government would be able to seize millions of tons of weapons, ammunition, food, water, and medical supplies in the event of “war or a national emergency”.

So that tells me that silence would most definitely be a virtue that would serve you well. In today’s online social society, a large percentage of people put everything they do day to day online for all to see. This makes it very easy for anyone that may be interested (HMMPFFNSA, cough, cough) to see who is doing what.

Largest building in Utah

If you think that sounds far-fetched, well, the NSA built “The Utah Data Center” in 2012, a two billion dollar fortress designed for gathering “data”. Now, of course, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about, right? Well that all depends on whether or not you fall in to one of several categories of people and organizations that they feel should have an eye kept on them.

Gun owners and preppers happen to be some of those people and organizations. In many countries if you have a group of people that own firearms, and have a club or organization, and this group may happen to discuss the government not always in a pleasant manner. Well, usually those groups of people are deemed dissenters and go away to faraway places, never to be seen again.

In America that doesn’t really happen. We are allowed to own firearms, and we are allowed to voice displeasure towards our government. Heck, we can even start an entirely new political organization if we want to; the Tea Party is an example of a recent political party.

Socialists and communists can even voice their opinion, but no one really gives two ratfarts what they think or say. Well, maybe the Democrats like what the socialists say, but let’s not get all political. Really, all politicians are pretty much liars, not just the Democrats.

Killing domestic terrorists

The issue with all of this however is that IF there just so happens to be an organization that seems to be a threat, they can be deemed as domestic terrorists and treated as such. Under the U.S. Government’s Targeted Killing Program anyone deemed a terrorist can be shot or even droned, although this is under great scrutiny and controversy, it is still a “law”.

I have no problem with that personally, there is definitely a problem in the world today One downfall to America’s freedoms is that many people that wish to do us harm come here and live and operate under the protection of our own laws. Silly, huh?

What I would have a problem with is the military or police agencies confiscating weapons, food, water, and other supplies from American citizens who had the forethought to prepare themselves for any emergency. I also have issue with a group of born and raised American preppers to be labeled domestic terrorists and killed. That just isn’t right, and both are ILLEGAL under The Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It can happen, and did

But if you think those types of things would never happen, just look at hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of this devastating hurricane many people were stranded in the flood waters, some on the roofs of their homes.

Still others were trapped in their home, although dry, they couldn’t get away due to the flooding and the MOBS of LOOTERS and bandits that threatened their safety. Or they just didn’t want to leave their homes, which is fully understandable. So these people barricaded themselves inside their homes and took up arms to defend themselves against the looters.

People were shot. By the police and military, IN their homes, while protecting themselves under the second amendment right to bear arms. The local police chief told his officers to confiscate weapons, the National Guard was also told to confiscate weapons. You have heard about the weapons confiscation, the people being shot thing was just kind of swept under the rug.

Here is a video from a news report from 2005 that shows the police and military BLATANTLY VIOLATING Americans civil and Constitutional rights, proving that it has happened, can happen, and could happen again.

Hurricane Katrina Door to Door Firearms Confiscation

Here is another video about the firearms confiscations during hurricane Katrina with interviews from citizens that experienced it.

Gun Grabbers of Katrina

The police broke several laws by even entering the homes without a warrant. Then by confiscating firearms, and then assaulting people (or killing them, but we don’t see those stories on the news) they broke even more laws.

With this in light, don’t think they wouldn’t do it again. You see, the difference here was that the Governor of Louisiana gave the order to confiscate the firearms, when in fact she didn’t have the authority to do so.


Who would have the authority to do so? You guessed it, the President of The United States during a “national emergency” or “state of war” could now give the order to confiscate not only weapons and ammunition, but anything else they want to under Obama’s “EXECUTIVE ORDER NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS”.

So shut up already

But they can’t TAKE it if they DON’T KNOW you have it. So shut up. Don’t tell people that you have firearms, don’t tell people that you have food stockpiles, and don’t tell people ANYTHING about your PERSONAL LIFE.

Quit going online on Facebook and showing your new gun you bought. Try to buy firearms used if allowable in your state. Rather than going online with your personal debit or credit card to buy ammunition, try to purchase it in person and with cash in a store, from an individual, or at a gun show. Keep the paper trail away.

Everything today is computerized and electronic, which means easily traceable. Although there is officially no national gun registry, there is a record of transactions within the stores that could be referred to in order to find out what “locals” own what guns.

Too late

It’s too late for me, I’m writing on a prepper site with my real name. I’ve already said I have piles of ammunition, heck, I even showed a picture of some of it in an article before. But I don’t do anything illegal, I’m not a dissenter, I love my country. I just don’t always agree with the guys in charge (especially the Democrats).

But the fact remains that if ever “they” decide there is a “national emergency”, they can come and knock on my door and inform me that I have to give them my stuff. But unfortunately I will have to inform them that I uh, I sold it all last week…

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

For part 2 of the “Secrecy in Prepping” series, click here.

7 thoughts on “Secrecy in Prepping Part 1”

  1. Government confiscation of citizens’ property goes back much further than WWII – the American Civil War being the worst. Entire homes were taken over, the owners forced to care & provide for troops. While I agree that keeping one’s mouth shut is a good idea, I also know that it will be impossible to stand alone in the face of adversity. The skill we really need to be perfecting is learning to read & understand other people. And then there’s the good ol’ “If you see something, say something” routine. I was questioned at the local grocery about the amount of sugar I was buying (I told them it was canning season). Another time it was the amount of water (said it was for the family cabin) and so forth. There is no privacy & blaming Democrats is foolish. It’s not about one party; it’s two sides of the same coin. We are lied to by government, period.

    1. I agree with you Linda that the government in general lies to the people of our country. I love this country but I hate what all the politicians are doing to it. Political office was NEVER intended to be a career. (TERM LIMITS) His comments directed at the Democrats are correct regarding our second amendment rights. The Dem’s do focus on taking away as many rights as they possibly can. The Republicans lie about other aspects of our freedoms and work to crush those, they are not exempt from guilt by any means. And any other “party” out there has the same ideas for their agenda, which always is ultimately clamping down on the “little” people that the rest of us make up. We really need to just wash away the current government and start over holding the ideals of our forefathers and how government should be operated. The only thing a politician does after he wins an office is try and get re-elected. I could go on for hours…..

  2. The need for this article shows how common sense is not so common. IN the United states because of capitalism we think we own things. Truth is everything bought is just rented and as soon as we stop paying rent “taxes” we can lose it all. The landlords “politicians” also have the right to take what they want from the people using the justifiable need clause in our leases. So it is absolutely necessary to keep silent about our preps and maintain anonymity at all levels of media including the internet. The most under utilized security precautions by us preppers is at the cyber level. Get off all social media. Delete all telling profiles on any site. Use only anonymous handles for names. Buy with cash at physical stores in disguise instead of online or use bitcoin. And anything else that protects your identity and what it is you do. Freedom can only be maintained though security and security is privacy.

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